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Free Agency – The Smaller Name Players 0

Free Agency – The Smaller Name Players

There are several smaller name players in the Canucks game who have equal importance to the team. This season the Canucks had depth they haven’t had before which proved beneficial in the long run and something that they should attempt to maintain, if the price is right. In particular there are RFAs Wellwood, O’Brien, Hansen, and UFAs Davison, Baumgartner, Vaananen, and Jaffray. Wellwood knows which side his bread is buttered and I don’t think he’s the type of player to hold out and make a scene, and if he was Gillis would drive him to the airport. Hansen provides a...

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Free Agency – Mattias Ohlund 0

Free Agency – Mattias Ohlund

The Canucks’ Blue Line has in recent years been patrolled by one of the leagues’ best defenses which boasted grit, size, hard hitting, solid two way defensive play, offense, and which for 10 seasons was the stomping ground for Pitea native Mattias Ohlund. As July 1st approaches, Ohlund finds himself in a position he hasn’t faced since becoming a Canuck and his future as a Canuck looks grim. Mike Gillis’ tactics are past the game of hardball and since mid season when there was rumour of contract negotiation talks took place it’s been blatantly obvious Mattias Ohlund isn’t a part...

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Looking Forward: Mats Sundin 6

Looking Forward: Mats Sundin

A lot of the questions looming over the Canucks as a team this year, revolve around how much of this team is going to be back next year. This is the best team the Canucks have ever had, and it wasn’t good enough. I’ve been Mats’ hardest critic all season, but in that series against Chicago he was our best and most consistent player. In those last 6 games he had 7 points. He had 4 points in the last two games and was skating with a purpose. The way he played spoke volumes to me. It also maybe suggested...

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