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Canucks Links for Seotember 25, 2009 0

Canucks Links for Seotember 25, 2009

Well, you didn’t expect the Canucks to go 107-0 this season, did you? Without further adieu, here are today’s Canucks-related links: Cody struggles, Canucks lose. Hodgson still hurt, Shirokov skating today. Surprise, surprise… Sami got hurt again last night (but apparently he’ll be okay). Andrew Raycroft has a leg up on Cory Schneider in the battle for the backup position. More on Raycroft vs. Schneider here. Canucks get a new dressing room. And damn does it ever look slick. 29 players are left in Moose camp. Like this:Like Loading…

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Food for Thought: On Trading Cory 12

Food for Thought: On Trading Cory

I prescribe to the train of thought that we need to ship Schneider off in a deal as soon as possible because Gillis brought Raycroft in as the backup, his cap hit is small, and the Canucks simply cannot afford to take Cory’s cap hit at just over a million dollars. BUT – Think for a moment, about the possible injury of Luongo. Say we’re talking 6-8 weeks, or, for that matter half the season. If you’ve traded Schneider you’re obviously not bringing a goalie back the other way, so that leaves Raycroft the starting duties and his back up?...

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