First impressions 3

First impressions

The Crazy Canucks podcast crew were guests of the Vancouver Canucks in suite 519 last night. Needless to say, it was an excellent experience and it gave John, Rebecca, Dave, Alanah and I all an opportunity to meet the team’s marketing group and brainstorm on potential partnerships this season. (Plus, the popcorn was damn good.) It also gave me a chance to form some first impressions on the Canucks. I don’t know if it’s the players or their system, but the Canucks looked faster in their first two preseason games. They made a lot of plays off the rush –...

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MSM links for September 24, 2008 0

MSM links for September 24, 2008

Preseason perfection (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Sanford perfect 10 in relief (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Hodgson set to impress in his NHL debut (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Hodgson looks just fine in NHL debut (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Canucks’ Bernier off to shining start (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Kesler better on third line (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Walter is home at last (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun)

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MSM links for September 23, 2008 0

MSM links for September 23, 2008

Shootout success (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Healthy Salo promises a ‘slap-happy’ return (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Schneider shows he’s top prospect (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Taylor made for another new role (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Team to cash in on Edler offence (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) Spotlight on Kyle Wellwood: He has his ups and downs, but some promise is there (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Canucks’ Wellwood still living in the past (Wayne Scanlan via National Post) 70-game workload for Luongo (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Dogs defenseman to see ice time for Vancouver (Kevin Barrett, Telegraph-Journal) Canucks like Cody...

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MSM links for September 22, 2008 0

MSM links for September 22, 2008

Canuck players define team culture (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Gillis says youth will be served (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Canucks reckon great Dane Hansen’s made of steel, not marzipan (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) All’s simply not Wellwood (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Hodgson’s choice of newcomers (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Wellwood’s condition gives coach fits (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) GM stays home, D moves forward (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Canucks put Wellwood on notice (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Vigneault blasts Wellwood (Scott Rintoul, Metro News)

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MSM links for September 20-21, 2008 0

MSM links for September 20-21, 2008

Fitness testing a yuck ritual for Canucks (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Bernier not playing with twins as camp opens in Whistler (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) A meeting of the minds (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) No Naz? No problem in search for ‘C’ (Vancouver Province) Sedins pleading for offensive help (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Youngsters have golden opportunity to make team: Vigneault (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Salo relishing feeling fit (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Davison looks to fill a defensive niche (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Holding his own against vets (Vancouver Province) Taking care of below the belt (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver...

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Gillis’ sales job 12

Gillis’ sales job

It’s no secret that the Vancouver Canucks need more offense, but as training camp starts today with no Mats Sundin in sight, Mike Gillis has started selling Canucks fans with a youth movement. Increasingly over the last little while, Gillis, in his interviews, has started repeating the same message. Listen closely. You’ll hear how he thinks the Keslers, Raymonds and Bieksas are ready to take on more responsibility and how he thinks the Grabners and Hodgsons are ready to take the next step in their development. You’ll hear how he thinks they should be given this opportunity because, after all,...

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MSM links for September 19, 2008 0

MSM links for September 19, 2008

Goalies, defence but after that… (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Testing time is here again (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Two major hurdles could slow the Canucks out of the blocks (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) ‘We’re determined to get there and we will get there’ (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Ready to Grabner chance this time (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province)

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MSM links for September 18, 2008 0

MSM links for September 18, 2008

A year makes a difference (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Hodgson on a roll (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Cowan’s not cowed by tough times (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Kesler says sky’s the limit (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) New look Luongo has desire to win (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Unknown goalie goes jogging (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Don’t worry, ‘Nucks won’t suck (Barry Macdonald, 24 Hours) Gillis to give youngsters a go (Scott Rintoul, Metro)

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Prospect camp cuts 7

Prospect camp cuts

After completing Prospects Camp and the rookie tourney in Camrose, the Vancouver Canucks announced the following cuts today: Vancouver Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis announced today that the Canucks have reduced their training camp roster by 14 players. The Vancouver Canucks will now have 45 players attending main training camp in Whistler, B.C., September 19-21. The following players have been assigned to the Manitoba Moose: Mario Bliznak Centre Manitoba Moose AHL Patrick Coulombe Defence Manitoba Moose AHL The following players have been assigned to their junior clubs: Morgan Clark Goalie Red Deer WHL Prab Rai Centre Seattle WHL The following...

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An optimistic outlook 4

An optimistic outlook

It doesn’t happen often. In fact, I think it only happens at this time of year. But believe it or not, Tony Gallagher (Vancouver Province) talks optimismistically about the Vancouver Canucks. This being September, when optimism is allowed to flourish if even only for the briefest moment, happier aspects of the Canucks can be addressed despite the gloom of another impending scoring shortage. And among the reasons to be optimistic is the ever-increasing depth of this organization. They may not have the high-end talent needed to win a Cup, other than in goal, but the team has made strides through...

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