Performance of the Week: The Buffalo Sabres

So, the Buffalo Sabres are bad.

This is not news, but we’re all talking about it. We’re gonna talk about it again, because as a Canucks fan, I need something to feel better about myself. And that is the Buffalo Sabres.

The entire Buffalo Sabres’ team gets my pick for Performance of the Week because, while the Canucks won against them 5-2 last Friday, their performance as a whole is much more noteworthy.  A) Because the Canucks winning against literally the worst team in the league shouldn’t be a surprise (although, if they did lose to them, that would also not have surprised me, because that’s something the Canucks would do). And B) The Sabres are so impressively bad you kind of want to grab a bag of popcorn and see how much more they’re gonna tank.

It’s not even poking fun at them at this point — the facts are facts and the facts are these:

The Sabres have yet to win a game in the year 2015.  Their last win came on December 27 — a 4-3 victory against the New New York Islanders.  They have set a franchise record of 14 losses in a row — that isn’t far behind the league record of 17, shared by the Sharks (1992-1993) and the Washington Capitals (1974-1975).  It’s been roughly 22 years since a team lost that many in a row, aren’t we overdue for one?

They’re a league-worst -85 in goal differentials – they’ve even got the Edmonton Oilers beat in this category, who come in second with -54. BUT THAT’S STILL A -31 GOAL DIFFERENTIAL. BOTH ARE TERRIBLE, it doesn’t take rocket appliances to figure this out. I’m just going to leave that at that.

There are three players on the roster without a minus in the plus/minus category — Zac Dalpe, Mark Pysyk and Joel Armia — but Dalpe and Armia have only played once this season, and Pysyk only 4 times. The rest of the roster are minus players.  Josh Gorges and Rasmus Ristolainen take this category home with a -27.  Just let that sink in for a minute

I’m not going to keep throwing stats in your face, there are people who are better at doing that than I.  The point is, the Buffalo Sabres are bad.

I tip my hat off to Sabres fans because it can’t be easy.  For those of you who stick by your team, I don’t know how many of you that is, but I still tip my (imaginary) hat off to you. If it were the Canucks that were this bad (which, okay, they’re not great, but they give us such false hope so often that I’d almost rather they were consistently bad), there would be drastic drop in the fan base.

So, thank you, Buffalo Sabres, for giving this one night to not feel as terrible about our team as we usually do.

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  1. rubbertoe says:

    buffalo sabres fan here funny thing is your right we are that terrible team that makes u feel better about your team but theres only going to be 1 Stanley cup winner it sure aint us but theres 29 other teams ok maybe 26 with no chance to win the cup now who’s honest enough to insert there team on the right side of the fence !

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