C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Effort Level Zero – March 21, 2016

With Matt in studio and Chris joining in by phone, episode 90 of the C4 Canucks hockey podcast is your one-stop shop for tank watch! With injuries galore, youth being served, and even Chris Higgins’s return to the lineup, Chris & Matt wonder who will be back next season and what the next steps are to salvage anything from this train wreck of a season.

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Kids On The Front – March 14, 2016

Adam rejoins the C4 podcast to talk Team Tank with Matt, give an assessment on how the youth is handling this season of adversity, and what the Canucks should be looking to prioritize with the NHL Entry Draft later in June. You can pretty much assure yourself this episode is the opposite of Team Clayoffs!

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

The Truth Is Out There – March 7, 2016

Clay is back, as is Team Clayoffs, for episode 88 of the C4 Canucks hockey podcast. Chatting as always with Chris & Matt, they pick apart the corpse of a once great team and wonder if youth will be served to resurrect the franchise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Vancouver Canucks Song: One Pick Away (Charlie Puth Parody)

The loyal listeners of the C4 podcast know that I will never be “Team T@nk” (see…I can’t even say it).  However, I do indeed realize that the worse the Canucks do in the standings, the greater chance of winning the draft lottery and picking Auston Matthews at number one. So here’s a song that inspires hope for the future – a future that would be brighter with Auston Matthews. Indeed, he would speed up the rebuilding process quite a bit! Big thanks to my son Jacob for singing this one and doing a good job of parodying Charlie Puth’s hit song...

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Everything is Sh*t – February 29, 2016

J.J. Guerrero, known in these parts as the Blogfather, joins Chris & Matt in a no holds barred podcast episode of the C4 Canucks hockey podcast to talk trade deadline inaction. This is by far the most emotional podcast the guys at C4 have ever produced and one you cannot miss!

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Tanknation Unite – February 22, 2016

Here a the official home of Tanknation, Chris & Matt throw all their support to the cause in episode 86 of the C4 Canucks podcast. Is it time for a fire sale in the dressing room where any reasonable offer (and some not so reasonable) is to be accepted? And is there a light at the end of this long, long tunnel? Who knows!

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Send In The Tanks – February 15, 2016

After an episode with a sense of positivity, the loss to Toronto has Matt & Adam calling for some heavier artillery to deal with what ails the Canucks. And who’s actually in charge in Vancouver? Does anyone really know? All that and more in episode 85 of the C4 Canucks hockey podcast.

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Six Points Either Way – February 8, 2016

Another friend of the show, Josh Goold, joins Chris & Matt for episode 84 of the C4 Canucks hockey podcast, as does sometimes host Clay Imoo. The boys chat about positivity, what it’s like to be a Canucks fan in Washington state, why Prust & Weber find themselves in Utica and everything in between!

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

The All-Star Podcast – February 1, 2016

Chris & Matt get a little off the rails in the 83rd episode of the C4 Canucks hockey podcast, talking about topics that range from the loss to Nashville earlier in the week to the NHL All Star game. They also chat about the Wideman hit in Calgary and provide their thoughts on the John Scott circus as created by the NHL.

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

Patrick, Penguins & Playoffs – January 25, 2016

Friend of the show, Patrick Johnston, joins Chris & Matt for episode 82 of the C4 Canucks hockey podcast. The boys discuss what they saw from the Canucks on their recent roadtrip, determine whether the game against the Penguins qualifies as a collapse, and set forth a plan of attack for the team as they fast approach the trade deadline.

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