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The Sedins’ race for the Art Ross and other weekend thoughts 0

The Sedins’ race for the Art Ross and other weekend thoughts

Some weekend thoughts: I’ve had a hard time putting into words what a pleasure it is to watch Hank and Danny night in night out this season. Usually, I just end up making squeaky noises that only dogs can hear. But I mean really they cycle the puck like two freakin identical wizards, and they’re sandwiching Stamkos at the top of the NHL standings. (Don’t you think Stamkos looks SO much like the main kid in The Sandlot? If you have not seen The Sandlot stop reading and go find it right now.) Hanky won it last year and Danny...

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Luongo, Goalie and Poet 3

Luongo, Goalie and Poet

This is Luongo’s BEAUTIFUL poetry that appeared on TSN in the intermission of last night’s game. He then shutout the Hawks in a mesmerizing performance. It brings a tear. Maybe he should write a whole book of poetry right before the playoffs. Maybe that’s what has been missing in the Canucks dressing room the past couple of seasons. The guys should have a poetry night before they hit the ice. Sami Salo: “Yearning for a titanium body” Alex Burrows: “1 Sedin 2 Sedin 3 Sedin GOAL!” Mikael Samuelsson: “G is for goalie F is for forward Y is for yonder...

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You know what’s Wild? Balanced scoring! 0

You know what’s Wild? Balanced scoring!

Finally the offence really shined. Hank and Danny got on the score sheet again but so did almost everyone else! Bellini looked confident playing with the Sedins and scored a goal. Manny Malhotra scored 2 goals and had an assist (bad ass). Jannik Hansen had 2 assists and was noticeable every time he was on the ice. The 2nd line finally gelled and had a goal and an assist. Even Andrew Alberts and Cory Schneider had a point! Alex Edler and Christian Ehrhoff were very solid. Ehrhoff was a +5! And he didn’t have one point! He’s not called the...

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The Other Side Of the Coin 1

The Other Side Of the Coin

I still stand by my post about Rypien. He did act like a moron and he did disappoint me as a fan. But Justin Bourne has a really interesting post up on Puck Daddy about fan abuse from a NHL player’s perspective that explores Rypien’s side of things more clearly. I’ve heard the comparison this week that the NHL is the equivalent of a workplace. And you’re not allowed to grab and be tempted to punch a paying customer in your workplace. A good code of conduct to be sure but the NHL is a very untraditional workplace. Am I...

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I Took My Rick Rypien Jersey Off 5

I Took My Rick Rypien Jersey Off

J.J. covered the Rick Rypien/fan altercation quite well already (complete with video) but I’ll add some personal thoughts. After Ohlie left for the Lightning and broke my heart Rypien became my new favourite Canuck. I love my checkers and my defencemen. I have his jersey in my closet and I mentioned him in my recent bio for the blog. Anyways, his move last night was disgusting and stupid. Most likely the Minnesota Wild fan was saying something rude and insulting but you can’t try to fight a fan like you fight another player on the ice. You just can’t. They...

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Off Season Thoughts: Raffi Torres 0

Off Season Thoughts: Raffi Torres

The only thing I remember about Raffi Torres is he was absolutely dismal after being traded to Buffalo. Also, he’s generally a minus player and is easily injured. But he did put up decent points in Edmonton and Columbus and he’s not expensive so I guess it’s alright. I wouldn’t want to meet that guy in a dark alley. The dude is scary looking. I suppose that’s what you want on your hockey team though, right? You want a guy that will scare Patrick Kane right out of his limo, right? Like this:Like Loading…

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Off Season Thoughts: Gender Insults in Hockey 5

Off Season Thoughts: Gender Insults in Hockey

I’ve been thinking on this for a while and the off season seems a good a time as any to raise it. It infuriates me that hockey players are so frequently tagged with the “women” insult. Hank and Danny get called the Sedin sisters by rival fans. Sidney Crosby gets called Cindy Crosby or terms for female anatomy when he dives or complains to the refs. WHY? Why is that an insult? Why is it still OK to stereotype a woman as weak or whiny or emotional? I feel the same way about how gay insults are thrown around but...

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Brotherly Love 0

Brotherly Love

We already had these two lovely twins: And now with the signing of Bill Sweatt we also have the Sweatt brothers signed! My secret wish is that we somehow end up with the Schenn brothers too. I realize this is incredibly unlikely. (Editor’s note: Unless the Sweatt brothers knock the Canucks’ staff off their socks in training camp, they will most likely start the year with the Manitoba Moose so the Canucks will have one set of brothers in the NHL and another in the AHL. – J.J.) Like this:Like Loading…

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Letter To A New Guy: Dan Hamhuis 2

Letter To A New Guy: Dan Hamhuis

Dear Dan Hamhuis, We got off to a rough start in July, you and me. I think you’re overpaid and then you decided to wear number 2 like it was no big deal which used to belong to long term Canuck Mattias Ohlund my most favourite player in all the galaxies. So yeah, I got a little angry. But hey then I calmed down and said to myself, Alix, what do you most like in a hockey player? And do you know what the answer was, Mr. Hamhuis? It’s a stay at home defenceman and a player that does a...

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