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Game 4 – The Price is Right 2

Game 4 – The Price is Right

All that pent up frustration and offensive “almost” that’s been brewing for the first three games came out tonight. The Canucks put up seven goals, Luongo only let in one, the penalty kill after letting one in early in the second denied all other opportunities, and after several highlight reel goals the Canucks gave the fans their first home and season win of the season bringing them to 1-3-0 on the season. Everything that wasn’t working, all the chances that weren’t being capitalized on on Monday were history tonight as the Canucks jumped on the Canadiens early and never looked...

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Nazzy’s Sweet 19 11

Nazzy’s Sweet 19

Earlier in the season, I wrote this post about the media and how they treated Naslund. I was frustrated and can’t stand the way Iain MacIntyre would go on about him even after he’d left. I called THEN for the retirement of his number back when people were still going on about how he didn’t deserve a thing and the bandwagon thought it was fine to continue chewing him up and spitting him out. Naslund did on this team what no one else had done, and what no one else has replicated yet. There’s a reason he: • He played...

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