Performance of the Week: Henrik Sedin scores milestone goal numbers 200 and 201

It was a bit of a toss-up for this week’s post between Ryan Miller and Henrik Sedin.

Ryan Miller’s performance against the Red Wings on Saturday night was no small feat: he made 29 saves, many of the great variety, and finally bested his brother, Drew. (By the way, did you guys know that Ryan and Drew are brothers? Didja? DIDJA?? WELL NOW YOU DO!!! Aren’t you glad I told you?) Ryan gets an honourable mention here because it’s more than worth mentioning – without him, it’s unlikely the Canucks pull off the win.

But I’m going to go all sentimental here and award this week’s Performance of the Week to the one and only Henrik Sedin. (O, Captain my Captain!)

Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and Radim Vrbata celebrate a goal against Detroit on Saturday night (photo credit unknown)

It’s no word of a lie when I say that I adore Henrik Sedin more than most people. (I’m also weirdly protective of someone I’ve never even met, but come on, he’s Henrik Sedin, okay?) Seeing him reach milestone goals 200 and 201 on the same night is pretty spectacular. It doesn’t matter that they were both empty-net goals – shhhhhh, we don’t need to talk about that – it’s hard not to feel all the feels when the Captain of your hockey team of choice achieves a milestone like this. Henrik is already the Canucks’ all-time franchise points leader with 876; his (now) 201 career markers sits 7th all-time in goals. (For reference, brother Daniel sits in third with 315 goals, Trevor Linden sits in second with 318, and Markus Naslund is the franchise leader with 348); it’s probably not a stretch to say that Daniel, at some point, will surpass those Trev and Markus, with Henrik assisting along the way.)

Henrik’s also quietly got himself 34 points on the season (8 goals, 26 assists). (Daniel is only a point ahead with 35). He ended last season with 50 points, and with 45 games left to play this season he’s on pace to exceed that. I know he missed a number of games last season, but I can’t help but feel this season is a bit of a turnaround from the #tortsera.

Let’s watch Henrik’s classic 200th empty-netter goal, because the internet is wonderful and provides these things for us to watch over and over again:

Oh, how Swede it is. Congrats, Henrik. What a guy.

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