Sep 222011

I went to the Moneyball premiere last night – good movie by the way – and it got me thinking about stats and player valuation and what it must be like to be a GM of a professional sports team.

Which in turn got me thinking about hockey pools, and more specifically, the CHB Hockey pool.

In previous years, we’ve done head-to-head pools on Yahoo, but that was limited basically to about 10-12 hardcore poolies who signed up every year.

This season, we thought we’d open things up for more people and try something different.

The Format

You pick 30 players, including any 26 skaters (any combination of forwards and defensemen) and 4 goaltenders. There’s no lottery, no draft, no trades. No experience is necessary – you just straight up pick the players you like and follow along during the season.

The Scoring System

For skaters, you’ll earn the following points:

  • 1 point for every goal
  • 1 point for every assist
  • 0.5 points for every powerplay goal or assist
  • 0.5 points for every shorthanded goal or assist
  • 0.5 points for every game-winning goal in regulation and OT
  • 0.5 points for every game-winning goal in the shootout

Ex. If Daniel Sedin scores a powerplay goal, he earns 1.5 points (1 point for the goal and 0.5 points for him scoring it on the powerplay). If this powerplay goal ends up being the game-winner, he’ll earn a total of 2 points (1 point for the goal, 0.5 points for him scoring it on the powerplay and 0.5 points for it being the game-winning goal).

For goaltenders, you’ll earn the following points:

  • 2 points for every win (in regulation, OT or shootout)
  • 2 points for every shutout

Ex. If Roberto Luongo backstops the Canucks to a 2-1 win, he earns 2 points for the win. If Luongo backstops the Canucks to a 2-0 shutout win, he earns 4 points (2 points for the win and 2 points for the shutout). Note that the NHL doesn’t give credit for a shutout if it’s shared by both goaltenders (i.e. both goaltenders appeared in that particular game).

The Entry

To enter, you can either:

  1. Post your 30 players on the comments section below. (Make sure you sign in before you post so we have your name and contact information in case you win.)
  2. Alternatively, you can email me your list of 30 players at [email protected]

Remember that you need to include 26 skaters and 4 goaltenders. We won’t accept any entries that don’t meet this criteria.

The deadline to send in your entry is 11:59 PM on Tuesday, October 4th.

There is no entry fee, but please, only one entry per person.

The Standings

To check your stats, go to and use the pool name “CHBPOOL2012″ and password “believeinlou”.

All teams will be entered by Sunday, October 9th. (All stats will be retroactive to the start of the regular season on October 6th.) Make sure you check your entries.

The Prize

The team with the most points at the end of the regular season wins.

The winner will receive a Reebok Canucks Premier Jersey (retail $139 plus tax) like this one here.

If there is a tie, the following tie-breakers will apply in the following order:

  1. Most number of goals
  2. Most number of goaltender wins
  3. Most number of shutouts
  4. Most number of powerplay goals
  5. Most number of game-winning goals in regulation and OT
  6. Most number of game-winning goals in the shootout
  7. Most number of shorthanded goals

If teams are still tied after these tie-breakers, these teams will split $150 in Canucks Team Store gift cards.

What are you waiting for? Get your team in… and good luck!

Sep 202011

Do you want to attend a Vancouver Canucks game in a private suite? Do you want to hang out with your favorite Canucks bloggers for a night? Do you want to attend a Vancouver Canucks game in a private suite?

Vancouver Canucks tickets

@VanCanucks have hidden a pair of faux tickets (like the picture above) on two of 70 Canucks SkyTrain posters that are currently up within all stations on the Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines. What you need to do is locate these tickets and take a photo of yourselves in front of the poster. Then, tweet the photo to @VanCanucks with the hashtag #ifoundthetix and – voila! – you are entered. (Please note: the tickets will not be located on a poster that is across the tracks of a SkyTrain – they will be far away from the line itself.)

The contest closes at 11:00 AM on Friday, September 23rd.

Eight randomly selected winners will join us in the Canucks’ Social Media Suite for the Saturday, October 1st game vs. the Edmonton Oilers.

Ready? And… go.

May 052011

With the Canucks amidst one of the best seasons they’ve ever had we’re seeing fans go to extraordinary lengths to support their team. This includes the passionate fans behind Force and Sully, The Green Men, and extends to the hundreds of fans that invaded California along with the Canucks to make their road presence known. With the great lengths we’ve seen Canucks fans travel, it only made sense to support The RUSH Vancouver when they approached us with Mason Raymond swag for you guys to win!

The RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt is not your ordinary event. Teams of 2 will scour the city of Vancouver, deciphering clues to help them complete a predetermined number of Checkpoint Challenges at unknown locations. The challenges are designed to test teams’ limits, both mentally and physically, while also being fun and entertaining. The first team to complete the race wins a trip for two around the world!

You can check out the event and even enter a team here. Heck, I’d even encourage you to do the whole race in as much Canucks gear as possible. Make it fun!

For fun we’ve created a bit of a contest and we’re giving away a signed Mason Raymond Tshirt and a signed Mason Raymond Flag! So how do you enter? There’s a couple of ways:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling us which road city you would want to watch the Canucks play in if you had a ticket to any hockey city in the world. Yeah, that’s right, the world. If you wanted to see the Canucks play Modo, that’s acceptable. It would be kind of cool too.

2. Post the following to Twitter: I just entered to win a signed Mason Raymond shirt RT and follow @canuckshockey and @therushvan to enter!

So, where would you go?

[Update: We'll accept entries for this contest until Saturday, May 14 at 11:59 PM. We'll draw the winner shortly afterwards.]

Apr 132011

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard about our little Canucks Playoff Beard Challenge. Simply supporting the team by showing off your best looking playoff beard can get you a shot at winning a $25 gift card to the Hurricane Grill.

But also, we here at Canucks Hockey Blog wanted to celebrate the start of this long playoff run with a kick-off contest so we reached out to our friends from the Vancouver Canucks organization and discovered they had a team-signed Canucks stick available for us to give away to one lucky CHB reader. To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get in on this stick, we thought we’d put a slightly-different spin on the playoff beard challenge – that is, we want to encourage everyone to rock one Johnny Canuck style.

Johnny Canuck, Vancouver Canucks

Now, you might be thinking that it will be tough to rock a beard and this is true as a good quality beard takes time. But we have that one covered for you too: you can rock a real beard, a Canucks playoff beard available from the Team Store (retail: $9.99), or heck, if you want to save yourself some cash and have good cut and paste skills, black construction paper works just as well.

So how do you enter?

First, take a picture of yourself rocking the beard (real or fake) in a Johnny Canuck pose, and then:

  • Upload the picture to our Flickr group. (1 entry)
  • Link the photo in the comments section of this post. (1 entry)

For a bonus entry, tweet the following message:

Rock a beard and RT to win a #Canucks team-signed stick from @lyteforce @canuckshockey @VanCanucks

Simple, huh?

The contest will officially close at 11:59am PST on April 19th. Shortly after that, we’ll draw a winner for the Canucks team-signed stick.

We’ve decided to extend this contest. You now have until 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, April 26th to get in your entries. We’ll announce the winner on the morning of April 27th.

[Update: Some of the entries so far]

[flickr-gallery mode="search" group_id="1631051@N24"]

Dec 112010

(Post by J.J., Chris Golden and Harrison Mooney.)

Even as Markus Naslund’s career in a Vancouver Canucks uniform was winding down – a career that saw him revitalize a moribund franchise, rewrite numerous franchise scoring records, become the longest-serving captain in Canucks history, and spend countless hours in the community – many fans questioned whether or not his jersey #19 was deserving to be raised to the rafters. Whether or not it deserved to hang alongside #12 and #16.

The fact is, many fans have come to compare Naslund’s accomplishments with Trevor Linden’s and Stan Smyl’s. And that’s certainly their prerogative. Naslund was an elite level player – an All-Star, Lester Pearson Trophy winner and Hart Trophy nominee – but was unable to take the Canucks as far into the playoffs as Linden and Smyl did. Linden and Smyl played with as much as grit as skill. Fair or not, Naslund was known more for his skill and finesse than anything else.

Because of these differences, however, it’s perhaps more appropriate to compare how they connected with Canucks fans. We can debate and dispute stats and playoff runs all we want, but there’s one thing that we may all be able to agree on – that Naslund connected with Canucks fans who grew up watching the team in the post-Messier era as much as Linden and Smyl did in their respective eras.


Having grown up in Vancouver, I’ve been a diehard fan of the Canucks since Chris’ birthday plus one. But there’s something about kids from Alberta that I remember the most. I’ve cheered for an average guy from Glendon, Alberta who went by the name “Steamer.” I also hollered “HAR-OLLLLLLD” in the hope that the best ‘stache this side of the Rockies hailing from Edmonton would lay out to block a slapper. But it was a young kid from Medicine Hat that I first felt truly connected to.

Harold & Stan were already well into their own careers and I liked them because those were the players my Dad thought were the best. Yet, it wasn’t until 1988 when this 18 year old kid named Trevor first donned a Canucks jersey that I truly became excited about the team. He was skilled, yet understood the importance of a blue collar work ethic (as Jim Robson once said “who will play, you know he’ll play, he will play on crutches”). He was exciting to watch and wore his emotions on his sleeve.

But it wasn’t just how he performed on the ice that had me enamoured (I’m a confident guy, I can admit that). He may have been from Alberta, but he found his home here on the West Coast of British Columbia. He was the first face of Canucks Place, the player I remember seeing down in the caverns of the Pacific Coliseum talking to the fans, and the player who you’d walk into the most while around town. Some of the darkest days as a Canucks fan were when “he who shall not be named” traded Trevor away and some of the brightest days were after he came back.

And if there were ever an indication that the team got it right when they raised number 16 to the rafters, it’d have to be this – he was always the player that my friends and I ever dreamed we wanted to be when we picked up a stick. And I bet he’s still the player younger fans still want to be.


I watched the Trevor Linden jersey retirement ceremony with some emotional distance, as I never quite understood what he was to Vancouver. It’s understandable. In 1994, I was nine; I didn’t understand what my testicles did, either. Linden’s contributions were a bit beyond my comprehension. By the time I was old enough to understand those contributions–the ones that crafted Linden as the greatest Canuck–Markus Naslund was the guy making them. He was the face of the Canucks; the top draw; the best hope; the spiritual and emotional leader. Yes, Markus Naslund was the greatest Canuck I ever personally witnessed.

And it doesn’t matter that he never won a cup; Trevor Linden never won one either. Instead, these guys built their legends on great hockey matched by great work in the community. It’s a model for greatness that started with Trevor Linden; Markus Naslund took it and ran with it, and that’s where I recognized it. We’re all hearing the stories now, about how Naslund passed it to Daniel and Henrik Sedin, and the Canucks are just now reaping the benefits of their great leap forward into a similar role. In that respect, it’s important to recognize who Markus Naslund was: the guy that took Trevor Linden’s example and turned it into a tradition.

Let me put this in a way that you boomers might understand: Markus Naslund is the Trevor Linden of my generation.


Giveaway time!

We here at CHB are partnering with Harrison and the Pass It To Bulis boys to give away a total of four (4) Trevor Linden lithograph prints.

(Print only. Frame not included.)

We are giving away two (2) lithograph prints here on CHB. (PITB is giving away another two (2) prints on their site.) One winner will be drawn from Twitter; another winner will be drawn from the comments section.

1) To enter on Twitter, send the following tweet:

RT/follow or enter a comment to win a Trevor Linden lithograph from @canuckshockey and @passittobulis. #Canucks

2) To enter in the comments section, write which one of Naslund, Linden and Smyl you connected with the most and why.

We’ll draw the winners on Tuesday, December 14th at 7:00 PM so get your entries in before then.

[update: 12/14/2010, 19:24 PM]

And the winners of the Linden lithographs are: @ArcVancouver and Amy N. (@ameecq). Email me with your mailing address at [email protected] and I’ll send each of you a print.

Nov 222010

The Canucks have lost 4 games in a row and both Sedins went pointless in their 2 weekend games.

But if we’re looking for positives after discouraging losses to the Blackhawks and Coyotes, consider this: Hank still leads the NHL with 20 assists.

With the first quarter of this season in the books, Hank’s on pace for 90 assists – 7 more than his 83 assists last season when he won the Art Ross Trophy.

Since the 2007/2008 season, Hank has 226 assists in 266 games – an average of 0.85 assists/game. He has more total assists than Joe Thornton (208). He has a higher assists per game average than Sidney Crosby (0.84).

Giveaway time!

As it turns out, the two best playmakers in the last few years will face each other this Friday when Henrik Sedin and the Canucks square off against Joe Thornton and the Sharks.

Also on Friday, the Vancouver Canucks are hosting their second official Tweetup of the season at Joey Restaurant on Broadway.

As always, the Canucks will be giving out all sorts of prizes at the Tweetup so please do come out and join us.

But also, they’ve asked us to give out a $50 Joey gift card, which you can use on Friday (if you go to the Tweetup) or on another night.

To enter to win the $50 Joey gift card, do one or both of the following.

For one entry:

On the comments section below, answer the following question: Who do you think is the best playmaker in the NHL today? Is it Henrik Sedin or Joe Thornton? Or maybe Sidney Crosby or Nicklas Backstrom or someone else?

For a second entry:

On Twitter, RT the following:

RT and follow to enter to win a $50 gift card to @Joey_Vancouver from @VanCanucks & @canuckshockey #Canucks

Get your entries in before 7:00 PM on Friday, November 26. We’ll announce the winner at Joey Restaurant – and on Twitter of course – during the first intermission of the game.

Nov 042010

On Saturday, November 27, a group of over 30 of us are heading to the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre to watch the Manitoba Moose play the Abbotsford Heat. Together with Justine Galo, who gives you the “View from a Broad” over at Canucks Corner, we’re giving away two tickets for you to join us and cheer on the baby Canucks as they take on the baby Flames.

Here’s how you can enter:

1) The Canucks have some of the best prospects they’ve had in years. For one entry to win these tickets, tell us who your favourite Canucks prospect is and why in the comments section below.

2) For a second entry to win these tickets, tweet the following:

I entered to win 2 tickets to the Manitoba Moose vs Abbotsford Heat game from @canuckshockey. RT to enter!

Entry deadline is Tuesday, November 9 at 4:30 PM. We’ll draw the winner at 7:00 PM after the Canucks/Habs game.

Let’s go Moose!

Oct 012010

If you like going to Canucks games, cheering on the boys in blue, and showcasing your dance moves on the big screen, then BCAA has the perfect contest for you. BCAA is looking for the ultimate Canucks fan to be their official BCAA Booster Zone Captain this season. The winner will get a free ticket to every Canucks home game this season (starting from the November 20, 2010 home game against the Chicago Blackhawks), regular appearances on the Rogers Arena jumbotron and “semi-fame” (kinda like those green guys).

To apply for the BCAA Booster Search:

  1. Create a 60-second video. Show your love for the Canucks, keep it clean, and make sure it’s creative.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube.
  3. Email the video url to: [email protected]

The deadline to submit your video is Wednesday, October 27th. A panel of judges appointed by BCAA will review all the entries and select six (6) finalists on Monday, November 1st, and then a public vote for the winner will take place until Sunday, November 14th.

For more details, click here to go to the BCAA Booster Zone Facebook Fan Page. BCAA is giving out a pair of lower bowl tickets to every Canucks home game; if you “LIKE” the page, you’ll be automatically entered in each draw. Full contest rules are here.


To help promote their Booster Search, BCAA has kindly offered us a pair of lower bowl Canucks tickets to give away to you. The tickets are for the October 11th game vs. the Florida Panthers – which the Canucks, in celebrating their 40th year anniversary, have designated as Stan Smyl night.

To enter to win these tickets:

  • Leave a comment on this page.
  • Tweet the following: “RT to enter to win 2 lower bowl #Canucks tickets to Stan Smyl night from @bcaabooster and @canuckshockey”

Make sure you get your entries in by 3:00 PM on Friday, October 8th. We’ll draw and announce the winner shortly afterwards.

Sep 292010

If you look at the Canucks expected lineup tonight, you’ll notice that the four centers dressing are the four centers vying for the team’s fourth line center position.

Listening to Alain Vigneault’s comments after last night’s win against the Sharks, it sounds like Cody Hodgson, if he starts in Vancouver rather than Winnipeg, is destined for a bottom-six role.

“It’s a question of what’s best for the team and once we’ve made that assessment we’re obviously going to consider what’s best for him,” said Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault. “Is it best for him to play eight or nine minutes a game here or is it best for him to play 20 minutes in Manitoba. We’re going to consider all those things and make the right decision for the team and the player.”

Of the others playing tonight, Alex Bolduc and Joel Perrault haven’t exactly stood out; and the one who has impressed the most this preseason, Brendan Morrison, is yet to sign a contract.

In a preseason when there aren’t a lot of roster spots available, the fourth line center position is one that’s up for grabs. Tonight’s game provides as good an opportunity as any for one of the guys to take it.


On a side note: I can’t make the Canucks Open Practice this Sunday due to other last-minute obligations so I’m giving away my tickets – four (4) reserved seats in the lower bowl (section 122, row 20).

Answer the following question and leave a comment on this page, and we’ll do a random draw for the tickets.

Who should start the season as the Canucks' 4th line center?

  • Joel Perrault (3%, 2 Votes)
  • Alex Bolduc (3%, 2 Votes)
  • Cody Hodgson (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Brendan Morrison (89%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

Loading ... Loading ...

We’ll run this until Thursday, September 30th at 11:59 PM, and announce the winner on Friday morning, October 1st.

[Update: 10/01/2010, 7:05 AM]

Congratulations to Nicole Bansal for winning the tickets! And thanks to everyone for entering!

Jan 142010

Thank you again to everyone for their suggestions for a nickname for the Sedin, Sedin and Burrows line. There were lots of good and creative entries for sure, and our favorites are:

  • Richard picks “The BroBury Line” (suggested by Terri)
  • Alix picks “The Treadmill Line” (suggested by Archii)
  • I pick “The Trois Kronors” (suggested by Bryan)

Congratulations to Terri, Archii and Bryan – we’ll contact you by email and send you your Canucks 2009/2010 Yearbooks.


Now, we mentioned in the last post that we’ve added a part 2 to this contest.

Richard, Alix and I here at Canucks Hockey Blog are excited to partner with and ask you – our fellow fans – to give Henrik, Daniel and Alex their “official” nickname.

CDC is running a poll right now. You’ll see our picks – “The BroBury Line”, “The Treadmill Line” and “The Trois Kronor” – as well as “The Twin-Burr Line”, which was selected by Derek Jory from

Click here to go to the poll and vote for your favorite. We’ll randomly select one of you to win autographed photos of Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and Alex Burrows.

(Note: You’ll need a account to cast your vote.)

You have until Saturday night to vote. Let’s hear from you, Canucks Nation!

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