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Gino Odjick at Pavel Bure's jersey retirement ceremony. 0

Gino! Gino! Gino!

(Photo credit: cbc.ca) It was heartbreaking to read about Gino Odjick last night. It was even more heartbreaking to read his letter to his fans. It’s just hard to picture the guy with one of the biggest hearts in the game now battling a terminal heart disease and may only have weeks to live. Gino has always been a big favourite of mine. I started watching the Canucks in the early 90’s and worked for Orca Bay for almost a decade starting in the mid-90’s. As many players and team personnel from that era have already commented, Gino was the...

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CHB Countdown: Top 5 Angry Outbursts 1

CHB Countdown: Top 5 Angry Outbursts

Photo credit: Yahoo It’s been an angry month for the boys in blue. The struggling Canucks have tried to keep it together, but every once in a while the anger bubbles through and we see their frustrations manifested through some sort of outburst.  It can be a John Tortorella “pecking” Jannik Hansen with his finger or a Kevin Bieksa challenging  the ogre, Brian Boyle, to a meaningless post-game fight. These guys maintain a calm front and an air of professionalism, but it’s hard to believe they don’t want to break their 300$ sticks over the cross-bar from time to time. The Canucks are no stranger to emotion, with...

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CHB Countdown: Top 5 Fourth-Liner Goals 3

CHB Countdown: Top 5 Fourth-Liner Goals

Photo credit: CTV Canuck goal-scoring leaders: Ryan Kesler- check. Daniel Sedin- check. Brad Richardson- che- whoa, wait a minute…..Brad Richardson? Can we really be reading this stat-line correctly? The answer is yes and while there’s no chance “Rocket Richardson” will be hitting the 50- goal mark, he’s been a pleasant surprise in the early-goings of the season. The Canucks will be needing goals from everyone more than ever with injuries popping up all over the forward squad. Fourth line goals have been hard to come by for the Canucks in recent years but every once in a while we bare...

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