Mar 192014


UPDATE:  CHB writers are proud to commit at least $313 to the Canucks for Kids Telethon, comprised of:

  • $20 from Clay for 2 Canuck goals.
  • $20 from Sean (Clay’s son) for $5 for every Nicklas Jensen point…generously topped up by Arielle Tuliao by another $15.
  • $98 from Chris for $44 for Canucks shots (22 x 2).  Doubled because of the shutout and another $10 because Chris Tanev is Chris Tanev.
  • $30 from Lizz for 30 Eddie Lack saves.
  • $25 from Ashley despite Alex Burrows not scoring.
  • $20 from Delia for 2 Henrik Sedin points.
  • $50 from Victoria for the Alex Edler goal…she was very happy he did something right haha.
  • $50 from JJ for the Canuck win

Today is the Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon.

The Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon, presented by Chevrolet, is an annual radio and television telethon. The Canucks for Kids Fund dedicates its resources to assist charities which support children’s health and wellness, foster the development of grassroots hockey and facilitate and encourage education in British Columbia. Last year, the Canucks for Kids Fund granted $2.1 million to support the work of 15 organizations. Over its 28 year history, the Fund has raised more than $43 million for the children and families of our province.

Our very own Lizz Moffat and Jocelyn Aspa are proudly representing CHB on the telethon panel. Call in at 1-85KIDSFUND or 1-855-437-3863 to donate. You can donate online as well.

CHB Pledges

We’re a competitive bunch here at CHB, and we occasionally we like to remind ourselves that we really can do math after all, which is why we’re basing our pledges on Canucks stats tonight.

Clay Imoo: $10 per Canucks goal PLUS: $10 per David Booth assist and $20 per Booth goal.

Lizz Moffat: $1 per Eddie Lack save.

Chris Golden: $2 for every Canucks shot, with a doubling bonus for a shutout.  Plus $10 for Chris Tanev being Tanev.

Ashley Pothiboon: $15 for every Alex Burrows goal.

Delia Xenophontos: $10 for every Henrik Sedin point.

Jocelyn Aspa: $1 for each penalty minute awarded to Tom Sestito

Victoria Pattison Denault: $5 for every goal by a Canucks defensemen, plus a bonus $1 for each Tom Sestito penalty minute

J.J. Guerrero: $50 for a Canucks win and $50 for a Predators win.

Sean Imoo: $5 for every Nicklas Jensen point.

Want to match a CHBer? Or set a stats pledge of your own? Leave us a comment! If you get it in before 4pm we’ll add it to the post.  Let’s see how much CHB can raise!

Nov 012013
CHB Movember Logo

Never shirking our chance to sport some facial hair or do a solid for a charitable cause, November is always an exciting time for most of us at Canucks Hockey Blog. Sure the majority of us only dream of rocking an epic quality crumb catcher like Tom Selleck can, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a try for a month.

For those that haven’t heard, November is now forever known as Movember, where men and women sport a Mo (real, fake or otherwise) in an effort to draw attention to a number of men’s health issues. A month-long event, and fun twist on how to raise awareness born in Australia back in 2003, Movember has already made significant gains in raising funds for men’s health issues to the tune of $447 million. Even more important is that we the momentum behind the effort should lead to even more in 2013!

So what can you do to support?

  • Donate – ever dollar raised goes to support men’s health issues.
  • Participate – it’s easy to sign up and while growing a stache is the generally accepted way to involve yourself, for those follicly challenged, you can always sport the fake Mo.
  • Spread the word – help us by spreading the word, sharing this page with your friends, family and even strangers on the street!
  • Get a checkup – that’s right. Go see a doctor and ensure everything is in order. Your health should be your number one concern!

Funds raised by the organization are invested in to programs related to prostate cancer and men’s mental health facilitated by Prostate Cancer Canada – very honourable causes! In fact, Movember donations are the largest non-government donation towards prostate cancer research globally! And it also helps that you’ll receive a tax receipt for your donation.

So what are you waiting for? Get that lip rug going!

Movember Mo

Click the stache to donate cash!

Nov 142012

Amidst all of the tiresome back-and-forth rhetoric between Bettman and Fehr and the NHL and NHLPA, once in a while a story will jump out that’s good.  That’s positive. That deserves some publicity.

Enter Jeff Golby, an Operations Director at Chimp Foundation.  Jeff is helping to raise funds for Stepping Up, an initiative of Youth Unlimited.  Stepping Up reaches out to the young and often neglected young dads in the community, believing that advocating, supporting and equipping young fathers is vital to this and the next generations’ health.  Stepping Up works to meet dads where they are at, gives them practical skills that can sustain them, listens to their stories and offers support and care for them.

With this “End the Lockout” fundraiser, Jeff is encouraging people to donate and to help change the lives of these young fathers.  One key element of Stepping Up is a Thursday night drop-in hockey for young dads called Hockey Night.  Hockey Night provides the first point of contact with a group of men who will care, support and equip these young dads as they learn to be better fathers, partners and contributing members of their community.  After the hockey, counselors are made available to any dad wishing to speak to them.

All donations are being matched by Chimp Foundation, and for every $50 you donate you will be entered into a draw to win a hockey stick signed by the entire Vancouver Canucks’ hockey team. 

As a youth worker I can readily attest to the benefit of programs like Stepping Up and initiatives like Hockey Night.  Thus, I invite you to consider donating to this worthy cause.

As fans, we may not have a say in ending the NHL lockout.  But we can certainly help end the lockout for young fathers in the Lower Mainland.

Click here to donate or to learn more about Hockey Night and Stepping Up.

Nov 092012

Movember 2012 Logo
Nearly a decade ago, a couple of guys from Australia thought it would be a top-notch idea to grow themselves a moustache over the course of November. In doing so, they hoped that by clothing their upper lip they would raise awareness, support and funding for men’s health issues. Little did they know how going all Tom Selleck for 30 days would have calendars around the world rewritten to include the month now known as Movember!

Chris & His Mo

Chris’ Mo

With us at CHB always being keen to grow a little facial hair for charity, I’m stoked to be rocking a soup strainer for the month – just wish a few more of us would step up to the plate!

To participate, I shaved off my trustee goatee – would’ve confused me with Matt Lee afterwards – and pledged to continue to grow my flavour saver for a solid 30 days. Now sure, my fiancée isn’t too thrilled with the proposition and I’ve noticed a few people giving me the raised eyebrow, but I was blown away by some of the statistics on men’s health:

  • The average life expectancy for men is five years less than women
  • 1 in 5 Canadian men will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime
  • The male suicide rate is 4 times higher than that of women
  • 2 in 5 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
  • 1 in 7 men in Canada will develop prostate cancer
  • Close to 4,000 Canadian men die of prostate cancer annually

Wow! Fortunately I’m not alone in my efforts.

Beyond close to a million participants in Movember globally, the Vancouver Canucks have stepped up to the challenge and are sporting the Mo! Having been an organization with some epic moustaches in their time – Harold Snepsts, case closed – the team has made a friendly wager with the Canadiens to see which fan base can raise the most cash.

Betcha you’re curious as to how you can support now, right? While starting your moustache a week in to November is kind of cheating, we’d obviously look the other way if you were to still sign-up on But the easier and more honourable way would be a donation of any kind to Movember on my behalf!

Funds raised by the organization are invested in to programs related to prostate cancer and men’s mental health facilitated by Prostate Cancer Canada – very honourable causes! In fact, Movember donations are the largest non-government donation towards prostate cancer research globally! And it also helps that you’ll receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Convinced now? Just follow do what the moustache tells you and J.J. won’t get hurt!

Movember Mo

Click the stache to donate cash!

Oct 282012

The Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimer’s, a hockey tournament which raises money in support of the Gordie and Colleen Howe Fund for Alzheimer’s, came to Vancouver for the first time. Held at Canlan Ice Sports in North Vancouver, the tournament offered hockey teams with an opportunity of a lifetime to line up and play hockey with some NHL alumni. Every team that participated raised a minimum of $25,000 – and a Vancouver total of over $750,000 – all towards research and care in Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Among the notable NHL alumni present in North Vancouver included none other than Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe, and also, among others, Cliff Ronning, Dave Babych, Brad May, Theo Fleury, Garth Butcher, Tiger Williams, Greg Adams and Bob Bourne. Former Canucks GM and coach, Pat Quinn, and CBC personality, George Strombolopolous, who hosted the Friday night draft party, were also present.

Check out some of our pictures from the tournament:

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Oct 232012

With all the extra time on our hands with this silly NHL lockout, I recently had the time to sit down with our favourite official Canucks Tweetup host Chris Palliser to talk about his participation in the Team Diabetes 2012 Cayman Islands Marathon. And I’m pretty sure he tells you how to win radio contests the easy way.

Chris Palliser

Chris Palliser – Beat 94.5FM DJ, Canucks Tweetup Host, All-around good guy!

Chris Golden: What inspired you to join Team Diabetes to run in the 2012 Cayman Islands Marathon? Has diabetes affected you or someone you know?

Chris Palliser: Team Diabetes approached the Beat 94.5 in December of 2011 and an email was sent out to the on-air staff saying “anyone interested in running a marathon for Team Diabetes?” I replied to say “I am interested,” and a meeting was set up where the fine folks at the Canadian Diabetes Association said “Thanks for running this marathon!” So I guess I committed without knowing it. Ha ha!

The reason for my initial reply – if I’m going to run a marathon, I might as well do it for something that has affected my family greatly. My Mother, Sister, Cousin and Grandmother are all diabetic, so needless to say… I was running a marathon!

CG: Wow! That’s quite the commitment Chris. Have you ever run in a marathon before? I’d find it intimidating!

CP: Ha ha, NO!! In fact when I signed on, the longest I’d ever run was the 2nd leg of the 4×100 relay in grade 6, so yes the thought was intimidating! I did have the option to run a half marathon but I’m a “go big or go home” kind of guy. It’s all mind over matter right?

CG: Mind over matter, huh? Not sure J.J. and I would agree that’s how you go about running a marathon if we hadn’t been working on it for years. Are there other Team Diabetes events for those scared of a marathon like us?

CP: YES! As I mentioned in the previous question you have the option to run a half marathon. Another option is to run a TEAM full marathon where you can get yourself and 3 buddies together to each essentially run a 10km race – a FULL marathon! They make it available to all people because at the end of the day it’s about raising money for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

CG: So if we were to put together Team CHB, we could have Matt & Caylie run 99% of the race and the rest of us cover the last 1%. Definitely doable. Do you have to be an athlete to join Team Diabetes? A few of us writers here are more virtual athletes.

CP: NO! Again it’s all about raising money for the Canadian Diabetes Association… in fact quite a few of the runners are diabetics so not only do they have to work harder then everyone to maintain their sugar levels and insulin shots, they still put in the effort to run the race. I have met people of all shapes and sizes that will be running with me in the Cayman Islands. If you can fund-raise, you can be a member of Team Diabetes. There are people that walk and do half marathons!

CG: Walk, eh? Walking is like blogging, right? If one of our readers wanted to join Team Diabetes, what advice could you give them?

CP: DO IT! I’m not done my run yet, but I can already tell that it will be one of my proudest moments… not only because I am doing my part to raise money for a cause so close to my family, but I’ll (a non runner) have done a marathon!! The people you meet along the way are incredible and if you sign up with Team Diabetes, you can travel all over the world for free!! That’s how it works. You sign up and pick a run locally or internationally (there is one in Reykjavik, Iceland!) and each run has a different fundraising total. So now all you need to do is click this link and you will accomplish things you never thought you could!

CG: How has fundraising towards your goal gone? Is there anything our readers can do to help?

CP: I will admit fundraising is tough, but thanks to some incredible people in my life such as my wife Heather, my family and friends, it is coming along nicely! I am at approximately $5100 of my $6600 goal, so a bit to go (CG: Chris reached his goal late last week, but is still looking to grow the amount in the name of Team Diabetes.) – stay tuned for a fundraiser event in the near future! Oh… and if any of your loyal readers are in the mood to donate, just head to my Team Diabetes donation page. :) THANK YOU all in advance!

CG: We also understand you’re a Big Brother. Could you tell us more about that?

CP: Yes I am and have been for 2 years now. Much like Team Diabetes, it is VERY rewarding. It’s amazing what giving back can do for a person’s morale!

When I started in radio in Fort McMurray, I got involved with their in-school mentoring program, where all you had to do was swing by a school once a week over lunch break and hangout with a “little” – the commitment was less but you were still helping. Then after a couple of moves I ended up here in Vancouver and with my shift at the time, I had a lot of spare time so I looked into becoming a full on Big Brother and haven’t looked back since. Not only is it as I said incredibly rewarding, but you get to be a kid again! I play laser tag at least once a month, go swimming, go karting, bike riding, rock climbing, and OF COURSE I’m helping a “little brother” who doesn’t have a stable male role model in his life. It’s AWESOME! Everybody wins!

CG: That’s fantastic! Finally, with us being a Canucks blog and you being a big fan yourself, let’s talk hockey – what’s it going to take to solve the lockout?

CP: The Lockout is a joke… it all comes down to the mighty dollar, but I guess that’s the way the world works isn’t it. This thing will continue until the season is in danger of being cancelled. Why until then? Because again it all comes back to money. Both sides want more and nobody gets ANY if the season gets cancelled, so it just a waiting game… who will bend first. I, as a radio announcer in Vancouver, will not try to predict when it will end, and quite honestly I don’t think anybody can. Well maybe the great one. Yeah, let’s go with him! January hockey will be back baby!

Until then, Texas hold-em anyone?

CG: You’re a poker fan? Pretty sure Luongo might take you up on the hold-em! Back on point though, when the players get back on to NHL ice, what do you see the Canucks needing to do to win Lord Stanley’s cup?

CP: Sort the Luongo thing out… quick! It doesn’t do any business any good to have something as large as that up in the air. That would be like having a person who knows they’re getting fired putting the McChicken sauce in the McChicken – is it really McChicken sauce? (CG: Why couldn’t you have told this to me BEFORE lunch?) In order to win they ALL need to be on the same page and want the same thing. I love the guy but if I’m Luongo I don’t want Schneider to do better than me, despite what he keeps saying in the press. Ha ha! So sort Bobby Lu out… oh and Kassian too! I’m still not sure that was a good move. And of course put the Sedins in karate lessons just before playoffs start. That’s good for a kids confidence and self defence right?

CG: You know I used to like McChicken sandwiches Chris. You’re a cruel, cruel man. If I knew karate, you’d be in for it. Anything else you care to share? For instance, the inside edge on winning those radio contests?

CP: Ha ha ha! Be caller 9? Or be caller 94 weekdays at 8:10am and you and a friend are going to Mexico! Cheap plug I know but it’s an amazing contest! The Beat 94.5 is filling a plane of Beat listeners for a party in Mexico and they’re footing the bill! Most importantly though, keep your radio tuned to The Beat 94.5 all the time or AT LEAST between 10am-2pm Monday to Friday for my show! ;) Thanks in advance for listening! Again…sorry for the cheap plug but you opened the door!

CG: That’s okay, we’re shameless here at Canucks Hockey Blog too. Do you have any favourites out there yourself? *hint hint*

CP: Ha ha! I love reading Canucks Hockey Blog and you, my friend, are by far my favourite blogger.

CG: Of course I am. We all know you’re a huge fan of Top Gun and let’s be honest, who out there can talk hockey and Top Gun at the same time? Am I right or what?

CP: …

CG: Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me! Thanks again Chris for your time!

Apr 082012

I received an email the other day from the good people at VancityBuzz asking if CHB would like to participate the Hockey Greats Charity Pool to benefit the Bourne Family & Friends Foundation, and proceeds of which will go towards the important development of accessible and affordable housing for the physically disabled.

I love hockey pools – pretty decent at ‘em too – and add to that this one has a good cause attached to it and I accepted the invite in about a nanosecond. You guys should check it out too.

Here’s the press release:

Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp and VancityBuzz (VcB) have teamed up to launch the Hockey Greats Charity Pool in support of the Bourne Family & Friends Foundation (BF&FF). Along with fans from across British Columbia (and the rest of Canada), a group of former NHL Stanley Cup winners such as Mark Recchi, Brian Trottier and Bob Bourne will be entering the free pool by the entry cutoff of April 11th at 4 p.m. PST.

The Hockey Greats Charity Pool is one of the only playoff fantasy hockey pools created in Vancouver to include former NHL Stanley Cup winners raising awarenessfor a charitable cause. Although entry into the pool is free, participants are encouraged to donate at least $10 to the BF&FF. “We are very excited to be teamed up with VancityBuzz to raise awareness for the Bourne Family & Friends Foundation. This Foundation is driven to raise moneyand awareness in order to help young disabled adults with the challenges of accommodations, transportation, and job training,” said the Foundation’s NHL Hockey Greats Events Manager Jay Blackford. “We wish everyone luck and may the best picks win.”

The pool’s top prize is an all expenses-paid trip to the Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp in July. This four-day camp in Kelowna, B.C, includes hockey, golf, dinner, houseboating and a wine tasting with legends such as Brian Trottier and Kelly Hrudey. The prize is valued at $4000.

To enter the pool, click here.

To support this good cause and donate to the Bourne Family & Friends Foundation, click here.

Jan 232011

In celebration of Hockey Day in Canada and in support of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, the South Arm Community Center’s youth group, Mosaic, will be hosting its fourth annual 24-Hour Hockey-thon. From 12pm Friday, February 11th 2011 until 12pm Saturday, February 12th Lower Mainland residents of all ages will be participating in a non-stop game of floor hockey in the South Arm gymnasium.

Registration for the event is by donation with each participant securing pledges for their efforts in the 24-hour game. Proceeds from the pledges will be donated to Canuck Place, to assist children in recovery. Over the past three events, participants have helped raise over $7500 and this year Mosaic has made a goal to raise $3500. Participants are encouraged to collect pledges from family, friends, local businesses, and associations. Each participate will be eligible to win prizes – including tickets to an upcoming Vancouver Canucks’ game – that will be raffled throughout the 24-hour hockey game.

The game itself will be a five-on-five contest, including the goalies. The players on each team will alternate and rest about every hour or so. Registration forms and pledge sheets available at South Arm Community Centre as well as on

Mosaic is a local youth group at South Arm Community Center. Made up of Richmond youth, Mosaic is responsible for hosting several youth-oriented special events throughout the calendar year. For more information regarding this event, or to schedule an interview with Ryan Weber, you may call him at (604) 718-8071 or email him at [email protected]

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