Alix Wright

Jun 262010

OK, so I’m still not over the moon about this trade. I still think we overpaid for Mr.Ballard but I’m coming to terms with it. He does skate well and can put up the points. And he can eat a bunch of minutes and put a little less pressure and ice time on Salo and Edler and Ehrhoff. I do like that Gillis is going all in with the win now mentality. As a Canucks fan, that’s refreshing to see. And I suppose he didn’t want to count on landing a top 4 defenceman at free agency and then lose a bidding war and end up with squat. To me, it’s still a huge contract for a guy that has zero playoff experience but I suppose overpaying often pays off as Chicago showed us this season. I’m not jumping for joy yet but I’ll stop my bitching.

Now, day two the Canucks were actually able to make some picks so let’s have a quick review, shall we?

4th round 115th overall: Patrick McNally a talented American offensive defenceman that will play for Harvard. Put up 35 points in 28 games at prep school. has further analysis with quotes from McNally’s coach and Gillis.

5th round 145th overall: Adam Polasek a Czech defender with a bit of size. He put up 41 points in the QMJHL with the Prince Edward Island Rockets. Again, more details about Polasek can be found at

6th round at 172 overall: Alex Friesen a quick smart center that put up 60 points in the OHL with the Niagra Ice Dogs. He’s received team awards for academics and humanitarianism.

6th round 175 overall: Jonathan Iilahti a Finnish netminder from Vaasa, Finland. He played on three different junior teams in Finland last season with a .921 save percentage and 2.20 goals against average, a .917 save percentage and 2.49 goals against average, and a .904 save percentage and 2.47 goals against average. He’s rumoured to start for Finland in the world juniors next December.

7th round 205 overall: Sawyer Hannay a 6’4” solid defenceman who loves to play physical. He put up 6 points and 158 penalty minutes in 54 games for Halifax in the QMJHL. He already has a page on

Jun 252010

I am not pleased with this trade at all. I’m irrationally furious actually. Isn’t it fun being a fan? I loved Big Bear a whole lot. I know he had his flaws but he was one of my faves. And I can’t believe we had to give up Michael Grabner as well. I’ve adored him for years and thought he had huge upside. I suppose the Canucks are going with Mason Raymond and that’s that. I find Keith Ballard extremely average and think he makes too much money for his value (4.2) and giving up the first rounder means that the Canucks don’t pick again until the FOURTH round. This is incredibly boring.

BALLARD IS ICKY AND I DON’T WANT HIM. Poor thing will have to be extraordinary next season if I’m going to like him. I’m petty like that when my favourites are traded.

Jun 022010

The lack of Canucks news was starting to get so boring and sad that I was about to write my story of a hockey playing giraffe in blog form. But all of a sudden we have signings of players coming out of our ears! I guess Gillis has moved on from the eating a pint of ice cream and throwing darts at a picture of Dustin Byfuglien stage of grieving.

Anton Rodin: A Swede! Our Swede supply was getting dangerously low if you ask me with just four. He was drafted last year in the second round. I remember reading a bunch of scouts saying he was one of the steals of the draft.

Cory Schneider: I still say he’s trade bait but it looks like he’ll be Luongo’s back up and hopefully get to start a bunch of games. He deserves it.

Peter Andersson: Another Swede! That’s six! He’s a big, dreamy defenceman who’s supposed to be a good skater and move the puck well.

Lee Sweatt: An American free agent defenceman who was playing in Finland and the KHL. A very solid 5’9″ who likes to hit and shoot the puck.

Yann Sauve: I adore Yann so very much. I saw him drafted live in Ottawa and he was incredibly gorgeous in a suit. He’s also a wonderful skater and likes to hit guys into the boards like it’s going out of style. Oh and his accent makes me coo. If/when Shane baybee/Mermaid leave I would very seriously consider getting a Sauve jersey.

Chris Tanev: Another defenceman! It’s defencemen overload. He played college hockey in Rochester as half of their top shutdown pairing. A right hand shot.

Things will definitely be picking up now that the draft and free agency are fast approaching.

May 152010

- Smorgasbords are Swedish! Some Canucks are Swedish. Alix was having trouble thinking of a title.

- Well, I had my normal 24 hours of hating every single member of the Canucks on ice and off ice organization after Tuesday’s loss. I called them words my ma would wash my mouth out with soap for using. But I moved on pretty quick. I’m becoming an old grizzled Canucks fan, ya know? Sure, I’m still madly in love but this ousting did not shock me. Expect the worst hope for the best? I will eventually have that tattooed on my person along with “There’s always next year”.

- I really admire Willie Mitchell for speaking up for himself and his fellow players and calling out the NHL’s discipline system. And for waiting until the Canucks were done playing so he wouldn’t be a distraction. Maybe if more players give their opinions candidly the NHL will be forced to make changes. It totally saddens me that he is still having head troubles all these months later. Malkin is dead to me. I’m a champion grudge holder when it comes to my hockey boys.

- Personally, If I were Mike Gillis, I would fire Vigneault. That’s two years in a row now the team has lost to the same team in the same way.

- My patience with Luongo is extremely low. While I’m sure no one will force him to do anything I would prefer if he opted out of being captain and played fewer games next year.

- My loathing for Chicago has completely eclipsed my Flames hate.

- The defence DEFINITELY needs some help. I have no specific ideas in mind. I just know it frightens me as is. It’s a strange phenomenon. On paper it looks pretty decent but in practice it’s the complete opposite.

- I think the Jays light blue jersey colour might be the most perfect colour in existence. I want to sleep in one of those jerseys.

- I recently tried playing Katamari Damacy and it is so incredibly enchanting. If you like being a tiny prince and rolling things into a ball I highly recommend it!

May 062010

Oh how naive I was yesterday. Was game three the best game ever? Not by a long shot. It was painful for large stretches and left me almost physically sick for hours after it was over. I really am just a very bad loser. But you know what? Today I woke up with a feeling that it was awesome. It was my first ever playoff game and I wouldn’t give that experience back for anything. Doolins treated me ridiculously well and sent me, my guest, and two lovely guys that were also contest winners to the game in a LIMO. Our section was fun and rowdy and we had a really good view of the ice. The crowd was absolutely deafening during the anthems and the opening few minutes. You know what I never knew I was missing in my life until last night? Taking part in a refs you suck chant with 17 000 other angry people. It is ridiculously fun and enchanting.

The Canucks did have some sustained pressure on Neimi and the Hawks but it just wasn’t enough. He had a strong game but the Canucks could have cashed in on some of his rebounds. It flummoxed me all game why the Hawks were coming down every rush and crashing Luongo’s net and the Canucks seemed to not want to do the same to Neimi.

Luongo has been very good recently but not last night. Those rebounds CANNOT happen. He has to eat those pucks like a delicious sammich. Almost every Hawks goal last night was a nice little gift for them two feet from his crease. No! No! No!

Oh the refs were truly awful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen officials call a game quite that bad. Who knew that Hank Sedin could have his stick slashed right out of his hand and not get a call? You can bowl right into a goalie without trying to stop and get off home free. Oh and of course you can send the goalie in on the puck and have it count as a goal! I didn’t think Luongo looked like a puck but apparently I’m misguided.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest I feel so much better but it wasn’t the refs that cost the Canucks this game. They had their own chances on the power play and couldn’t cash in. They couldn’t pounce on rebounds. They got overly emotional, made stupid decisions, and let the Blackhawks push them around. It infuriates me that they heard constant questions from the media for WEEKS about not being able to contain Byfuglien and then let him score a bloody hat trick.

This series is by no means over. But Luongo is going to have to be a hell of a lot better and the Canucks are going to have to get meaner and smarter if they want to beat them this time around.

May 052010

I sat in Doolins pub yesterday evening drinking a Canadian in a quest to win playoff tickets and it WORKED! I gave them my name and I found out this morning I won. The cheapest tickets I’ll ever get for to see the Canucks that’s for sure. I’ve never been to a playoff game so I may be just wildly excited. Hopefully we’ll see game one Canucks instead of game two Canucks because my perfect streak at GM Place is on the line: 8 wins and 0 losses. Maybe this will be the magical game that both Mermaid and Shane baybee score a goal.

Doolins rocks! Tell all your friends.

May 032010

I continued my trend of baking things to show my level of hockey nerd last night and made Hanky a cake to celebrate his Art Ross trophy and his Hart trophy nomination. There’s something calming and meditative about dyeing icing blue and green. Then, I stumbled upon a calendar this morning while looking something else up and realized that today is my one year anniversary writing here. Plus it’s game day! So really this cake can celebrate a whole trio of things.

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