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Mar 132011

Some weekend thoughts:

  • I’ve had a hard time putting into words what a pleasure it is to watch Hank and Danny night in night out this season. Usually, I just end up making squeaky noises that only dogs can hear. But I mean really they cycle the puck like two freakin identical wizards, and they’re sandwiching Stamkos at the top of the NHL standings. (Don’t you think Stamkos looks SO much like the main kid in The Sandlot? If you have not seen The Sandlot stop reading and go find it right now.) Hanky won it last year and Danny has a real shot to win it this year. I know brothers have both won the scoring race before but TWIN BROTHERS haven’t (potentially) in BACK TO BACK years. And on top of that they’re wonderful people to boot. If I were an NHL head honcho I would be marketing the crap out of these two which they would both probably hate. And if I were an NHL head honcho I would have to be a stuffy old white dude which is so not me. So I’ll let that dream die.
  • After thinking Rick Rypien was just going to sort of disappear into the sunset it was incredibly nice to see him being interviewed and ready to get back on the ice in Manitoba. With the fourth line trades Gillis made at the trade deadline he’ll be in tough to make the Canucks again but it’s just lovely to see that he’s feeling better after his personal leave and is happy and excited to play hockey again. I brought my Rypien jersey out of hibernation the other night and it felt gooood. I felt like knocking some heads together. You know, in a fun way. Not a brain killing kind of way. Rypien is sporting the most divine beard. I hope he keeps it. I wish playoff beard season was year round.
  • I had a lot of feelings after the Chara hit this past week that have been covered by other people a million times by now but I will say that it made me want to gather up my hockey playing family members and wrap them in pillows and bubble wrap. I’d never want them to stop living their dream but it’s a scary sport at times. The NHL can and should be at major fault for how they deal with discipline and dangerous hits but until the players themselves want to do something bold and brave and take a stand nothing is going to change.
  • Dangerous hits give you uncomfortable feelings over why you follow NHL hockey in the first place but then there are games like the Canucks/Sharks game on Thursday night to show you EXACTLY why you do. It was mesmerizing. My heart was beating so hard for the entire third period and overtime it felt like it was going to pop right out of my chest. Cory Schneider was a grade A stud. Still not quite sure he only got 3rd star for a 44 save effort many of them highlight reel variety as well as stopping all 3 Sharks shooters in the shootout. Schneids is going to make a team VERY happy when he is eventually traded. I hope they appreciate Ginger Jesus. It was a shame that game had to end in the ridiculous shootout. If any game deserved 20 minute OT…bring on the playoffs! I may not survive a Canucks/Sharks playoff series. The whole heart popping thing may be an issue.
  • Canucks fans looked they were having a blast watching the road games in LA, Anaheim, Phoenix, and San Jose. That’s definitely on my bucket list to follow the team on a road trip. The “sunshine” trip is definitely the way to go after a rainy Vancouver winter. I’ve been to Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa and the Bell Center in Montreal for the draft but I’ve never seen a game in a road arena. Where would you want to go to watch your team play?
Dec 042010

This is Luongo’s BEAUTIFUL poetry that appeared on TSN in the intermission of last night’s game.

He then shutout the Hawks in a mesmerizing performance.

It brings a tear. Maybe he should write a whole book of poetry right before the playoffs. Maybe that’s what has been missing in the Canucks dressing room the past couple of seasons.

The guys should have a poetry night before they hit the ice.

Sami Salo: “Yearning for a titanium body”

Alex Burrows: “1 Sedin 2 Sedin 3 Sedin GOAL!”

Mikael Samuelsson: “G is for goalie F is for forward Y is for yonder Sweden”

Raffi Torres: “I Really Hate That Baby Beluga Song”

Hank Sedin: “Shall I compare you to a shiny trophy?”

Ryan Kesler: “Underwear model to Selke Trophy winner”

Oct 252010
  • Finally the offence really shined. Hank and Danny got on the score sheet again but so did almost everyone else! Bellini looked confident playing with the Sedins and scored a goal. Manny Malhotra scored 2 goals and had an assist (bad ass). Jannik Hansen had 2 assists and was noticeable every time he was on the ice. The 2nd line finally gelled and had a goal and an assist. Even Andrew Alberts and Cory Schneider had a point!
  • Alex Edler and Christian Ehrhoff were very solid. Ehrhoff was a +5! And he didn’t have one point! He’s not called the Hoff for nothing. The Bieksa and Parent pairing only had me wincing a couple of times. Alberts is a completely different defenceman this year. I guess that’s what happens when you get comfortable with a new team and city.
  • Raffi Torres scored his 100th point and I got to sing Baby Beluga
  • Cory Schneider was very solid again. I really enjoy watching him in net. He’s so damn mellow and I don’t freak out when he goes to play the puck. His stats are quite sparkling. There are going to be whispers of ‘Goalie Controversy’ on the wind which is silly. I’m not totally sold on Luongo but he’s the Canucks stallion for better or worse. TWELVE YEARS is a marriage. Schneider is the scrappy young colt that you trade at auction for several other young colts. Sorry, I got a little too caught up in my horse analogy there.
  • The Wild have a player named Stoner. And he was born in BC. Was there ever a more perfect player for Vancouver? Trade ya, Minnesota!
Oct 222010

I still stand by my post about Rypien. He did act like a moron and he did disappoint me as a fan. But Justin Bourne has a really interesting post up on Puck Daddy about fan abuse from a NHL player’s perspective that explores Rypien’s side of things more clearly.

I’ve heard the comparison this week that the NHL is the equivalent of a workplace. And you’re not allowed to grab and be tempted to punch a paying customer in your workplace. A good code of conduct to be sure but the NHL is a very untraditional workplace. Am I going to have someone booing me and swearing at me and making inappropriate comments about my gender identity while I sit there and collate copies? Not so much. You would hope that an incident like this wouldn’t happen but these guys aren’t cyborgs. They lose their cool and do stupid things just like anyone of us would. I hope the Canucks, the NHL, and the Wild can apologize to that fan and everyone can move on without a stupid law suit.

That was an interesting game against the Hawks. It was nice to see how well the Canucks matched up with the Cup champs. But the offensive output is incredibly weak unless your last name is Sedin and the team as a whole looked frustratingly out of sync at times. Vancouver curses even formerly hardy iron man like defencemen to injury (Ballard and Hamhuis). If a defensive pairing of Bieksa and Parent doesn’t have you crying to your mummy while clutching a rum bottle you’re a stronger person than I am.

Luongo was fabulous in regulation and then an absolute disastah in the shootout. WHY does AV never make them practice the damn shootout!?!? Manny Malhotra is a faceoff god. He’s at SIXTY.EIGHT percent for the season! I have a case of Manny Fever. Danny Sedin is such a tasty treat to watch right now. His shootout goal was gasp worthy. He could hit 50 goals at this rate! There are some good signs here. Hopefully with Alex Burrows coming back fairly soon and some defencemen getting healthy the guys will get on a real roll.

[Editor's note: I don't mean to hijack Alix's post, but I do want to add one thing. While I don't condone what Rypien did - and let's be clear that we all think what he did was wrong - it's interesting to read Justin's perspective on this. When I worked at GM Place, I obviously heard fans taunt players from opposing teams. Some were made in the name of good, clean fun; some were vulgar and crude. I heard fans taunt Shawn Kemp about his whores and Chris Pronger about his wife. Once, a fan standing by the players' tunnel even challenged Steve Francis to hit him. (IIRC, his exact words were, "Francis you're a mother f******. You're p**** a** b****. What are you gonna do, hit me? Come on hit me mother f******.") If Kemp, Pronger or Francis had roughed up any of these fans, it would still be wrong. But to be honest, I don't think the fans who yelled and taunted those things would have been completely blameless either. Respect is a two-way street, and paying any amount of money for a ticket doesn't buy the right to treat anyone in a derogatory manner. Again, I'm not blaming the fan the Rypien incident; I'm just saying that some fans, unfortunately, do cross the line. - J.J.]

Oct 202010

J.J. covered the Rick Rypien/fan altercation quite well already (complete with video) but I’ll add some personal thoughts. After Ohlie left for the Lightning and broke my heart Rypien became my new favourite Canuck. I love my checkers and my defencemen. I have his jersey in my closet and I mentioned him in my recent bio for the blog.

Anyways, his move last night was disgusting and stupid. Most likely the Minnesota Wild fan was saying something rude and insulting but you can’t try to fight a fan like you fight another player on the ice. You just can’t. They paid money to be there. You’re pissed off because you’re losing and they may be chirping like an idiot but suck it up princess and walk to the dressing room with some class.

Bettman cares way more about a fan and good PR for the NHL than he does Rypien. He’s going to get a fair sized suspension from the NHL and there’s a good chance he’s held out even longer by the Canucks. Rypien is one of several guys that can play on the 4th line. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he played some games in Manitoba. At least he didn’t actually punch the guy. There’s that.

As a quick side note, I’m surprised the NHL doesn’t insist on teams having some kind of structure in place that separates the players from the fans more effectively. Then you wouldn’t risk an obnoxious fan and a bone headed player making contact like they did here.

I took my Rypien jersey off halfway through the game and it’s going to take a lot for me to put it back on. It’s silly in a way because we don’t know these players personally and they don’t owe us anything but they can still make you feel horribly disappointed. It may be time to buy that Hank Sedin jersey I’ve been cooing about.

Aug 262010

The only thing I remember about Raffi Torres is he was absolutely dismal after being traded to Buffalo. Also, he’s generally a minus player and is easily injured. But he did put up decent points in Edmonton and Columbus and he’s not expensive so I guess it’s alright. I wouldn’t want to meet that guy in a dark alley. The dude is scary looking. I suppose that’s what you want on your hockey team though, right? You want a guy that will scare Patrick Kane right out of his limo, right?

Aug 262010

I’ve been thinking on this for a while and the off season seems a good a time as any to raise it. It infuriates me that hockey players are so frequently tagged with the “women” insult. Hank and Danny get called the Sedin sisters by rival fans. Sidney Crosby gets called Cindy Crosby or terms for female anatomy when he dives or complains to the refs. WHY? Why is that an insult? Why is it still OK to stereotype a woman as weak or whiny or emotional? I feel the same way about how gay insults are thrown around but that could be saved for a whole new post. I know the hockey world can be an old boy’s club in many ways but it’s juvenile and unoriginal and frankly I think hockey fans can be better than this. Hockey as a whole can be better than this.

Aug 212010

We already had these two lovely twins:


And now with the signing of Bill Sweatt we also have the Sweatt brothers signed!



My secret wish is that we somehow end up with the Schenn brothers too. I realize this is incredibly unlikely.



(Editor’s note: Unless the Sweatt brothers knock the Canucks’ staff off their socks in training camp, they will most likely start the year with the Manitoba Moose so the Canucks will have one set of brothers in the NHL and another in the AHL. – J.J.)

Aug 172010

Dear Dan Hamhuis,

We got off to a rough start in July, you and me. I think you’re overpaid and then you decided to wear number 2 like it was no big deal which used to belong to long term Canuck Mattias Ohlund my most favourite player in all the galaxies. So yeah, I got a little angry. But hey then I calmed down and said to myself, Alix, what do you most like in a hockey player? And do you know what the answer was, Mr. Hamhuis? It’s a stay at home defenceman and a player that does a lot of charity work. Honey, you got that in spades!

You hip checked Dustin Byfuglien which would endear you to any red blooded Canucks fan.

And then when you wanted a break from that you went to Haiti with Georges Laraque and played ball hockey with kids.

I also read in the Predator’s media guide that you and your wife worked with Ronald Mcdonald House and St Luke’s Community House in Nashville.

So I’m ready to let the number thing go and enjoy your play this upcoming season. I look forward to you bringing the hammer down on anyone that gets near our goal and more of your delicious hip checks. You may want to check out Canucks Place to scratch your wonderful charitable itch. Welcome to the Canucks!

Hip checks and sticks

P.S Chances are high I won’t be able to resist a silly nick name and call you Pork Chop. I hope that’s cool.

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