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Only a game, Richard.  Only a game. 0

Only a game, Richard. Only a game.

Richard’s story is almost a week old. I thought I’d ignore it, but it seems like I can’t. He was on TEAM 1040 yesterday afternoon and the Vancouver Province ran another piece on him this morning. Now, credit to Richard for realizing his actions weren’t cool and cutting off the source of his frustrations, but I still don’t understand why his story has garnered so much attention. Is he supposed to represent Canucks fans and 39 years of few successes? God I hope not. He snapped at his wife after his favorite sports team lost a game. I doubt many...

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Not in a million, zillion years 8

Not in a million, zillion years

From TSN.ca: While NHL commissioner Gary Bettman ponders his decision on the length of Sean Avery’s suspension, the Dallas Stars will continue to consider their options for Avery’s future with the organization. To unload Avery’s $3.875 salary this season, the Stars could place Avery on waivers and if he clears, send him to the American Hockey League. The Stars have a partial affiliation with the Manitoba Moose and currently have five Dallas players on their AHL roster; however the Moose have made it clear they are not interested in providing a place for Avery to play. Moose owner Mark Chipman...

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More douchery from Avery 4

More douchery from Avery

I’ve never hid my hatred for Sean Avery. So tonight, I was actually looking forward to him meeting Jarome Iginla, who Avery had called “boring” earlier this season. Alas, that won’t happen. To no one’s surprise, Avery ran his mouth again, and before the game, was suspended indefinitely by the NHL. That’s too bad. I’m not sure the comment itself is suspension-worthy – hey Colin, what about those hits from behind, eh? – but regardless, it means that Iginla, Dion Phaneuf and Andre Roy won’t get their chance at taking a run at him. That’s too bad. And if you...

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