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Alex Edler of the Vancouver Canucks scores against the San Jose Sharks, (Photo credit: nhl.com) 0

The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 at Sharks 2

After a fantastic third period comeback against the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday night, the Canucks head to San Jose and embark on game 1 of their 3-game California road trip. Lizz Moffat recaps the game in your tweets.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm: New Player Edition

In his first forays with the Sedins, Radim Vrbata has looked very comfortable playing with the twins. Like extremely comfortable. As if he was a third Sedin brother.  They seem to have a natural chemistry on the ice.  And there is nothing wrong with adding a shooter to a line that has Henrik as its centre.

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Out of Town Notebook: The Gauntlet and How It Relates to Head Shots 0

Out of Town Notebook: The Gauntlet and How It Relates to Head Shots

[Every weekend, Canucks Hockey Blog goes out of town as Tom Wakefield (@tomwakefield88) posts his thoughts on what’s happening around the NHL.] They called it “the Gauntlet.” I had first heard about it in my final days of Atom hockey in Ontario. It was whispered about in hushed, nervous tones, like people standing in the room with Mike Tyson during the ’80s. Next year was the start of Peewee hockey (ages 11-12). To play Peewee hockey meant running the Gauntlet. What was the Gauntlet? Near the start of the season a team would line up, single file, from the blueline...

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