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MSM links for April 20, 2009 0

MSM links for April 20, 2009

Canucks reaching into broom closet (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) No Sundin, no problem (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Canucks tighten grip on Blues (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Sundin injury a reminder Canucks should sweep Blues away (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Is a nagging hip injury bothering Sundin (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Canucks’ special teams coming together at perfect time (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Canucks vault to 3-0 series lead (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Blues fading to black (Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun) Blues reverting to early season form at worst time (Jeff Gordon, St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Blues must play statement game...

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MSM links for April 17, 2009 0

MSM links for April 17, 2009

Hockey Night in Canada gives Vancouver the bird (Jonathan McDonald, Vancouver Province) Snow showers around Luongo doesn’t faze goalie (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Let us spray, pesky Blues are saying (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Five-on-five more than a fair fight for the Canucks (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Bernier happy to give Salo credit for goal (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Canucks a better hockey club with Salo on the ice (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Blues coach plays optimism card because ‘we can play better’ (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Wellwood adapts well to new role (Gary Mason, Globe and Mail) Sundin parked...

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MSM links for April 16, 2009 0

MSM links for April 16, 2009

Canucks beat the Blues to open Stanley Cup playoffs (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks got the results they were looking for (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) A Swede’s need for speed (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Blues ‘disappointed in the outcome’ (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Canucks draw first blood with 2-1 home win (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Canucks left scratching their heads over strange playoff penalty calls (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Penalty kill shines in Canucks opener (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Canucks take early initiative (Matt Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Like this:Like Loading…

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MSM links for April 10, 2009 0

MSM links for April 10, 2009

Another amazing show from Luongo (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks big issue how they play, not where they finish (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks’ 1-0 win over Kings effective, if not entertaining (Jason Botchfrod, Vancouver Province) Kesler proves why he’s so valuable (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) Fans get glimpses of Sundin’s playoff potential (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Bumps, bruises and playing hurt all a part of road to playoffs (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) Canucks enhance chance of winning division (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Quinn likes Canucks (Stephane Alarie, Slam Sports) Moose goalie named AHL goalie of the year (Gary...

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MSM links for April 9, 2009 0

MSM links for April 9, 2009

Sundin quietly makes way back into postseason (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Back-to-basic for playoff-bound Canucks (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Kidding aside, it’s about LA now (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Burrows bugged by $2500 fine for taking a shot at Edmonton’s Stortini from the bench (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) No changes planned for Canucks struggling blueline (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Canucks set high bar for themselves (Scott Rintoul, Metro News Vancouver) A playoff checklist (Sam Craig, The Hockey News via Metro News Vancouver) Moose fall from first (Gary Lawless, Winnipeg Free Press) Like this:Like Loading…

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MSM links for April 8, 2009 0

MSM links for April 8, 2009

Canucks put out Flames in 4-1 win (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Mitchell, Iginla waging battle for ages (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Performance just what the doctor ordered (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Canucks fans kept on edge (Vancouver Province) Canucks keep first-place hopes alive with victory over Flames (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Captain Canuck plays superhero role (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Keenan credits Luongo’s ‘goaltending clinic’ for Canuck win (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Canucks farm team coach Scott Arniel named AHL’s bench boss of the year (Vancouver Sun) Crown still within Canucks reach (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Luongo frustrates Flames...

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MSM links for April 7, 2009 0

MSM links for April 7, 2009

Division hopes are toast if Flames aren’t tamed (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Scoring sensation inspires libation (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Sutter’s cap squeeze has come back to bite him (Vancouver Sun) Team record’s fine so have a little faith (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Knowing when to say when is a challenge for feisty Burrows (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Captain Luongo letting Canucks Nation down (Bruce Dowbiggin, Calgary Herald) Burning issues: Flames at Canucks (Calgary Herald) Like this:Like Loading…

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MSM links for April 6, 2009 0

MSM links for April 6, 2009

Canucks spin tires against Avalanche (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Lowly Avalanche bury Canucks (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Canucks remind us how bad they can be at times (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Edler should be difference maker in playoffs (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Everybody’s loving Mason Raymond (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Canucks buried by Avalanche (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) How can the Canucks beat the best if they can’t beat the worst? (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks possess new range of scoring depth (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Home-ice advantage clearly a top priority (Scott Rintoul, Metro News Vancouver) Wolski wings...

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MSM links for April 3, 2009 0

MSM links for April 3, 2009

Single point gets Canucks into playoffs (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) There was a trap waiting back home (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Canucks defy the odds (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Burrows a top contender for Masterson trophy (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) No one wants to be first-round fodder for hot Canucks (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Healthy balance key to hot streak (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Gillis keeps his cool during heat of first year (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Canucks lose loonie one to Ducks in shootout (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Transported back to glorious ’80s (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Schneider,...

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MSM links for April 2, 2009 0

MSM links for April 2, 2009

Canucks, Flames going in opposite directions (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Canucks in first? No foolin’ (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Do the math: Canucks need one more win to officially clinch playoff spot (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Give Vigneault due credit for Canucks roll (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) It’s truly Wild when Hank scores (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Ducks elite D-man eyes 2010 (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Hindsight beats heck out of flights of foresight (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Rypien makes surprise return (Greg Harder, Regina Leader-Post) Staying healthy key for Canucks (Scott Rintoul, Metro News Vancouver) Canucks in good...

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