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Evaluating the Canucks Against the Pacific’s Elite

The road to a playoff spot in the Pacific division goes through the three California teams, so as the Canucks are in the middle of three straight vs the Ducks, Sharks and Kings, it’s worth taking a look at whether Vancouver has actually improved their play against their division rivals.

Predicting the Canucks’ Second Half

Predicting the Canucks’ Second Half

With the Canucks just past the halfway point of the season it seems as good a time as any to try and predict where the team may finish at the end of the season in April. Despite a number of gut-wrenching losses in the last few weeks you should still feel pretty good about the Canucks chances to make the playoffs and I’ll breakdown where I think the team will realistically finish in the standings and whether they have much of a chance to pass teams in their division. Introduction The chart below shows team’s Fenwick percentages for all 5-on-5...

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