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2010 Olympics Anniversary Celebration: Centre Ice on Granville 2

2010 Olympics Anniversary Celebration: Centre Ice on Granville

It is not a well known fact, but the moment that inspired the birth of Five Hole for Food was actually a game during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Amidst the widespread patriotism and 14 days of straight celebration it was a road hockey game that planted a seed that would one day grow to be a cross-Canada trip. During the Olympics there was a ball hockey game played outside the Molson Canadian Hockey House. To the left was a giant screen on the side of the Ontario Pavilion which broadcast the Women’s Gold Medal hockey game. To the right...

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Canucks strive to improve the fan experience 2

Canucks strive to improve the fan experience

We often get the mainstream media’s analysis of the Canucks, the on-ice product, and in some cases, the off-ice product. In many cases, we see franchise owners that are only concerned about the on-ice product because that’s what affects their bottom line. Last week, the Vancouver Board of Trade put on a luncheon with Canucks President and General Manager Mike Gillis, owner Francesco Aquilini, former player Stan Smyl, head coach Alain Vigneault, and Canucks Chief Operating Officer Victor de Bonis and allowed an insight into some of the team’s operations off-the-ice. Canucks fans are fortunate that the team is doing...

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Hockeython for Canuck Place 1

Hockeython for Canuck Place

In celebration of Hockey Day in Canada and in support of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, the South Arm Community Center’s youth group, Mosaic, will be hosting its fourth annual 24-Hour Hockey-thon. From 12pm Friday, February 11th 2011 until 12pm Saturday, February 12th Lower Mainland residents of all ages will be participating in a non-stop game of floor hockey in the South Arm gymnasium. Registration for the event is by donation with each participant securing pledges for their efforts in the 24-hour game. Proceeds from the pledges will be donated to Canuck Place, to assist children in recovery. Over the past...

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From hunter to hunted 0

From hunter to hunted

With the Canucks near the top of the NHL, it’s no surprise that they’re always facing teams playing their best hockey and trying to beat them. If the Canucks want to sustain their current pace, they have to match this intensity and play their best hockey as well. The Canucks have played some of their best hockey of their 40-year history in the last 39 days, during which they captured the fans’ undivided attention. But now, the Canucks seemed to have come down to earth a little. With that in mind though, the real measure of how far they’ve come...

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Hansen’s Valuable Versatility 1

Hansen’s Valuable Versatility

If asked who the Canucks most versatile player is, a lot would quickly jump to suggest it’s Alex Burrows, an undrafted player who found his niche in the East Coast Hockey League before making the jumps to the American Hockey League Manitoba Moose and finally to the Vancouver Canucks. With the Canucks, Burrows started on the fourth line, and shortly thereafter, adapted to his different roles, moved up the depth chart and found his place on the first line of the best team in the NHL. But while Burrows is a good answer, the guy that jumps to my mind...

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The Hamhuis Effect 3

The Hamhuis Effect

Photo credit: Global TV BC After Willie Mitchell signed with the Los Angeles Kings, Canucks GM Mike Gillis moved to pick up a guy that was a younger, faster, and better replacement. His name landed on Nashville’s Dan Hamhuis, and as they say, the rest is history. But this post isn’t about Dan Hamhuis, at least not directly. It’s about Kevin Bieksa or what I like to call the Hamhuis Effect. If there’s one player who’s seen both sides of the media spectrum with everything from praise to criticism to daily trade rumours, it’s Kevin Bieksa. He’s been in the...

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Taking care of business 1

Taking care of business

In the Canucks recent stretch of games they’ve managed to climb to the top of their division, their conference and the league all while going about their business and not changing a lot. This hasn’t been because one player has carried the load, or because of a few lucky bounces. If the Sedins aren’t lighting the lamp, the fourth line is stepping up, and you can’t get enough lucky bounces in 21 straight games to have a 17-1-3 record in them. When the forwards aren’t winning games, the team is playing tight defense and Luongo and Schneider are giving the...

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How much better is a relaxed, more rested Lou? 1

How much better is a relaxed, more rested Lou?

Year after year we, at one point or another, hear either from Roberto Luongo or management that Luongo needs to play a lot of games to play well. This year there was the radical notion that Cory Schneider was going to play as many as 25 games and all of a sudden there was worry that Luongo was going to suffer. Regardless, Gillis was determined to put the final touches on the Canucks this off-season, make the right tweaks, and take the team well past the second round; one thing he addressed: Luongo’s games played. In his first four seasons...

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Back on the Bieksa bandwagon 0

Back on the Bieksa bandwagon

Kevin Bieksa is playing his best hockey since his breakout season in 2006/2007. After being hampered by two unfortunate tendon lacerations, it looks like we’re finally seeing the Bieksa the Canucks gave a 3-year, $11.25 million contract to. Alberts never panned out as the team’s scapegoat after taking leaps and bounds in the off-season so fans seem to have defaulted to Bieksa. That said, night in and night out I see Ehrhoff and Edler make similar gaffes in quality and quantity to Bieksa and he doesn’t deserve all the heat he’s getting. While the Canucks need to free up cap...

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Retooling Without Rypien 0

Retooling Without Rypien

With Rick Rypien having left the team indefinitely to take care of personal issues we’ve had several games to see if his presence has really been missed. Has it really? I wouldn’t say so. Before we go any further, let’s make it clear that I feel for the guy and hope he can get back on track as soon as possible. He’s not in a good place and no one deserves to be there. That said, can the Canucks afford to keep a guy like him in the dressing room? Do they have to afford keeping him? I can’t even...

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