Apr 252010

It’s not always easy being a Canucks fan.

Sometimes it take a little something more to provide guidance when the going gets rough. While some choose to turn to liquid cheer, I simply crack open the good book – the dictionary – and remind myself of:

faith /f’eɪθ/
noun: loyalty or allegiance to a cause or a person (“Keep the faith”)

It is faith that gives me the strength to accept…

… that Andrew Alberts will not be the downfall to the Canucks.
… the Canucks penalty kill will be measured in actual kills and not seconds.
… Gary Bettman doesn’t have it out for the Canucks.
… I actually believe the last point I made.
… that a distinct kicking motion isn’t always distinct.
… the Stanley Cup won’t be stolen from the Canucks because a puck hit a skate before heading into the net.
… the Canucks don’t need to lead the first two periods as long as they win the game.
… the end is not near when the Canucks are down two games to one.
… that I probably lied about the 3rd point after all.
… all the losses that may happen each round, so long as they only number 3.
… that I’m really not wrong about the 1st point.
… that Game 6 will be the end of round one.

Although it may seem that I don’t always agree with what I see from the team, I remain focused and continue to Believe in Blue. I cheer just as loud and continue to hope until the final whistle that the Canucks will overcome adversity. I remember that We Are All Canucks.

And trust me, that takes a whole lot of faith.

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