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Sep 042013

C4 on CHB

C4 on CHB – a canucks hockey blog podcast

In the fourth episode of C4, Chris and Clay are joined by Matt Lee and talk about Roberto Luongo (as always), the Canadian Olympic Team, the upcoming prospects camp and share their thoughts on how the Canucks are shaping up for the season. And there are even more haiku!

Douglas Lee is a Beast – September 2, 2013

Jul 302013

C4 on CHB

C4 on CHB – a canucks hockey blog podcast

In the third episode of C4, Chris and Clay share their thoughts on the Canucks season ticket holder summer summit, discuss the announcement that Pavel Bure’s jersey is going to be retired, more Roberto Luongo, and another wicked haiku.

Call A Plumber, These Pipes Are About To Burst – July 27, 2013

Jul 162013

C4 on CHB

C4 on CHB – a canucks hockey blog podcast

In the second episode of C4, Chris and Clay talk about the Canucks prospects camp, the 2014 Heritage Classic game against the Ottawa Senators, Ilya Kovalchuk passing up millions and millions of dollars, and Clay provides us a wicked haiku.

Suns Out, Guns Out – July 13, 2013

Jul 022013

C4 on CHB

C4 on CHB – a canucks hockey blog podcast

While we at CHB have had a video podcast (CHB TV for those who didn’t know) for some time now, we’ve received a piece of recurring feedback – we’re awesome and sure know a lot about the Canucks. Well, there’s that and something about a few of us having fantastic voices for radio. So thinking this through a bit, we decided it was about time to put together our own Canucks podcast.

So here it is – Chris and Clay’s Canucks Commentary from Canucks Hockey Blog. Too long of a title you say? Then no problem. We’ll call it C4 from CHB!

In our very first episode, we chat about the NHL Entry Draft and how “quiet” it was for the Canucks and their goaltender(s), the hiring of John Tortorella, and a little piece that Clay put together with Marie Hui in “Under John Tortorella.”

C4 from CHB – June 30th Episode

Jun 072013

In the 8th episode of CHB TV, Clay, J.J., Ed, and I drown our sorrows while breaking down the Canucks early exit. We also chat about our thoughts on the coaching situation… well… the fact there isn’t a coach let alone the situation.

I may have also been pretty darn depressed.

Notice – sorry for the Game of Thrones spoilers at the very end!

May 052013

The Canucks played better in game 2 than they did in game 1, though – and let’s be honest here – that’s not really saying much.

Roberto Luongo played great. And so did Ryan Kesler, who unleashed his beast mode in the third period and damn well near stole the Canucks a win.

Yup, that sounds about right.

Read more #TGATT goodness past the jump.

Apr 262013

In our last episode of CHB TV (which went live yesterday), we found ourselves at an impasse when we asked the question “Who does Zack Kassian look like?” And while our debate was lively, we thought we would leave it up to you our readers to settle the score. So what say you friends of CHB?

Who Does Zack Kassian Look Like

Apr 042013

Tonight, the Vancouver Canucks are hosting their 23rd annual Canucks for Kids Telethon. And representing CHB, I’ll be manning the phones for the Telethon post-game.

Sedin - CFKF Telethon
But what really excites us is what we can do to help this fantastic cause!

Over the past few seasons, a number of us Canucks bloggers have pledged to donate a few bucks during the Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon based on different criteria – goals scored, faceoff wins, and other such sports props. And after helping raise over $400 last season, we want to figuratively blow the roof of this blog by raising even more!

In the famous words of Barney Stinson, “It’s gonna be legend-… wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!!”

So for tonight’s telethon, the following contributors have also pledged the following:

We hope you’ll support a worthy cause as well. Match one (or more or all) of our pledges or create a pledge of your own, and then ask your friends and followers to match it. Let us know via Twitter or our comments that you’re stepping up and helping raise funds for a cause very close to every Canucks fan and player’s heart.

To make an online donation to this great cause, you can call 1-85-KIDSFUND (1-855-437-3863) or by heading to

Apr 032013

Tomorrow, the Vancouver Canucks are hosting their 23rd annual Canucks for Kids Telethon.

CFKF Telethon

Canucks For Kids Telethon

From the CFKF Telethon page:

The Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon, presented by Chevrolet, is an annual radio and television telethon. During the 2011/12 NHL season, the CFKF Telethon raised more than $1.3 million through phone/online donations and fundraising events throughout the year. The Canucks for Kids Fund dedicates resources to assist charities which support children’s health and wellness, foster the development of grassroots hockey, and facilitate and encourage education in British Columbia. Over its 27 year history, the Fund has raised more than $41 million for the children and families of our province.

Always ones to give back, over the past few seasons we here at CHB have been proud supporters of the telethon. In fact, with the help of our readers last season, we pledged to donate over $425! So when we were invited to help out with the telethon tomorrow, I didn’t hesitate to step up.

I’m both proud and excited to be helping take your calls post-game and challenge all of you to call in and donate what you can! While you won’t be able to ask for me specifically, you can donate by calling 1-85-KIDSFUND (1-855-437-3863) or by heading to

And while it would be cool for one our readers to win the 2013 Chevorlet Trax that is up for grabs, the fact your donation will go towards the Canucks Autism Network, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and many other deserving causes is pretty epic if you ask me!

So do you what you can. Spread the word. Pay it forward. Help us help the Canucks help the kids! Anything you can do is completely appreciated!

Sedin - CFKF Telethon

Apr 022013

If there is one thing that we at CHB love to do, it’s to have good times with good people. We’ve held tweetups, group games, and for those of you old enough – drunk-ups (even if J.J. doesn’t remember them)!

no5 Garrison

no5 Garrison – courtesy of Jay Jones

With us filming our next episode of CHB TV this Sunday, we’re breaking out of our usual confines at the Hog Shack Cook House in Steveston and will be heading to the Donnelly Group’s Library Square Public House, centrally located in downtown Vancouver. What’s so exciting about this you ask?

And we want you all to join us! (assuming you’re of legal drinking age of course)

Now if having us make you famous with CHB TV isn’t enough to draw you out, our friends at the Donnelly Group are looking to provide a good time for all with a number of specials just for us, including the showcase of some Canuck-themed beverages – the no5 Garrison above and a few more that Jay Jones, the Executive Bartender & Brand Ambassador for the Donnelly Group, can whip up.

You’re interested aren’t you? Here are the deets:

Where: Library Square Public House, 300 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC
When: Sunday, April 7th, 2013 – 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM (filming starts at 2:00 PM)
Who: You – our readers and tweeps (of legal drinking age)

Now sure there isn’t a Canuck game on Sunday, but that shouldn’t stop us all getting together to talk puck over a beverage or two with your favourite CHBers. And answer questions like – did Gillis do enough on Wednesday’s trade deadline? Or an even more pertinent question on all of our minds – has the “window” closed?

Mind-blowing stuff for sure! Thankfully there will be beverages to help us handle it all.

We hope to see you all there!

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