Jun 182009

As the July first deadline draws closer, Canucks fans everywhere, yours truly included, have been wondering what’s going to happen to the Sedins. It’s arguable that for a while now they’ve been the backbone of the franchise and without them we wouldnt be able to compete. They are our top point getters and co-lead the team this season with 82 points a piece in the regular season, and 10 points a piece in the post season.

We finally get some insight into what they want as a Swedish newspaper is reporting that if the Canucks want to keep the twins they’re going to have to step up for a $63 million dollar 12 year deal that’s front loaded similar to Ovechkin and Zetterberg’s longterm contracts.

Firstly, these long contracts are all part of a “loophole” in the CBA where if a player should choose to retire at the age of 35, the remaining years in his contract don’t count as a cap hit, and so the Sedins, after 6 years, could choose to leave the team and retire from the NHL and now have a portion of their intended salary affect the team.

So they want $63 million each. That doesnt fly with me. It’s not the price that’s wrong, the price is great. Both Sedins at 5 mill a piece on average (obviously with front loaded deals) is a steal. It’s the 12 years that’s irking me. Signing the Sedins for that much for 3-5 years would make sense. Gillis offered them 5 years, they want 12. My feeling is they’ll meet in the middle, somewhere between 7-9 years. (IF Gillis does decide to keep them)

The Sedins are FIRST LINE PLAYERS, they are not FRANCHISE PLAYERS. It would be great to see them play their entire career here. It really would, it’s rare thing to see in this day and age of the NHL. I think the Sedins are a vital part of this organization at this point in time, and I would hate to see them go, but I don’t think i want to be handcuffed by a 12 year contract and for that reason I would drive them to the airport myself. The price is right, the time is wrong. At a 5 million dollar cap hit per year you wont find any other Point Per Game players. But I just can’t settle on the length. After 5 years it just become a headache for the team, and Gillis if he’s around that long.

Gillis has yet to put his stamp on this organization. What better way than to dump the Sedins, and build in a new direction. Perhaps around Kesler and Luongo, bring in Gaborik to play with Kesler and Burrows? Just saying.

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