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Adjusted Ballad On Ballard 0

Adjusted Ballad On Ballard

OK, so I’m still not over the moon about this trade. I still think we overpaid for Mr.Ballard but I’m coming to terms with it. He does skate well and can put up the points. And he can eat a bunch of minutes and put a little less pressure and ice time on Salo and Edler and Ehrhoff. I do like that Gillis is going all in with the win now mentality. As a Canucks fan, that’s refreshing to see. And I suppose he didn’t want to count on landing a top 4 defenceman at free agency and then lose...

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Ughhhhh 6


I am not pleased with this trade at all. I’m irrationally furious actually. Isn’t it fun being a fan? I loved Big Bear a whole lot. I know he had his flaws but he was one of my faves. And I can’t believe we had to give up Michael Grabner as well. I’ve adored him for years and thought he had huge upside. I suppose the Canucks are going with Mason Raymond and that’s that. I find Keith Ballard extremely average and think he makes too much money for his value (4.2) and giving up the first rounder means that...

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Signapalooza! 0


The lack of Canucks news was starting to get so boring and sad that I was about to write my story of a hockey playing giraffe in blog form. But all of a sudden we have signings of players coming out of our ears! I guess Gillis has moved on from the eating a pint of ice cream and throwing darts at a picture of Dustin Byfuglien stage of grieving. Anton Rodin: A Swede! Our Swede supply was getting dangerously low if you ask me with just four. He was drafted last year in the second round. I remember reading...

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Smorgasbord 0


- Smorgasbords are Swedish! Some Canucks are Swedish. Alix was having trouble thinking of a title. – Well, I had my normal 24 hours of hating every single member of the Canucks on ice and off ice organization after Tuesday’s loss. I called them words my ma would wash my mouth out with soap for using. But I moved on pretty quick. I’m becoming an old grizzled Canucks fan, ya know? Sure, I’m still madly in love but this ousting did not shock me. Expect the worst hope for the best? I will eventually have that tattooed on my person...

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Adventures at game three 0

Adventures at game three

Oh how naive I was yesterday. Was game three the best game ever? Not by a long shot. It was painful for large stretches and left me almost physically sick for hours after it was over. I really am just a very bad loser. But you know what? Today I woke up with a feeling that it was awesome. It was my first ever playoff game and I wouldn’t give that experience back for anything. Doolins treated me ridiculously well and sent me, my guest, and two lovely guys that were also contest winners to the game in a LIMO....

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Game 3 will be the best game ever 0

Game 3 will be the best game ever

I sat in Doolins pub yesterday evening drinking a Canadian in a quest to win playoff tickets and it WORKED! I gave them my name and I found out this morning I won. The cheapest tickets I’ll ever get for to see the Canucks that’s for sure. I’ve never been to a playoff game so I may be just wildly excited. Hopefully we’ll see game one Canucks instead of game two Canucks because my perfect streak at GM Place is on the line: 8 wins and 0 losses. Maybe this will be the magical game that both Mermaid and Shane...

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It’s a celebration, bishes 6

It’s a celebration, bishes

I continued my trend of baking things to show my level of hockey nerd last night and made Hanky a cake to celebrate his Art Ross trophy and his Hart trophy nomination. There’s something calming and meditative about dyeing icing blue and green. Then, I stumbled upon a calendar this morning while looking something else up and realized that today is my one year anniversary writing here. Plus it’s game day! So really this cake can celebrate a whole trio of things. Like this:Like Loading…

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