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Quick Bites 10

Quick Bites

1) What I’ve been talking up all season was officially announced today… *drum roll noises* Hanky is nominated for the Hart trophy! Wooooo! MVP! What more can I say about Hanky at this point, really? I made the man 100 cuppycakes for Swedish meatball’s sake. But yeah he’s totally rad. Ovechkin shouldn’t win it because as the lovely stats doctor Ryan Classic tells me the Capitals were actually BETTER when Ovechkin was injured or *cough* what’s that word I’m looking for? Oh right *whispers* suspended. His numbers never tell a lie, kittens. Total points percentage: .739 without Ovechkin: .750 with...

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Deja Vu 0

Deja Vu

- And so we play the Hawks again. This city is jazzed. Everyone wants some redemption for last year. Saturday is a longggg wait to see game 1. It can’t come soon enough. The Canucks are a better team this year. We have our secret weapon highest scoring muppet around…Mikael Samuelsson! The Art Ross winner Hanky “Pinata” Sedin! But really the best improvement is the vibe the whole team has this season. Maybe they talked to the Dali Lama this summer or maybe it’s just the fantastic Ryan Walter’s leadership values but they are very zen this season. The biggest...

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Round 2 Dance Party 0

Round 2 Dance Party

Pretty sure this is what I looked like last night. Round two is next on Friday and it only gets harder. The second round has been our kryptonite for a while. It would be nice to move past it this year. I’ll have another post up soon with more detailed thoughts on the first round but for now I’ll be off having a dance party… Like this:Like Loading…

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Goody Bag 2

Goody Bag

- Kes was nominated for the Selke AGAIN! I think he has a real shot at winning it this season. He’s improved his offensive totals while still blocking a ton of shots and being bad ass on the penalty kill. His faceoff winning percentage is wonderfully high and he’s 2nd in league in takeaways. Basically at this point I sound like Samuel L Jackson when I talk about Kes. (not safe for print) Datsyuk is awesome yeah. But I think it’s time for a change! – Let me tell you, I adore defence. A defenceman or a defensive forward is...

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Kings! 4


And so it all begins on Thursday. Canucks/Kings round one. The most wonderful time of year where you feel sick to your stomach from the moment you wake up to the moment the puck drops and well beyond that. Many consume alcohol like a freshman on spring break in Miami. Every save, every goal, you feel your heart pounding in your chest. The Canucks match up well against the Kings. I think it should be a fun series. They have a bunch of young talent. We have twins! I’m a wee bit nervous about Luongo and the defence but hey...

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Dear Boston 10

Dear Boston

I hear you play the Capitals tomorrow. Including that Ovechkin guy. Now, I know he’s quite good but pretty please with a cherry on top check the shit out of him and don’t let him score any points. We really want Hanky Sedin to win the scoring lead. He along with his delightful twin gave $1.5 million to the Children’s hospital. Ovechkin probably has a bed made of $1.5 million. We gave you Cam Neely for like pretty much a girl’s hair scrunchie. I mean OUCH, right? That pain is still so fresh. We also birthed you the wonderful and...

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The Cuppycake Project 28

The Cuppycake Project

I mentioned the other day that I was going to make Hanky 100 cuppycakes for scoring 100 points. It was mostly a joke but I had some free time on the weekend and I’m a total dork so I made them. Maybe I can deliver a new batch directly to Hank next time. Heh. 1 – Cuppycake batter pre baking. If you look at my arm you can see I’m wearing a Vancouver Giants Wright jersey. It’s SO rad! 2 – The full collection of cuppycakes. 100 mini cakes of deliciousness. 3 – Hanky’s number! 4- Hanky’s number close up....

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Notes and Things 0

Notes and Things

- I was in the Vancouver daily 24 hours today for the 5 on 5 segment. It was fun and those involved sure bring the funny. It’s pretty flattering Guts Mctavish asked me since he’s one of the very funniest puppets or people I know. An online version can be found here if you’re so inclined. – On the Shane O’Brien situation, while he’s made bad decisions and deserves some discipline from the Canucks, the person (or people) that sent the picture to Deadspin are so SO low. If you do a little research it’s clear that picture wasn’t even...

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Bag of Pucks 4

Bag of Pucks

- So our very own lovely Hank Sedin was the first player to get to 100 points. Wow! I was chatting on twitter and mentioned that I would bake Hank 100 cuppycakes when he reached 100 points. It was mostly a joke and I figured it would take him a little longer to do so but hey a declaration on twitter is fairly binding. So, this holiday weekend I will be making a big pile of cuppycakes with Swedish flags and Canucks colours. Maybe even Swedish fish. Look for a post documenting the deliciousness. – Mr. Hanky has also been...

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Spit Take 0

Spit Take

Yeah, losing to the Oilers makes Alix grouchy. Luongo was quite weak in the first and I swear the Canucks missed the net more often than they hit it. Deslauriers was very good. He robbed poor little Welly several times. I had planned to do a whole wonderfully long recap of this game but yeah the Canucks made me annoyed and uninspired. So, here is a picture of Ehrhoff as a wee little guy to hopefully cheer you (and me) up. I mean gosh look at his little sweater and bow tie combo! Just precious. Like this:Like Loading…

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