You Be The Judge: Should Stephane Robidas be suspended for his hit on Shawn Matthias?

Shawn Matthias didn’t finish last night’s game versus the Toronto Maple Leafs, thanks to an elbow to the head from Leafs defenseman, Stephane Robidas.

Personally, this looks like a textbook high hit with an elbow. Robidas leads with his elbow and hits Matthias in the chin area. I’ve seen some argue Robidas hit him in the chest first, but I’m not so sure. Matthias’ mouth was bleeding and he certainly looked woozy getting up, and he went straight to the dressing room as soon as he was off the ice. Matthias’ head definitely doesn’t hit the boards or the ice so how else do you explain the after effects of the hit, other than Robidas hit him higher than he should have?


While I’m writing this, it’s still unsure whether or not he’ll play in tonight’s game against the Ottawa Senators. For his troubles, Robidas was assessed a two-minute minor penalty for this hit; however, I think he deserves more.

What about you? You be the judge – should Stephane Robidas be suspended for this hit?

J.J. Guerrero

Founder and Executive Editor of Canucks Hockey Blog. Proud Canadian, hardcore Canucks fan. I would like nothing more than watching the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. Against the Leafs.

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6 Responses

  1. Marlies Man says:

    Slow it down. It’s not the elbow at all. Matthias head hits Robidas shoulder. If there’s a suspension on this where was the one for Ovechkin on Komorov? Way worse and intentional.

  2. lindenlover says:

    Absolutely. He got him in the head and these are the types of hit they’re trying to eliminate from the game. Its fine for Robidas to say he didn’t intend to hit him, but all the same he elbowed him in the head (regardless what Mr. Marlies Man thinks he saw). He’s responsible for that, regardless of his intention. Furthermore, Matthias is missing games because of the head shot. Robidas crossed the line, end of discussion. How long a suspension? maybe one or two games for first time offender.

  3. canucktearsaredelish says:

    They don’t suspend players for clean hockey hits. It was a textbook shoulder to chest hit against a smaller,weaker,inferior player who couldn’t keep up with the blazing speed of the game that the vastly superior Leafs were setting. ok,no end of discussion. p.s.5-2

  4. killarayray says:

    @canuckstearsaredelish “vastly superior leafs?” Leafs suck bro. You’re just delusional.

  5. @Canuckstearaaredelish you are friggin retarded. Robidas hits him right in the face with his elbow pad. If bieksa had done that to kessel he would have a ten game suspension. This is just like in the winter classic when lupol cross checked patrick eaves right in the throat and didnt get suspended. Leafs get special treatment and they still suck every year looooool! Kessel and phaneuf will never win the cup.

  6. Also matthias is actually quite a bit bigger and most likely faster than robidas the dinosaur

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