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The Crazy CanucksIt’s a roller coaster ride. There’s no other way to explain this season, and fans are jumping off the bus left and right. But don’t fret! The season isn’t over just yet, and you shouldn’t be getting out of your seats and leaving before the second intermission. There’s still plenty of Canucks hockey to be played, and we are doing our best to stay away from the complaints department. We won’t claim to know all the answers, but the situation frustrates us just as much as you probably are.

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Last night’s ceremony to honor Luc Bourdon was simple and touching. With the entire Canucks team surrounding them on the ice, members of the Canucks staff behind the benches and Canucks fans standing in their seats or watching on TV, Luc’s family stood on GM Place ice. They fought back tears while remembering the life of Luc, one that was too promising but too short. Alex Burrows and Roberto Luongo presented them with Luc’s last game-worn jersey and Tom Cochrane came out and played “Big League” alongside a video tribute showing highlights of Luc’s life.

Like Chris Zimmerman promised, it was an appropriate tribute and certainly one we won’t forget. That the entire Canucks family was represented wasn’t lost. We are all Canucks, as they say, and Luc forever is one.

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