May 132009

It seems everyone and their dog has an opinion on what to do with Luongo. Most recently the goalie graveyard theory has resurfaced and now everyone and his dog has a package deal in their head in which they want to get rid of Luongo now while he has value (in the order of one year left on his contract) and get something good for him.

Ed Willes provides an interesting take on trading Luongo. But his oversimplification and general bandwagon stench makes it clear that he and Iain MacIntyre get together and sulk in a corner on weekends.

I may have gone off on Luongo in my post after the last game of our season, but I still stand by him. He’s done more in his 3 seasons with the Canucks that other Canucks goalies have taken their entire careers to do. I don’t think he’s done yet. He’s had two playoff appearances as a Canuck in 3 seasons. In the first playoff appearance he can’t be faulted. He single handedly won us the first round, and the team is completely at fault for not supporting his play. This year in his second playoffs he can be held a little more accountable for his actions. I certainly hold him responsible for what happened in game 6.

BUT I don’t think it’s time to throw in the towel with Luongo. How many seasons did we give Cloutier? We gave Cloutier 5. The only thing Cloutier has done that Luongo hasn’t is play more games in a single playoffs.

Luongo has a lot to prove in this next season. Especially after what he said about signing on with a contender after his contract is up. I know by not trading him we run the risk of losing out on his worth through a trade, but we also run the risk of him turning up his game during the playoffs and making a deep run. Everyone knows what a contract year does to players. Look what it did to Khabibulin in Tampa Bay and now again in Chicago?

While the Bandwagon castrated and hung Luongo out to dry, I’d like to say that what I wrote about him does not mean I’m ready to slash his throat. I’m not part of the bandwagon that are patrolling Robson with pitchforks and torches ready to burn and pillage anything Luongo they can find. He will stay in Vancouver, and he will resign next year if not sooner. Gillis likes to make statements of reaffirmation in his players. It wouldnt surprise me if even in the offseason Luongo signed a contract extension.

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