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Game Day Preview Canucks at Capitals: Can the Canucks Capitalize? 0

Game Day Preview Canucks at Capitals: Can the Canucks Capitalize?

The Canucks won their last game against the Winnipeg Jets last Wednesday. Alex Burrows not only scored his first goal of the season, but he scored twice. Chris Higgins and his washboard abs scored the winning goal in the shootout. (Yes, the Canucks won in the shootout.) Wait, aren’t we supposed to be tanking? The playoff race continues tonight for the Canucks as they face a similarly-desperate Washington Capitals team. Both the Canucks (30-28-10) and the Caps (30-27-10) have 70 points, good for 10th place in the Western Conference and 11th place in the Eastern Conference, respectively. The playoff door...

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CHB Countdown: Top 5 Key Players in the Canucks’ Future

We all could have predicted the epic slumps by the Sedins, Burrows, Edler, and Booth right? Well, maybe Booth, but for the most part this year has been a huge surprise and not in a good way. The offence has completely dried up and the players look fatigued, unemotional and simply out of sorts. Management is underfire constantly from the fans and media and change could be coming soon. I, for one, consider this year an anomaly. Typically, when players get into the twilight of their careers, their play simply goes a bit downhill, not right off a cliff. I believe...

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Game Day Preview Canucks vs. Jets: What’s Lower Than Rock Bottom? 0

Game Day Preview Canucks vs. Jets: What’s Lower Than Rock Bottom?

“There’s rock bottom, then 50 feet of crap, then me.” – Rachel Green, Friends It can’t possibly get worse than this, right? Just when we thought the Canucks had hit rock bottom – the Heritage Classic loss, the Heritage Classic drama that lead to the Roberto Luongo trade, losing games consistently and in spectacular fashion – they, on Monday night against the New York Islanders, put together one of the worst third period meltdowns in NHL history (with all due respect to the Leafs’ meltdown against the Bruins in Game 7 in last year’s playoffs). Up 3-zip going into the...

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Songs from the Arena – Hockey Songs on the Organ 1

Songs from the Arena – Hockey Songs on the Organ

I’ve always wanted to play the organ at a Vancouver Canucks game.  And when I go to watch the Canucks play at Rogers Arena, I like to take in the sights and sounds of the entire arena experience – and not just the game itself. As a musician, I pay particular attention to the music:  both from the DJ and from the organ.  And I’ve come up with a medley of songs that I typically hear at Canucks games. You’ll see it’s a nice mix of hockey standards (chants and cheers) and actual pop songs. The timing of my O...

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Ranted: The Sinking Ship 12

Ranted: The Sinking Ship

Do you have your life vests on, Canucks fans? If not, grab a door floating in the choppy waters and hope for the best! Because the Canucks are sinking. We’ve known this for a while now, haven’t we? With every trade GM Mike Gillis made in recent years the return seemed to be less and less, at least it seemed to me anyway. It was like, when the Canucks ship started leaking, Gillis started trading giant buckets for teacups. David Booth? Well that didn’t quite go as planned. Keith Ballard? He didn’t get to reach hipcheck greatness because that’s hard to...

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About Last Night: #blametorts 2

About Last Night: #blametorts

Photo credit: PNG Gary Mason wrote an amazing article in last weekend’s Globe and Mail. When Mr. Tortorella stormed an opposing team’s dressing room between periods of a game earlier this year, it alarmed everyone in the organization, including his players. If you want to chart the radical decline of the Canucks this season, you can begin at that moment. The team went into a nosedive after the incident, for which Mr. Tortorella was suspended six games. While he apologized profusely for his antics, it hasn’t changed the perception a loose cannon is in charge. Since that January 18th game...

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Game Day Preview Canucks vs. Islanders: Now or Never 0

Game Day Preview Canucks vs. Islanders: Now or Never

Photo credit: How big were the Vancouver Canucks’ recent losses to the Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars and Phoenix Coyotes? Well, consider that with 16 games left in the regular season, the Canucks currently sit in 10th place in the Western Conference, and wouldn’t you know it, the teams directly in front of them – the teams they’re chasing for the wild card playoff spots – are the Wild, Stars and Coyotes. Strength of Schedule If the Canucks have any aspirations to make the playoffs, now is the time to string together a few wins. Including tonight’s opponents, the New...

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