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It’s a celebration, bishes 6

It’s a celebration, bishes

I continued my trend of baking things to show my level of hockey nerd last night and made Hanky a cake to celebrate his Art Ross trophy and his Hart trophy nomination. There’s something calming and meditative about dyeing icing blue and green. Then, I stumbled upon a calendar this morning while looking something else up and realized that today is my one year anniversary writing here. Plus it’s game day! So really this cake can celebrate a whole trio of things. Like this:Like Loading…

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Quick Bites 10

Quick Bites

1) What I’ve been talking up all season was officially announced today… *drum roll noises* Hanky is nominated for the Hart trophy! Wooooo! MVP! What more can I say about Hanky at this point, really? I made the man 100 cuppycakes for Swedish meatball’s sake. But yeah he’s totally rad. Ovechkin shouldn’t win it because as the lovely stats doctor Ryan Classic tells me the Capitals were actually BETTER when Ovechkin was injured or *cough* what’s that word I’m looking for? Oh right *whispers* suspended. His numbers never tell a lie, kittens. Total points percentage: .739 without Ovechkin: .750 with...

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