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Hansen Playing His Role 7

Hansen Playing His Role

It’s no secret that I have been a Hansen fan. I fell in love with the guy from the moment he was called up and played his first game as a Canuck in the playoff series against Dallas. It’s been an interesting journey watching him battle injury and overcome adversity at some of the most inopportune times to place himself where he is today as he’s grown as a player. During the preseason Hansen was considered to be a “bubble player” and after being convinced to sign a two way contract his roster spot was all but guaranteed. What at...

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Is there room on the roster for Hansen? 6

Is there room on the roster for Hansen?

According to a Danish website, the Vancouver Canucks have offered Jannik Hansen a new two-way contract; however, Hansen is looking for a one-way deal. Hansen was one of only 4 Canucks given a qualifying offer – O’Brien (since signed to a 1-year, $1.6 million deal), Wellwood (going arbitration) and McIver are the others – is obviously a sign that the team wants him back. The above-mentioned piece even provides a quote from Canucks GM Mike Gillis (rough translation from Google): There’s no limit to how far Jannik Hansen can go. With his quick skating and ability to go straight to...

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Friday mashup 6

Friday mashup

- It appears I’m jumping on the Penguins bandwagon for the rest of the playoffs. The Wings don’t need another Cup. As much as like a bunch of their players, as a whole team I just can’t get behind them. I’ve tried embracing this crush on the Blackhawks that the NHL keeps pimpin, but I can’t do it. They’re kind of whiney and I find I giggle too much when they do badly. The Canes are pretty cool actually. But I’m chillin with the Penguins because of two things 1) MALKIN. His hat trick last night, especially the third goal,...

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Pyatt or Hansen 0

Pyatt or Hansen

With word that Demitra is a game time decision and the glass factory we acquired him from are not replacing him under warranty, word has it that if Demitra is out, Pyatt is in. Pyatt coming in bumps Raymond up to the second line and then it’s game on. We’re playing a team that is fast. Reality check, they’re faster than a lot of our team. So why is Pyatt slotted in? We certainly don’t need his size. If Mitchell and Bieksa along with the rest of the blue line can do their job, then size shouldn’t be an issue....

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The Sky is not Falling 1

The Sky is not Falling

The Canucks CAN win in Chicago. It’s not a matter of if they win. It’s a matter of how they win. The Canucks sit in a position in which they haven’t been in, well ever. They have depth. After Salo scored his power play goal in first period the defense imploded. That was the turning point in the game. The Canucks defense fell apart, they collapsed in on themselves and before you know it, Kane was walking in on Luongo and the game was out of the Canucks control at that point. During the season after games in which they...

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MSM links for February 24, 2009 0

MSM links for February 24, 2009

Coach weathers vicious storm (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Unless injuries strike, Canucks will be quiet at trade deadline (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Gillis ‘confident’ Canucks will re-sign Sedins (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Just a hometown boy (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Luongo implores mates to shoot low (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks battle the Habs (Bob Mackin, 24 Hours Vancouver) Canadiens send Price a strong message (Pat Hickey, National Post) Montreal hands reins to backup Halak (Sean Gordon, Globe and Mail) Dezzy makes most of spot with Moose (Gary Lawless, Winnipeg Free Press)

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MSM links for February 23, 2009 0

MSM links for February 23, 2009

Gloom meets Canucks in Montreal (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Attention gets deflected (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks reach rock and roll status on road trip (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Revenge is a dish best served in blue-and-white (Michael Traikos, National Post) Sundin returns to haunt Leafs (Tim Wharsby, Globe and Mail) Sundin gets some loving, then boos (Bill Lankoff, Slam Sports) Sedins, tempting twins (Lance Hornby, Slam Sports) Too many Clark Kents, no Superman (Gary Lawless, Winnipeg Free Press) Sports teams plan for deepening recession (Bruce Constantineau, Vancouver Sun)

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MSM links for January 16, 2009 0

MSM links for January 16, 2009

Even Luongo can’t stop the bleeding as Canucks lose sixth straight at home (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) They’re playing scared (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canuck losses putting pressure on Vigneault’s job (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Another inept and unworthy effort (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Luongo goes from frying pan to fire (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Turnovers not so sweet for Canucks (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) This scratch just doesn’t cut it (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Three reasons for Hansen to be pretty excited (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Problems so deep only surgery can fix them (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Sanford...

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MSM links for January 7, 2009 0

MSM links for January 7, 2009

‘I am ready': Sundin (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) It all adds up for ‘Math’ Sundin (Vancouver Sun) Mats Sundin ready to lace ‘em up (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Welcome Mats? (Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun) Wellwood: Who’s on first? (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Hansen demotion hard to figure (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Strudwick a first-star goal scorer (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) Moose confidence not shaken (Ken Wiebe, Winnipeg Sun)

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Schneider, Hansen sent down 4

Schneider, Hansen sent down

Cory Schneider and Jannik Hansen are both headed back to the Manitoba Moose. The Schneider move wasn’t a surprise given last week’s acquisition of Jason LaBarbera and the return of Curtis Sanford. Schneider showed glimpses of how good he can be, but truth be told, he’s not quite ready for regular NHL duty just yet. He’s best served playing every night for the Moose than playing once a week with the Canucks. The Hansen move was a bit more surprising. With Sundin about to join the lineup, we knew the Canucks had to move a body. I’m just surprised it...

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