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Canucks Fan Profile: Pauline Lee 0

Canucks Fan Profile: Pauline Lee

During the miserable night that was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, Canucks fan Pauline Lee was in an Ontario bar surrounded by Boston Bruins fans. With five minutes to go in the game and the ugly score of 4-0 looming on every TV around her, Pauline couldn’t stand anymore. “I got up and dragged my depressed self out the door and just walked,” she says, recalling that June 15th night. “I couldn’t bear to see my team cry or the Bruins hoist what should’ve been ours.” It was close to midnight in St. Catharine’s when Pauline, a student...

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A Canucks Fan in Chile 0

A Canucks Fan in Chile

“Despite being so far away, I never stopped following the Canucks,” says 29-year-old Francisco Varas. “I will be a die-hard fan forever.” Varas was born in Richmond, but his parents moved him back to their home country of Chile when he was 13. “Being raised in a hockey town I think I was born with hockey skates,” Varas adds, “So I can pretty much say I have been a Canucks fan my whole life.” Varas is a business analyst for L’Oreal’s Active Cosmetics Division in Santiago, crunching numbers and marketing products to dermatologists. Since moving to Chile, following the team...

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Kom igen Canucks, kom igen! 2

Kom igen Canucks, kom igen!

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden – the home of hockey greats like Peter Forsberg, Victor Hedman, Markus Naslund and the Sedins.  Is it any surprise that the small Swedish town would be host to a few Canucks fans? Jon Häggqvist may be a bit of an Avs fan thanks to Forsberg, but his love for the Canucks is growing due to the concentration of his home-town hockey players on the Vancouver roster. “My greatest idol was Peter Forsberg and therefore the Avs was my favourite team growing up,” Jon admits. “But I always liked the Canucks too, and for the last six or...

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