C4 - a CHB podcast

Two For Roughing – April 18, 2015

In episode 58 of C4, Clay & Matt are joined by a couple special guests to breakdown the Canucks win over the Flames, discuss the fisticuffs and rough stuff at the end, muse a bit more on Luca Sbisa, and set up Game Three in Calgary.

C4 - a CHB podcast

Down After One – April 16, 2015

In episode 57, Clay, Matt & Adam recap the game one stunner, look forward to game 2, and discuss what the Canucks need to do to win.

Vancouver Canucks Playoff Anthem: Something Big (Shawn Mendes Parody)

The Vancouver Canucks are back in the NHL playoffs and thus we are thrilled to present our Canucks Playoff Anthem:  Something Big.  It’s based on the original song by Shawn Mendes. I’m joined by my regular collaboration partners:  the wonderful and talented Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao.  They never cease to amaze me with their skills…in this video check out how they harmonize effortlessly while doing syncopated clapping…it’s NUTS! We’re excited about a deep playoff run for the Canucks.  Something big is happening!  Go Canucks Go! Go!  Go Canucks Go! Go!  Go Canucks Go!Play for the Cup you might win...

2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Round 1 Predictions

The 2015 NHL playoffs are drastically different than they have been in recent years, and it’s exciting! Five out of seven Canadian-based NHL teams are in the hunt this year. For the first time since 2007, a defending Stanley Cup champion failed to make the playoffs. Another big change – and without a doubt my favorite – the Boston Bruins have missed the playoffs.

C4 - a CHB podcast

I Told You So – April 9, 2015

Chris, Clay, Adam & Matt get together and attempt to reason that the recent re-signing of Derek Dorsett & Luca Sbisa make sense in episode 56 of the C4 podcast. Clay also cashes in on his bet with Matt and Chris by having them read out a couple haiku. And lastly, the boys spit ball who the Canucks will likely face in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Channeling the Power of the 5-7-5: Canucks Playoff Haiku

With the Edmonton Oilers’ surprise victory over the Los Angeles Kings last night, the Vancouver Canucks clinched a playoff berth and return to the post-season after a brief one-year absence.  Prior to last season, the last time the Canucks missed the playoffs was the 2007-2008 season. The Canucks have surprised just about everyone with their performance this year as they have a good chance of finishing second in the Pacific Division.  I was quietly confident from the beginning of the season that they would return to the playoffs.  My C4 podcast co-hosts Chris and Matt didn’t share my optimism so...

C4 - a CHB podcast

Take Two – April 3, 2015

Chris, Clay & Matt reunite to record a second attempt of episode 55 when the first version goes sideways. They chat the Canucks road-trip, Burrows hit on Gaustad and lack of suspension, and a whole lot more!

Channeling the Power of the 5-7-5: Your Canucks Haiku

We were set to record our latest episode of our C4 podcast last night so per usual I sent the word out via my @CanuckClay Twitter account that I was looking for Canucks haiku.  And in particular, I wanted people to try to encapsulate their feelings on the Canucks as they enter into the final two weeks of the regular season. As always, the people responded, and I had a plethora of good 17-syllable creations ready for the podcast.  Unfortunately, we encountered some unforeseeable technical difficulties (and really…when are technical difficulties ever foreseen???) and thus the podcast we recorded (or...

C4 - a CHB podcast

Not So Fast, Playoffs – March 30, 2015

Adam Ovenell-Carter rejoins Matt & Chris in Clay’s absence to chat about the Canucks two lacklustre home starts, the upcoming four-game road trip and what it will take to consider it successful. They also nominate a few Canucks for end-of-season awards you know, and a few trophies you may not know much about. And playoffs – the Canucks are so close that you can taste the post-season!

C4 - a CHB podcast

Matt Loves Bo – March 26, 2015

Chris, Matt & Clay are back with episode 53 of the C4 podcast and are joined by special guest Adam Ovenell-Carter. Chatter ranges from the Canucks big wins over the past week, Matt’s love for Bo Horvat and reaction to the Chris Tanev deal. And as always, no podcast is complete without a little #AskCHB, #CHBHaiku and Zack Kassian. Wait, we may have missed out talking about Zack Kassian.

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