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Edler’s Growing Pains 0

Edler’s Growing Pains

Edler’s had an off year. There’s no hiding it, in the words of one Todd Bertuzzi – “It is what it is”. For the number of people that have thrown him under the bus, I don’t think a lot of people realize just why he’s having the slump this year. Edler can thank all that he was last year, and all that he’s going to be in the future to one player, Mattias Ohlund. Ohlund’s departure from the team left a huge hole on the blue line that was bigger than just one player as his influence on Edler is...

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Party in the USA 4

Party in the USA

I almost spit out my coffee when John Shorthouse referenced Miley Cyrus’ song at the end of the Canucks’ 4-2 win over the Nashville Predators yesterday. Better than daddy Billy Ray’s Achy Breaky Heart, I suppose. As you all know by now, it was the 9th time this season the Canucks had overcome a 3rd period deficit to come back and win the game – that’s 3 wins more than any other team in the league. While it’s disconcerting that they seem unable to produce the proverbial 60-minute game, it’s also remarkable that they somehow manage to find a win...

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Waiving Lukowich and Fuzzy Math 2

Waiving Lukowich and Fuzzy Math

Alain Vigneault admitted that waiving Brad Lukowich this morning was a salary cap move. It gives the Canucks some flexibility approaching the trade deadline tomorrow and I’m going to attempt some fuzzy math to show how much flexibility this gives them. (Dangerous, I know, but please do correct me if I’m wrong.) With Lukowich on the roster, the Canucks were carrying $306,360 in daily salary, about $12,059 more than the maximum allowable $294,300 teams are allowed to carry. Without Lukowich, the Canucks now carry $298,243 in daily salary. Because Kevin Bieksa is currently on LTIR, the Canucks can technically carry...

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Canucks Celebrate Team Canada’s Win 6

Canucks Celebrate Team Canada’s Win

Apparently, the Canucks got together in Columbus to watch Team Canada win Olympic Gold against Team USA. Like countless other Canadians, Alain Vigneault was a nervous wreck. “Come on, Louie,” the Vancouver Canucks coach said for about the 100th time as overtime started in Sunday’s Olympic final between Canada and the United States. From about 5,000 kilometres away, Vigneault was doing everything he could to will his goaltender, Roberto Luongo, and the rest of Team Canada to a gold medal. And like every other Canadian, they celebrated when Sidney Crosby scored the game-winning goal in overtime. Check out the video...

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Could Cody for Kaberle happen? 2

Could Cody for Kaberle happen?

Sean and Clayton both mused about Ken Campbell’s piece on The Hockey News about a potential Cody Hodgson-for-Tomas Kaberle swap. Here’s Sean’s take: My answer is no. Kaberle is up for a hefty raise this summer and we need those dollars for Kesler and Raymond. Plus I want to see Hodgson get his chance here. And Clayton’s: As for the Canucks, they have pieces in their franchise that they can move in order to win now. The Canucks are arguably a top-two defenseman away from being a real contender down the stretch and if it costs them a big piece...

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Bieksa cut.  Again. 0

Bieksa cut. Again.

I know there are hockey gods. Is there a subcommittee of skate gods too? If there is, then what did Kevin Bieksa do to piss them off? From Iain MacIntyre (Vancouver Sun): It’s the Canuck luck we’ve come to expect during Vancouver’s futile 40-year quest for a Stanley Cup. On the day the National Hockey League team waived Mathieu Schneider, defenceman Kevin Bieksa suffered a serious skate cut. (cut) Bieksa was hurt in the second period Tuesday night as he threw a heavy check along the sideboards on Phoenix Coyote Petr Prucha, whose skate tore into the Canuck’s left leg,...

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Kevin “No Boom Boom” Bieksa 2

Kevin “No Boom Boom” Bieksa

The playoffs are all about stats. Whose stats line up better against the opposition determines who everyone thinks is the favourite, so on and so forth. I’m sure Kevin Bieksa doesn’t like stats though. In 18 playoff games with the Canucks he has a whopping 3 points, all assists. The only positive stat is that he’s a +2 so far in this year’s post season. In the regular season he broke the 40 point mark notching 11 goals and 43 points, but as of late all he’s been able to muster is a couple of helpers. Bieksa’s play as of...

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MSM links for May 8, 2009 0

MSM links for May 8, 2009

Canucks, Blackhawks series tied at 2-2 (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Canucks were within 3 minutes of a 3-1 series lead (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Nobody ever said this would be easy (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Blackhawks down Canucks 2-1 to tie series (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Canucks low shot tally costs in end (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Canucks let one slip away (Eric Duhatschek, Globe and Mail) Blackhawks are fit to be tied (Rosie Dimanno, Toronto Star) Supporting role suits Sundin (Rosie Dimanno, Toronto Star) After tragedy, solace in The Game (Rosie Dimanno, Toronto Star) Chicago hope (Terry Jones, Toronto...

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The Salo effect 0

The Salo effect

The Vancouver Canucks flew to Chicago this morning; Sami Salo wasn’t on the flight. The Vancouver Canucks made the trip to the Windy City without defenceman Sami Salo. He remained in Vancouver for treatment on a lower-body injury suffered in Game 2 of the Canucks’ Western Conference semifinal series versus the Chicago Blackhawks. Salo came off the ice after he scored the first Vancouver goal in Saturday’s 6-3 loss. Afterward, coach Alain Vigneault would only say that it’s a lower-body injury and that Salo was listed as day-to-day. If Salo is out for any extended period of time, it’s a...

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Rusty Confidence 6

Rusty Confidence

The 10 day break was long and hard for fans and for the players. So much so that Bieksa and Kesler even got into it a little bit in practice. But that’s a good thing. It showed they still had their edge. First game against the Blackhawks was everything people expected and then some. A rollercoaster of emotion GM Place went from being louder than a jet engine, to being so quiet you could hear mice scurrying around in the rafters. The Canucks didn’t show an abundance of rust, and they didn’t show an a lot of over confidence either....

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