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Canucks Fan Profile: Pauline Lee 0

Canucks Fan Profile: Pauline Lee

During the miserable night that was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, Canucks fan Pauline Lee was in an Ontario bar surrounded by Boston Bruins fans. With five minutes to go in the game and the ugly score of 4-0 looming on every TV around her, Pauline couldn’t stand anymore. “I got up and dragged my depressed self out the door and just walked,” she says, recalling that June 15th night. “I couldn’t bear to see my team cry or the Bruins hoist what should’ve been ours.” It was close to midnight in St. Catharine’s when Pauline, a student...

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The Heart of a Canuck 2

The Heart of a Canuck

Passion. Courage. Integrity. Humility. Honour. These are what it takes to have the Heart of a Canuck. Here at Canucks Hockey Blog we honour these qualities in others and value community involvement and charity work, which is why we’re running the “Heart of a Canuck” contest. Canucks fans are amazing people (see the post-riot cleanup for example), so we’re posting this call for nominations, looking for fans who have “The Heart of a Canuck.” These are fans who donate their time in many ways to help others in need in their community, and who make a difference with the resources...

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Silver lining in the smoke 2

Silver lining in the smoke

Photo credit: Raul Pacheco-Vega I’m not going to re-hash what every major news outlet has already covered about Vancouver’s riot. What I do want to talk about is the positive solidarity felt across Vancouver today amidst the ruins of the riot’s aftermath. What we felt today was a unification of Vancouverites against the destruction and embarrassing behaviour of a small group of morons, a group we feel do not represent this city’s people or its hockey fans. Yesterday morning as I drove into downtown Vancouver before 6 a.m., volunteers were already hitting the streets en masse, wearing their Canucks jerseys,...

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Ranted: Since when was a broken back something to cheer about, Boston?

Ranted: Since when was a broken back something to cheer about, Boston?

Gutless – lacking courage or determination. Unclassy – lacking in good taste or sense; crude. Both of these terms have been tossed back and forth between the Vancouver and Boston camps since the beginning of the Stanley Cup Final. They’ve been used so often and so stupidly that for many people, the words have lost their venom. Even the supposedly “unbiased” media is jumping on the wagon of name-calling, labelling the Sedin Twins “Thelma and Louise” (Mike Milbury, NBC/Versus) or calling the Canucks a bunch of classless, gutless brutes (Barry Rozner, Daily Herald). It’s pretty apparent that the Canucks and...

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Ranted: Sorry, you can’t afford to buy Finals tickets. 16

Ranted: Sorry, you can’t afford to buy Finals tickets.

I knew playoff tickets were going to be expensive here in Vancouver, but I didn’t think that seats for games in the Stanley Cup Finals would be comparable to the men’s hockey games in the 2010 Olympics. It came to my attention yesterday that tickets for the SC Finals at Rogers Arena are going for $924. Each. A seat. That’s half my pay check, and no doubt it’s some people’s ENTIRE pay check!  With the cost of living in Vancouver being as high as it is, many fans can’t afford to go to any of the games, which really sucks...

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Ranted: A Pair of Eager Breasts 91

Ranted: A Pair of Eager Breasts

I’m sure everybody and their dog has talked about (and reviewed photos of) the female Canucks fan who flashed Ben Eager her breasts beside the penalty box Wednesday night. And honestly I didn’t really give it much thought until I was interviewed about it by 24 Hours Thursday afternoon. When the reporter asked me how it made me feel, I realized it made me feel pretty pissed off. Why? Well because after all the articles I’ve written on female fans and our fight to be taken seriously in the NHL, some chick goes and does something like this and sets...

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Kämpfen, Canucks, kämpfen! 1

Kämpfen, Canucks, kämpfen!

Here on CHB we have had the privelige of profiling Canucks fans from all over the world during the 2010-2011 playoffs, including fans from the hometowns of the Sedins and Jannik Hansen. Now we profile a fan from the country of defenceman Christian Ehrhoff. Meet 31-year-old Sören “Madayar” Assmann (yes, that’s his real name, and Sören realizes how funny this is in English). Sören is from Friesing, a town near Munich in Germany where he works as a tech supporter. He first fell in love with hockey back in 2002, thanks to NHL computer games and a family link to...

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Yalla Canucks Yalla! 2

Yalla Canucks Yalla!

Amman, Jordan – one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.  Since 10,000 BCE people have lived at this Middle Eastern site, and only in the last century has the town grown into a city due to the adoption of Palestinian refugees. Amidst the hustle and the bustle of Jordan’s culturally diverse capital lives Canucks fan Ramzi Ghurani, a marketing and brand strategy consultant who moved from Vancouver to the Middle East 10 years ago. “I fell in love with hockey when I first moved to Vancouver during the ‘88 playoffs when I saw Gretzky beat Mike Vernon...

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Hansen’s Hometown Fan 0

Hansen’s Hometown Fan

Just when we all thought my CHB colleague Richard Loat was the only man in the world who would follow Jannik Hansen to the ends of the earth, we hear about Danish press photographer and Canucks fan Brian Poulsen. Poulsen, 32, was also born in Hansen’s hometown in Denmark called Rodovre, and as part of his job as a photographer, Poulsen has been able to travel to Manitoba and Vancouver to shoot Denmark’s newest hockey hero, #36. “I’ve actually been to Vancouver to shoot a couple of Vancouver games,” Poulsen says. “Unfortunately Hansen was out with a groin injury when...

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A Canucks Fan in Chile 0

A Canucks Fan in Chile

“Despite being so far away, I never stopped following the Canucks,” says 29-year-old Francisco Varas. “I will be a die-hard fan forever.” Varas was born in Richmond, but his parents moved him back to their home country of Chile when he was 13. “Being raised in a hockey town I think I was born with hockey skates,” Varas adds, “So I can pretty much say I have been a Canucks fan my whole life.” Varas is a business analyst for L’Oreal’s Active Cosmetics Division in Santiago, crunching numbers and marketing products to dermatologists. Since moving to Chile, following the team...

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