Oct 142011

Welcome readers to our round-up of the CHB Writers celebrity death pool Fantasy Hockey Pool.

For those of you who missed it last week, eight of your favourite CHB contributors (okay, seven of your favourites plus Chris) are doing battle in a pool showdown of epic proportions, to earn the title of… well, we’re still undecided on what the winner gets.

Below you’ll find the pool standings as well as a few thoughts from each of our competitors. 

1. Mr. Haiku (Clayton) 100.5 points

Mr. Haiku has already distinguished himself at the head of the class. I have the outright lead or share of the lead in 7 of the 16 statistical categories.

My strategy of going for high point-getters has paid off thus far although it wasn’t intentional: I wasn’t aware of the stat categories prior to drafting my team. This is obvious when taking a look at a few of the other categories: I’m dead last in PIM and faceoff wins.

Kris Letang is my (very) early MVP while I’m still wondering why I took Martin Havlat. 

As for what we should be playing for, given that our pool is free, I’m not sure if there’s a budget to even get a small trophy or plaque. Perhaps the loser should have to re-tweet the winner’s tweets and blogs for an entire month?

2. 2 Sedins 0 Cups (Tom) 91 points

Let this be a lesson to you all – never enter a pool with someone who has God on his side (Clayton aka Mr. Haiku). It’s too early to start claiming victory, but I will say this – Chris’ autodraft experiment smells a lot like Ryan Reynold’s movie career: failure.

As for what we should be playing for, I could honestly care less about what the winner gets – I’m much more interested in the loser’s punishment. If reality television has taught me anything it’s that the food challenges are always the toughest. What about the loser having to eat an order of every food item available at Rogers Arena in one sitting?

Since we’re talking about winners or losers, allow me to digress for a second. Has anyone gone from the proverbial “mountain top” of show business to forgotten person quicker than Oprah Winfrey? Four months ago she left as the queen of daytime television. Now she’s running OWN (Oprahy Winfrey Network) and nobody’s watching.

Her big ratings solution (bringing Rosie O’Donnell back to television this week) garnered fewer viewers in its debut than the recently cancelled H8R – which was only the most insuferable television show of all time (I hate you Mario Lopez, with your fake tan, smile, happy family, comfortable career and abs my wife probably freeze frames on the TV when I’m not looking).

The 500 channel universe has reduced Oprah to something she hasn’t been in over 25 years – just another person who works in television.

3. Church’s Chiggins (Ed) 81 points

I’ve been a little disappointed with my team’s performance so far, which has kept me in the middle of the pack. No one on my team has had a particularly good first week. Lundqvist has yet to win a game and John Tavares hasn’t had a point yet (until last night). As of Tuesday, no one on my team had more than 2 points. Disappointing.

Couple that with the DTD status of Evgeni Malkin, who apparently isn’t as healthy as we were led to believe in the off-season after he got his bionic knees, and you have an underperforming roster. The only nice surprise is the 14 PIMs from Patrick Sharp in one night.

However, it’s only a few games into the season. Star players will get their points and things have a way of evening out as the season progresses. October is always wacky. Those of you expecting Jason Chimera and Matt Cooke to be contending for the Rocket Richard Trophy are going to be disappointed.

4. Hossa’s Samosas (Matt) 67 points

(Matt was so unimpressed with his middle-of-the-road showing that he failed to provide his thoughts for this piece. Clearly a bad sport. Also – I hear he steals from soup kitchens and refuses to talk to his mother.)

5. The Hamhuis Ballards (J.J.) 65.5 points

I’m oddly attracted to CW’s new show, Hart of Dixie. My wife thinks I’m just attracted to Rachel Bilson. There may be some truth to that.

I suppose I’ve unconsciously followed her career for a while now. While I didn’t watch much of The O.C, I loved Bilson in “The Last Kiss” and secretly hoped she would be the “your mother” in How I Met Your Mother.

Similarly, looking back at my CHBWFHP picks there are a few players I’ve seemed to follow and unconsciously draft year after year after year: Thomas Vanek, Brandon Dubinsky and Drew Stafford.

Vanek is off to a hot start with 5 points in 2 games. Somehow, Dubinsky is just behind Zenon Konopka and Chris Neil in penalty minutes. Meanwhile, Stafford scored an insurance PP goal against the Kings as the Sabres are off to a 2-0 start.

Hart of Dixie has received mixed reviews and its ratings have been on par with Gossip Girl. But after only 3 episodes, it’s probably too early to read into those as well

(Editor’s note: Heart of Dixie was given a full season episode order on Wednesday.)

6. Burrows Buddy (Lizz) 61.5 points

Anything higher than last is what I’ll consider a victory. Henrik and the Staal brothers are my champions right now, proving my sibling love is properly placed.

As for prizes, I think first at least deserves a round of drinks, and possibly a Volpatti shirt. I feel like he’d be pretty good at hockey pools. Second place should get some of the 2011 playoff gear they’ve trying to get rid of at the outlet store.

7. Goose is my Wingman (Chris) 58 points

So can someone explain to me how exactly this pool works? And was allowing Byfuglien to be auto-drafted really a bad thing? Personally, I still think there is a vast conspiracy at CHB to prevent me from really doing well in this pool. In fact, it’s eerily similar to the experience that Maverick’s Dad had (you know when he flew with the VF-51 “The Oriskany”) when the State Department didn’t want to admit the battle happened on the wrong side of the lines. Yeah, something like that….

Anywho, apparently we should be thinking of what we all could get for winning and/or losing this pool. Well… if my two cents are worth anything, I’m thinking that the winner should be forced to buy the loser a steak at Gotham’s. Definitely good karma to be had by doing that. And seeing as I auto-drafted Byfuglien, it will help me maintain my svelte Byfuglien-esque figure.

8. Kesler is my Homeboy (Caylie) 51.5 points

When I go and look at the hockey pool standings I feel as though I’m playing a slot machine in a casino. You know, the one where you have no idea how to win but at random times you do end up winning, and when you think you’ve won you’re actually in last place. With so many categories I don’t actually know how we get points, all I know is that Team Kesler is my Homeboy has a lot of negative points each night and is keeping Chris company at the bottom of the pack.

This is going to be a long season of confusion. It must be nice for those on top, but I’m convinced they have no idea why they are winning.

Oct 062011
Phil Kessel, NHL All-Star Draft

Photo credit: ESPN

Here in the halls of Canucks Hockey Blog, mixed in with an unbridled love for the home town team, is a certain amount of friendly rivalry.

What better way to exploit this rivalry than with a fantasy hockey pool. And what better way to create filler content entertain our readers for our website than by writing about it online. CHB Grand Poobah* J.J. agreed, and he created a pool for us over at Yahoo.

The 2011-12 CHB Hockey Pool is rotisserie-based and features 16 scoring categories: goals, assists, points, plus/minus, penalty minutes, powerplay goals, powerplay points, shorthanded goals, shorthanded points, game-winning goals, shots on goal, faceoffs won, wins, goals against average, saves and shutouts.

The pool winner will receive… well, we’re still figuring that out. However, there is a push for the loser of the pool to be kicked off the site permanently. Reader suggestions for prizes are also welcome.

We’ll update you regularly on the latest pool standings, and give your favourite CHB’ers a place to vent about their pool teams.

To kick things off, we held our draft this week. Read on to see the makeup of our teams and our initial pool thoughts. Teams are listed in the reverse order they selected.

*I am contractually required to call J.J. by this name any time I reference him in a column.

8. The Hamhuis Ballards (J.J.)

Team: Roberto Luongo (Van – G);Nicklas Backstrom (Was – C); Jonathan Toews (Chi – C); Henrik Zetterberg (Det – C,LW); Thomas Vanek (Buf – LW); Ryane Clowe (SJ – LW,RW); Corey Crawford (Chi – G); Lubomir Visnovsky (Anh – D); Christian Ehrhoff (Buf – D); Joe Pavelski (SJ – C,RW); Ryan Callahan (NYR – RW); Alexander Edler (Van – D); Brandon Dubinsky (NYR – C,LW); Brent Seabrook (Chi – D); Drew Stafford (Buf – RW); Jaroslav Halak (StL – G)

J.J.’s Thoughts: Things I learned while participating in the inaugural CHB writers’ hockey pool:

  1. “How I Met Your Mother” has rebounded nicely after a pretty meh season 5; and
  2. There are only two reasons to watch “2 Broke Girls” and they both belong to Kat Dennings.

I scheduled the draft during Monday night primetime, and yes, my attention shifted constantly between the TV, my PC and all 107 pages of Dobber Hockey’s Fantasy Guide. And yes, I know I sound like I’m making excuses for drafting Roberto Luongo with my first pick and three players from my hated Blackhawks and two Sharks later on.

Truth be told though, I’m pretty okay with my picks. I’m counting on Corey Crawford to prove that last season wasn’t a fluke, on Ryan Callahan and Alex Edler to have a breakout seasons, on Jaroslav Halak to bounce back, and on Henrik Zetterberg to remain healthy. If they do that, I should be contending in every statistical category in this league.

Plus, I see Lizz’s team has Henrik Sedin, Alex Burrows, Brendan Morrow and a bunch of kids; Clay’s team has Ilya Kovalchuk, Martin Havlat, Marian Hossa and Vincent Lecavalier, all of whom would have been great picks 3 years ago; and I’m still not sure if Tom using his first pick to draft Sid the Kid, who he can place on IR right away, is genius or madness or both.

7. 2 Sedins 0 Cups (Tom)

Team: Sidney Crosby (Pit – C); Pavel Datsyuk (Det – C,LW); Ryan Getzlaf (Anh – C); Claude Giroux (Phi – C,RW); Marc-Andre Fleury (Pit – G); Jonathan Quick (LA – G); Loui Eriksson (Dal – LW,RW); Dustin Brown (LA – LW,RW); Derek Roy (Buf – C); Dany Heatley (Min – RW); James Neal (Pit – LW) Jaromir Jagr (Phi – RW); Dion Phaneuf (Tor – D); Mark Streit (NYI – D); Tyler Myers (Buf – D); Mark Giordano (Cgy – D)

Tom’s Thoughts: First of all, I thought rotisserie was a type of chicken. I had to get J.J. to explain to me what that meant for pool scoring. Speaking of scoring, 16 categories are a bit much. I mean, if we’re going to be this exhaustive, why don’t we just go all in and include categories like number of phone numbers acquired at the Roxy, or number of puck bunny Twitter followers (Patrick Kane goes first overall in that category)?

As for my actual draft, well, I didn’t want Sidney Crosby, considering he’s one hit away from becoming just another forgotten Tim Horton’s pitchman, but I couldn’t pass him up in the first round. Otherwise…well actually I can’t tell you if my team’s any good, because I don’t have an algorithm to analyze how I did across 16 freaking categories.

Unlike my colleagues I waited on goalies and defence, since in an 8-team pool both positions are incredibly deep. I also looked for positional flexibility early, to give me options with my lineup.

Best/Worst Draft: I like a lot of Clayton’s roster (Mr. Haiku), particularly the scoring depth. Ed’s (Church’s Chiggins) team is also pretty strong. I think J.J. (The Hamhuis Ballards) got caught up looking at all the stats that weren’t scoring related. His team doesn’t look all that dynamic. Or handsome, for that matter.

Best/Worst Pick: James van Riemsdyk in the 15th round (Ed), Ilya Kovalchuk in the 6th (Clayton) and Mike Ribiero in the 14th (Chris) were steals. Alex Burrows in the 5th (Lizz) was way early and Ryan Whitney in the 14th (Matt) was high for a d-man with injury issues. But for me the kicker was Matt drafting Steve Mason to be his third goalie. First of all why do you (or anyone else in this pool) need three goalies? Secondly, Matt have you seen Steve Mason play the last few years? Good god.

6. Church’s Chiggins (Ed)

Team: Evgeni Malkin (Pit – C,RW); Henrik Lundqvist (NYR – G); Mike Green (Was – D); Patrick Kane (Chi – RW); Patrick Marleau (SJ – C,LW);  John Tavares (NYI – C); Patrick Sharp (Chi – C,LW); Alexander Semin (Was – LW,RW); Brent Burns (SJ – D); Matt Duchene (Col – C); Logan Couture (SJ – C); Jonas Hiller (Anh – G); Niklas Kronwall (Det – D); John Carlson (Was – D); James van Riemsdyk (Phi – LW); Martin Brodeur (NJ – G)

Ed’s Thoughts: I like the team I drafted even though I think I could’ve made a couple of better choices.   My philosophy has always been to try to draft the best player available when my pick is up which meant I filled up on forwards after picking Mike Green. I missed Shea Weber and a couple others but when WJHC American hero John Carlson is my 4th defenseman, that’s not bad.  Green and Carlson should be manning the point on the Washington PP with Ovie, Backstrom and Semin up front so I’m looking forward to that.

Looking at my roster, success depends on young players like Matt Duchene, John Tavares and Logan Couture continuing to develop into NHL stars.  I think Duchene and Tavares will top 80 points a piece as the primary offensive weapon on their respective teams.  I also hope JVR remembers how he played in the playoffs and earns that big payday he got from the Flyers.

My only real concern with this roster is health as I have several players that aren’t known for their durability in recent years. I’m also happy with the fact that I got four players with dual position eligibility. It looks like some of the others in the league also recognized how valuable this flexibility is with a limited number of games to be played.

Best/Worst Draft: I don’t know if anyone lost the draft.  Chris (Goose is my Wingman) didn’t draft a 4th defenseman so maybe him. Overall, everyone looks like they have solid teams.  Even teams with supposed weaknesses at certain positions make up for it elsewhere.

Best/Worst Pick: I didn’t particularly think Henrik (Lizz) was a very good first overall pick in this league since goals are weighted heavier and we get points for shots.  In any league where shots are counted, I’m almost sure Ovechkin or Daniel would be a better pick.

5. Kesler is my Homeboy (Caylie)

Team: Corey Perry (Anh – RW); Martin St. Louis (TB – RW); Antti Niemi (SJ – G); Joe Thornton (SJ – C); Rick Nash (Cls – LW,RW); Nicklas Lidstrom (Det – D); Miikka Kiprusoff (Cgy – G); Keith Yandle (Pho – D); Teemu Selanne (Anh – RW); Danny Briere (Phi – C,RW); Jamie Benn (Dal – LW); Tobias Enstrom (Wpg – D); Michael Cammalleri (Mon – LW); Tomas Kaberle (Car – D); Tomas Plekanec (Mon – C); Mikhail Grabovski (Tor – C)

Caylie’s Thoughts: After taking 8 minutes to realize I wasn’t signed in and therefore couldn’t access the draft, I finally logged in and found myself pleasantly surprised. My first two auto-draft picks were Hart Trophy winner Corey Perry and mini-mouse Martin St. Louis. Looking at the final results it’s obvious to me that I have the best team, while the others… well I guess they have some decent picks. Why do I have the best team you ask? Well, I have the perfect mixture of snipers and all-around players… and let’s be honest I have to go in with a positive attitude and not think about defeat.

With the season just around the corner I am beyond excited about what the Canucks have to offer this year as well as the trash-talking and complaining, about the group pool, that will come from some of CHB’s finest. Game on everyone!

Best/Worst Pick: Considering my username is Kesler is my Homeboy, I was devastated to see Goose is my Wingman (Chris) snatch him up before I had the chance. Another shocker came when Mr. Haiku (Clay) became the first person to pick a Boston Bruins player, Tim Thomas to be exact (I hear all the Luongo fans gasping). With the memories and wounds of June 15th still fresh in everyone’s mind, it was a tough pick to accept.

4. Goose is my Wingman (Chris)

Team: Steven Stamkos (TB – C);  Bobby Ryan (Anh – LW); Jarome Iginla (Cgy – RW); Tomas Vokoun (Was – G); Brad Richards (NYR – C); Shea Weber (Nsh – D); Ryan Kesler (Van – C); Dustin Byfuglien (Wpg – RW,D); Zdeno Chara (Bos – D); Jimmy Howard (Det – G); Phil Kessel (Tor – RW); Paul Stastny (Col – C); Erik Karlsson (Ott – D); Mike Ribeiro (Dal – C); Scott Hartnell (Phi – LW); Kari Lehtonen (Dal – G)

Chris’s Thoughts: Having fulfilled Operation Autopilot in the CHB draft, I’m pretty stoked about my results – who wouldn’t be after successfully drafting Byfuglien?  Really, the only pick I’m skeptical about is Kessel as I forgot that he plays in Toronto.. and.. well.. he plays in Toronto.  I’ve got Kesler, Stamkos, Weber, Chara.. heck.. while other teams went for the O, I decided the blueline was the route to success.  And because I’m a believer that in the CHB pool that if “you’re not first, you’re worst” I drafted the player that as closely resembles Ricky Bobby – Bobby Ryan.  How can I lose? EXactly.

3. Mr. Haiku (Clay)

Team: Daniel Sedin (Van – LW); Ryan Miller (Buf – G); Anze Kopitar (LA – C); Tim Thomas (Bos – G); Kris Letang (Pit – D); Ilya Kovalchuk (NJ – LW,RW); Jeff Skinner (Car – C,RW); Dan Boyle (SJ – D); Vincent Lecavalier (TB – C); Martin Havlat (SJ – RW); Alex Pietrangelo (StL – D); Marian Hossa (Chi – RW); Johan Franzen (Det – LW,RW); Tyler Ennis (Buf – C,LW); Ryan Suter (Nsh – D); Dwayne Roloson (TB – G)

Clay’s Thoughts: Just like my Ultimate Canucks Haiku video helped us win the Ultimate Canucks Family back in 2007, I fully expect Mr. Haiku to win the coveted title of CHB Hockey Pool Champ. The strength of my team is on the back-end, with proven netminders Thomas, Miller and Roloson.  I am fiercely loyal to Thomas and Miller – they, along with Luongo and Bryzgalov helped me win another keeper pool last season.  I expect a bounce-back year for Miller.  As for Roloson, as long as Tampa Bay scores more than he lets in, I’ll get plenty of wins from him (but likely few shutouts).

My defence is relatively young and are all guys that can move the puck. My forwards are generally older (except for Skinner, Kopitar and Ennis) and might be the weakest part of my team.

The Homer Effect was in full play in this pool. Not surprisingly, five of the eight team names have a Canucks player or reference in it. Lizz was picking with her heart over her head as she has 3 Canucks and one ex-Canuck. Four poolsters don’t have a Canuck:  Ed, Matt, Tom and Caylie.

Best/Worst Draft: I think Matt’s team is really strong – I really like his goalies and his forwards. I think Chris’ team isn’t that strong, perhaps because he was on auto-draft.

Best/Worst Pick: I found the last round quite fascinating - five goalies of the eight picks. I like these sleeper picks:  Dubinsky by J.J. in the 13th, Streit by Tom in the 14th, and van Riemsdyk by Ed in the 15th.

2. Hossa’s Samosas (Matt)

Team: Alex Ovechkin (Was – LW); Ilya Bryzgalov (Phi – G); Carey Price (Mon – G); Zach Parise (NJ – LW); Jeff Carter (Cls – C,RW); Mike Richards (LA – C); David Backes (StL – RW); Marian Gaborik (NYR – RW); Duncan Keith (Chi – D); Milan Lucic (Bos – LW); Chris Stewart (StL – RW); Alex Goligoski (Dal – D); Patrice Bergeron (Bos – C); Ryan Whitney (Edm – D); Jack Johnson (LA – D); Steve Mason (Cls – G)

Matt’s Thoughts: Normally I’m the kind of person that will pick skill over will, but in a rotisserie league I had to draft with other stats categories in mind (PIMs, faceoff wins). Therefore I went all out and had to pick up some players I wouldn’t normally take (at least early) in a fantasy draft like Milan Lucic (PIMs) and Patrice Bergeron (FOW). Defensively, I was hoping to draft another two-way blueliner but alas I’ll have to make due with Alex Goligoski as my number two.

Best/Worst Draft:  Without tooting my own horn too much, I think my team is well-balanced in all of the stats categories. But outside of my own team, I’m really digging Ed’s team (Church’s Chiggins). Evgeni Malkin will have an MVP-like season, and his team is very good offensively (he didn’t address the PIMs category like I did, however). Chris (Goose is my Wingman) picked a lot of players from teams expected to struggle, which could hurt him in the special teams and plus-minus stats categories.

Best/Worst Pick: I took the gigantic gamble of taking Marian Gaborik in the 8th round (63rd overall) when no one else wanted that risk. If Gaborik can get to the 40-goal plateau alongside Brad Richards, I’ll look like a genius. Regrettably, I wish I passed on taking goalies in the 2nd and 3rd rounds (Bryzgalov and Price), as there were still very good goalies available midway through the draft, including Jaroslav Halak (taken 121st).

1. Burrows Buddy (Lizz)

Team: Henrik Sedin (Van – C); Eric Staal (Car – C); Pekka Rinne (Nsh – G); Drew Doughty (LA – D); Alexandre Burrows (Van – LW); Taylor Hall (Edm – LW); Michael Grabner (NYI – RW); Cam Fowler (Anh – D); P.K. Subban (Mon – D); Kevin Bieksa (Van – D); Cam Ward (Car – G); Jordan Staal (Pit – C,LW); Andrew Ladd (Wpg – LW); Erik Cole (Mon – LW,RW); Brenden Morrow (Dal – LW); Brandon Sutter (Car – C)

Lizz’s Thoughts: Clearly my team will win, since I picked it, and I only pick winners. I have some brother power happening, and with some rookie luck that’s all I need. I like my team, I got the goalie I wanted with Rinne, and I’m glad I picked up a Sedin and the Staal brothers. I probably picked Burrows way too early, but I don’t even care.

Best/Worst Draft: I did like the looks of Chris’s team, but then he picked up Byfuglien, and there’s just no recovering from that. He’ll sink faster than a fatty drunk boater. So I’m going to have to split it between Matt and Ed for second place.

Sep 222011

I went to the Moneyball premiere last night – good movie by the way – and it got me thinking about stats and player valuation and what it must be like to be a GM of a professional sports team.

Which in turn got me thinking about hockey pools, and more specifically, the CHB Hockey pool.

In previous years, we’ve done head-to-head pools on Yahoo, but that was limited basically to about 10-12 hardcore poolies who signed up every year.

This season, we thought we’d open things up for more people and try something different.

The Format

You pick 30 players, including any 26 skaters (any combination of forwards and defensemen) and 4 goaltenders. There’s no lottery, no draft, no trades. No experience is necessary – you just straight up pick the players you like and follow along during the season.

The Scoring System

For skaters, you’ll earn the following points:

  • 1 point for every goal
  • 1 point for every assist
  • 0.5 points for every powerplay goal or assist
  • 0.5 points for every shorthanded goal or assist
  • 0.5 points for every game-winning goal in regulation and OT
  • 0.5 points for every game-winning goal in the shootout

Ex. If Daniel Sedin scores a powerplay goal, he earns 1.5 points (1 point for the goal and 0.5 points for him scoring it on the powerplay). If this powerplay goal ends up being the game-winner, he’ll earn a total of 2 points (1 point for the goal, 0.5 points for him scoring it on the powerplay and 0.5 points for it being the game-winning goal).

For goaltenders, you’ll earn the following points:

  • 2 points for every win (in regulation, OT or shootout)
  • 2 points for every shutout

Ex. If Roberto Luongo backstops the Canucks to a 2-1 win, he earns 2 points for the win. If Luongo backstops the Canucks to a 2-0 shutout win, he earns 4 points (2 points for the win and 2 points for the shutout). Note that the NHL doesn’t give credit for a shutout if it’s shared by both goaltenders (i.e. both goaltenders appeared in that particular game).

The Entry

To enter, you can either:

  1. Post your 30 players on the comments section below. (Make sure you sign in before you post so we have your name and contact information in case you win.)
  2. Alternatively, you can email me your list of 30 players at [email protected]

Remember that you need to include 26 skaters and 4 goaltenders. We won’t accept any entries that don’t meet this criteria.

The deadline to send in your entry is 11:59 PM on Tuesday, October 4th.

There is no entry fee, but please, only one entry per person.

The Standings

To check your stats, go to pickuphockey.com and use the pool name “CHBPOOL2012″ and password “believeinlou”.

All teams will be entered by Sunday, October 9th. (All stats will be retroactive to the start of the regular season on October 6th.) Make sure you check your entries.

The Prize

The team with the most points at the end of the regular season wins.

The winner will receive a Reebok Canucks Premier Jersey (retail $139 plus tax) like this one here.

If there is a tie, the following tie-breakers will apply in the following order:

  1. Most number of goals
  2. Most number of goaltender wins
  3. Most number of shutouts
  4. Most number of powerplay goals
  5. Most number of game-winning goals in regulation and OT
  6. Most number of game-winning goals in the shootout
  7. Most number of shorthanded goals

If teams are still tied after these tie-breakers, these teams will split $150 in Canucks Team Store gift cards.

What are you waiting for? Get your team in… and good luck!

Sep 142009
Hockey Pool Girl

Okay boys and girls – it’s hockey pool time!

CHB has set up a hockey pool on Yahoo Sports. If you have a Yahoo account, you’re free to join.

It’s a rotisserie league, which means you’re ranked according to various statistical categories:

In a Rotisserie League, fantasy teams are ranked from first to last in each of several statistical categories. Points are then awarded according to the order of finish in each category and are totaled to determine an overall score and place.

I thought about doing a straight-up points league, but I figured the rotisserie set-up would be more interesting as you’d need to also draft players who are good at other areas of the game besides scoring.

Right now, we’re playing for pride (and fun, of course), though I’ll see what I can get from the Canucks in terms of swag.

Draft will be done live and online on Monday, September 28 at 6:30 PM. You have to be present at the draft. If you’re interested – and available to draft on the 28th – send me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you the password. We can only take a maximum of 20 teams so it’ll be first-come, first-serve.

BTW… If you’re looking for a good source of hockey pool information, let me plug the Fantasy Hockey Scouts – good guys who are also part of the Score Federation.

Let the games begin!

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