The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 4 at Flames 2

The NHL is back, and so is #TGATT. The Canucks start their season on the road in Calgary with a new coach, a revamped roster and some renewed optimism.

Clay’s Canucks Composition: I’ll Show Glove to You (Boyz II Men Parody)

For the start of the Vancouver Canucks’ 2014-2015 NHL season, I wrote a song about likely their strongest position on the team: the goaltenders. I’ve written songs about Canucks goalies in the past, including End of the Road (We Thank You, Lu) and Against All Odds (Luongo’s Lament) so I thought I would continue the tradition.

C4 on CHB

Drop The Puck – October 6, 2014

Twenty six episodes in and C4 is on the precipice of a new Vancouver Canucks hockey season!

With Chris and Matt in studio and Clay on the phone, it’s time to recap the preseason and determine who makes the final roster – someone says Horvat!

C4 on CHB

Things That Make You Go Horvat – September 29, 2014

It’s episode 25 of C4 and Clay rejoins Chris and Matt for their silver anniversary! The boys partake in the tried and true custom of pre-season prognostication as they pick apart what they’ve seen so far, and begin to formulate who they think makes the big roster for the start of the season.

Bo Horvat, Vancouver Canucks, scores a preseason goal against the San Jose Sharks. (Photo credit: Sportsnet)

Don’t Stop Bo’lievin’

Horvat, drafted 9th overall by the Canucks in 2013, played 54 games with the London Knights last year (30-44-74), and all pre-season games for the Canucks last season.  If he doesn’t make the cut this year, back down to the Knights he goes.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Pre-Preseason Edition

While Arsenio Hall’s talk show comeback was short-lived – it only lasted a year – I’m pleased to write this Arsenio-inspired feature on CHB for the 5th year. Every week, I’ll take a look at elements of the Canucks – whether it be games, incidents, players, and/or management – that may make us wonder and ask questions.

C4 on CHB

The Rise, The Fall & The Rise Again – September 22, 2014

Chris and Matt connect for episode 24 of C4 and are joined by special guest Bruce Dowbiggin to chat about his new book Ice Storm: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Vancouver Canucks Team Ever, “the incendiary inside story behind the Canucks’ meteoric ascent and tragic collapse.” Bruce gives us insight in how the book to came to be, reveals what he feels took the team to the peak of success and also gives us a hint on what caused it all to fall apart.

C4 on CHB

Reunited – September 15, 2014

Chris, Clay and Matt reunite for the 23rd episode of C4 and chat everything Young Stars related. Is Bo Horvat really Wayne Gretzky in disguise? What does Dane Fox say? In a world of Chris Tanev, where does Frankie Corrado fit in? And does Nicklas Jensen really care? Like… does he really care?

The NHL’s Summer in Pictures

Do you ever wonder what your favorite NHLers do while you’re waiting for them to get back to the rink? Sadly, I have no personal knowledge of the life of a professional hockey player in the off-season, but I decided to take a guess. Here’s what I think some of the NHL’s finest (and not so fine) did on their summer vacation.

C4 on CHB

Prospecting the Camps – September 7, 2014

Joining a solo Matt Lee on C4 (while Chris and Clay are still on hiatus) is Patrick Johnston of the Vancouver Province and CHBs own J.J. Guerrero to chat about the upcoming prospects camps and Young Stars tournament. With training camp around the corner, you can learn everything you want about Bo Horvat to Cole Cassells, Jake Virtanen to Frankie Corrado. Heck, they even chat about Brendan Gaunce! Prospecting the Camps – September 7, 2014

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