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The “Iggy” heard around the world 5

The “Iggy” heard around the world

I’ve probably watched Sidney Crosby score the Olympic gold medal-winning goal for Team Canada a hundred times – thank PVR for that – but I just ran into the following clip, which I think is just as cool. It’s an audio clip of Crosby’s goal as called by broadcasters from various countries. I think it’s cool that, in each of the clips, you can hear Crosby yelling out Iginla’s name, demanding the puck. And of course, even caller to hear the different reactions after he scored. Like this:Like Loading…

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Canucks Celebrate Team Canada’s Win 6

Canucks Celebrate Team Canada’s Win

Apparently, the Canucks got together in Columbus to watch Team Canada win Olympic Gold against Team USA. Like countless other Canadians, Alain Vigneault was a nervous wreck. “Come on, Louie,” the Vancouver Canucks coach said for about the 100th time as overtime started in Sunday’s Olympic final between Canada and the United States. From about 5,000 kilometres away, Vigneault was doing everything he could to will his goaltender, Roberto Luongo, and the rest of Team Canada to a gold medal. And like every other Canadian, they celebrated when Sidney Crosby scored the game-winning goal in overtime. Check out the video...

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Normand Rochefort and Doug Crossman: A Canada vs. Russia Preview 6

Normand Rochefort and Doug Crossman: A Canada vs. Russia Preview

[Editor’s note: Tom Wakefield moved from Ontario to BC a few years ago. He’s a Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers fan, but more importantly, he’s a hockey fan and a friend of mine. He knows his stuff, folks, and we welcome this guest post on tonight’s game. – J.J.] ***** If you know anything about Leaf fans (some of you think you do, only a few of you might), you know that we invariably value players with less skill (insert mocking laughter here). We cheer Domi over Sundin; Roberts over Mogilny; the Burns era over the Quinn era. I...

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Luongo To Define His Own Legacy 0

Luongo To Define His Own Legacy

Photo credit: Vancouver Sun Leave it to a fan of Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils, Grey Wyshynski (aka Puck Daddy), to write the best piece about the opportunity now presented to Team Canada goaltender and Vancouver Canucks captain, Roberto Luongo: Luongo takes over for Martin Brodeur against Germany in the qualifying round on Tuesday, which is to say that that he’s earned a moment to attain something Brodeur’s had for 15 years: a legacy. Is he ready? This is Luongo’s moment. The moment he actually achieves the elite status that’s bestowed on him, sometimes begrudgingly, by the hockey...

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It’s Luongo’s time to lead Team Canada 2

It’s Luongo’s time to lead Team Canada

Understandably, the talk du jour is Team Canada’s 5-3 loss to Team USA. The loss means that Team Canada doesn’t get the bye to the quarter final round. It means they have to go through, potentially, Germany, Russia, Sweden and the USA (again) to win Gold – not exactly the path of least resistance. Before I play the blame game, I want to start by giving credit to the Americans. Canada had a lot of chances – like they outshot (and probably outchanced) the American by more than a 2-to-1 margin – but Ryan Miller stood on his head. Despite...

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Too close for comfort 7

Too close for comfort

I wasn’t surprised that the Swiss team played Team Canada hard last night in their 3-2 shootout loss. I was surprised though that Team Canada had a tough time against them. Not that anyone expected Team Canada to walk all over the Swiss like they did against Norway on Tuesday, but likewise, I don’t think anyone expected the game to have to be decided by an extended shootout. Like every other Canadian, I breathed a huge sigh of relief after Sidney Crosby scored on his second shootout attempt and Martin Brodeur stopped the Swiss’ fourth shooter. In a way, the...

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Not taking them lightly this time 0

Not taking them lightly this time

For anyone thinking the Swiss should be easy pickings for Team Canada tonight, think again. By now, everyone has been reminded of Team Canada’s loss to Team Switzerland in 2006. The Canadians lost 2-0 in that game; it was the first of three games where they were shut out. It was the day the Mighty Chocolatiers conquered Canada. Four years ago today, Switzerland beat Canada 2-0 at the Olympics in hockey. Yes, ice hockey. Others remember it simply as the day hell froze over. “In Swiss hockey, if they talk about something special, they talk about that win against Canada,”...

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The Great Goalie Debate 1

The Great Goalie Debate

There are two ways to read into Team Canada coach Mike Babcock’s decision to start Roberto Luongo tonight against Norway and then Martin Brodeur against Switzerland on Thursday. Babcock explained that he was giving Luongo the first start mostly because he wanted to pay him the courtesy. But perhaps more telling, Babcock said: “Marty has played a lot of hockey and this gives him a couple of days’ breather. Marty will play against Switzerland [on Thursday] and after that I will make the decision. That’s what we came up with.” First, the Olympic tournament is such a short tournament that...

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Distinctly Canadian 0

Distinctly Canadian

[Editor’s note: Jamey Guerrero is J.J.’s brother. During the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, he’ll be visiting the Olympic sites, taking some pictures and sharing his stories.] ***** According to CTV, last night’s Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was the most watched television program in Canadian history; it didn’t disappoint. Sure there were glitches. For one thing, a mechanical problem prevented one section of the cauldron from popping up on the BC Place floor. But for the most part, the 3-hour long event was a spectacular display of colors, culture and Canadiana. There were many highlights. The snowboarder...

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Let the Games begin 4

Let the Games begin

Photo credit: canada.com The 2010 Winter Olympic Games start today and I have to say that I couldn’t be prouder to be Canadian. These Games have been seven years in the making. More if you count the time it took VANOC to put its bid together. Personally, I’ve been invested in these Games for almost a couple of years now. Much of my work – that is, my day job – has been on Olympics prep. To say that I’m excited for the Games to start is an understatement. But of course, my work is just a very, very small...

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