Channeling the Power of the 5-7-5: Your Canucks Haiku

We were set to record our latest episode of our C4 podcast last night so per usual I sent the word out via my @CanuckClay Twitter account that I was looking for Canucks haiku.  And in particular, I wanted people to try to encapsulate their feelings on the Canucks as they enter into the final two weeks of the regular season.

As always, the people responded, and I had a plethora of good 17-syllable creations ready for the podcast.  Unfortunately, we encountered some unforeseeable technical difficulties (and really…when are technical difficulties ever foreseen???) and thus the podcast we recorded (or thought we recorded) will never make it to air.

But I didn’t want these high-quality haiku to go to waste.  So I’m proud to present them to you here – unedited – and with my quick commentary on each.

A hopeful haiku from regular contributor Tony.  Quite honestly, I had really high hopes for the Canucks when they hired John Tortorella in the summer of 2013.  So much so that I wrote a song about it (surprise surprise).  Little did I know the damage that would occur.

A solid effort from first-time contributor Manu.  Seems like Manu might not share Tony’s optimism and may need a bit more convincing that the Canucks are a contender as opposed to a pretender.

I like this one from first-time contributor Tyrel.  His clever haiku cleverly points out that Vrbata hasn’t lost a step at all since joining Nick Bonino on the second line.  The emergence of this line has taken a bit of pressure off of the Sedins.  And it seems like Tyrel is just fine with Eddie Lack carrying the goaltending reins.

Looks like I’ve found another glass half-full fan in first-time contributor Sherri.  Love the loyalty and faith in the team.

Friend of the podcast Ian is also in the glass half-full camp…albeit a tad more tentative.  Yes the Canucks will make the playoffs and yes they will win at least one round.  Hopefully more.

Finally, our most consistent haiku contributor Larry submitted three good ones…but via direct message on Twitter.  I don’t know how to embed direct messages in this post, so I’ll post a picture of all 3 haiku instead:


Larry’s first haiku suggests a Canucks road to the Stanley Cup goes through Anaheim.  I don’t disagree, as I can’t see either of the two Western Conference wildcard teams knocking off the Ducks.  The second haiku is a quick commentary on all of the teams that the Canucks are ahead of right now.  Nice to be looking down at them as opposed to looking up at them.  Finally, Larry works in April Fools’ and reminds us that the Canucks have a good chance of finishing second in the Pacific Division.  I don’t know if too many people predicted that at the start of the season.

Not that we’re complaining.

Clay Imoo

Clay Imoo is a Canucks season ticket member and creator of Canucks parody songs. He is a co-host of the C4 podcast and writer of Things That Make You Go Hmmm and CHB's Top 10. More importantly, he is a husband and father.

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