C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

The Brock Trick – November 6, 2017

Just how good is Brock Boeser? How good can Boeser be? The crew discusses the early triumphs of the Baertschi – Bo – Brock top line.

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Boeser, and the Scare – October 30, 2017

Derek Scoresett continues to be a thing, Brock Boeser puts fans in hysterics after leaving practice early, and are the Canucks “for real”?

Dorsett, Scoring Machine – October 23, 2017

The Canucks are .500 seven games into the season and there’s some wonky storylines to talk about: Derek Dorsett is leading the team in scoring, Brock Boeser is producing at a point per game, and the Canucks defense has been spotty.

Pop Gun Powerplay – October 16, 2017

It’s a full house as Chris, Matt, Anna, and Adam get together to talk the Canucks powerplay woes, the injuries to Alex Edler and Loui Eriksson, and attendance problems.

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Free Brock – October 9, 2017

The Canucks defeat the Oilers, head coach Travis Green “snubs” Brock Boeser, and Derek Dorsett, shutdown winger?

Real Hockey – October 2, 2017

Have Virtanen and Boeser made the cut? Will they stick? The Canucks make their preseason cuts, so the gang discusses what that means for those who will play on opening night.

Blessed by Boeser – September 25, 2017

Chris and Matt are joined by our newest contributor Anna Forsyth to talk preseason cuts, preseason survivors, Boeser’s preseason performance, and protest in sport.

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

A New Season! – September 18, 2017

We’re back! After the offseason, Chris and Matt talk about Canucks training camp which is underway, the preseason games so far, and the hard lineup decisions which loom. All of that and more in your favourite Canucks hockey podcast!

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Draft Recap – June 26, 2017

Chris, Matt, and Adam link up with Cam Robinson from DobberProspects to discuss their performance at the NHL Draft, discuss the future at free agency, and the contract negotiations of Bo Horvat.

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Draft Lottery Losers – April 29, 2017

As if Canucks fans needed yet another kick below the belt, they’ve found a way to lose the NHL Draft Lottery.

Matt Lee and Adam Ovenell-Carter with live reaction, who the Canucks should take at five, and the soul crushing feeling that is being a Canucks fan.

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