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What’s the Deal with Chris Higgins?

The good news last Friday was that the Canucks beat the Hurricanes 3-0, taking both ends of their road back-to-back. The bad news is that Chris Higgins’ goal drought was extended to 1,502 games. Ok, it’s only been 18 games since he last scored on November 28th, but it definitely feels as if it’s been longer.

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Predicting the Canucks’ Second Half 0

Predicting the Canucks’ Second Half

With the Canucks just past the halfway point of the season it seems as good a time as any to try and predict where the team may finish at the end of the season in April. Despite a number of gut-wrenching losses in the last few weeks you should still feel pretty good about the Canucks chances to make the playoffs and I’ll breakdown where I think the team will realistically finish in the standings and whether they have much of a chance to pass teams in their division. Introduction The chart below shows team’s Fenwick percentages for all 5-on-5...

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How Reliable is the Canucks’ Third Line? 0

How Reliable is the Canucks’ Third Line?

Photo credit: John Tortorella has lived and died by his top two lines this season with the Sedins and Ryan Kesler easily on pace to destroy their career averages in ice-time.  While this is perfectly fine for now, I can’t see the Canucks’ top six forwards being able to stay at the top of their game at the tail end of the season if Tortorella is going to continue to ride them so hard, especially when you factor in that Daniel, Henrik and Kesler are certain to be traveling to Russia to compete in the Olympics. I decided to...

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Is Ryan Kesler Back to Selke Trophy Form? 2

Is Ryan Kesler Back to Selke Trophy Form?

Photo credit: With Ryan Kesler on pace for 44 goals, is it safe to assume that he’s back into the form that made him one of the league’s elite players and the 2011 Selke Trophy winner?  Or has Kesler simply been opportunistic while playing with the Sedins and the beneficiary of lucky bounces like the gimmie in Philadelphia? For my first article on Canucks Hockey Blog I take a look at the underlying numbers to find out if ‘Kes’ is indeed back into Selke form. If you’re not familiar with advanced stats, otherwise known as #fancystats, most people put...

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