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Forsberg vs Sundin 2

Forsberg vs Sundin

With the Canucks amongst the fore runners courting Forsberg, there’s been a lot of comparison between the success, or lack of, from Sundin, and what Forsberg will likely bring to the table. I for one was against Sundin for a whole whack of reasons, but did come around and realize that in the playoffs, especially against the Blackhawks when it mattered most, he was our best player on the ice. With that in mind, these top 6 forwards, that are just available, do not come along that easily. You’re not going to find top 6 guys like this, of such...

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Why Wouldn’t You Want Forsberg? 7

Why Wouldn’t You Want Forsberg?

Last night it broke that the Canucks are one of two teams (the other being the Rangers) currently interested in acquiring the services of Swede Peter Forsberg. The amusing thing is watching the fans almost unanimously cry out against signing the 36 year old play maker. The thing is when you look at his numbers, injury prone or not, the numbers are so overwhelmingly convincing I don’t see why we wouldn’t want him a part of this team if we could afford to have him. The center who has 13 NHL seasons under his belt has struggled with foot problems...

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