Mar 082013

I look at the good, the bad, and the interesting from the Canucks’ 2-1 overtime loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets from Thursday, March 7 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.

The Canucks tied the game in the early stages of the third period, only to have Matt Calvert channel his inner Sidney Crosby in overtime – going around both Henrik Sedin and Alex Edler on the winning goal.

In the video, I touch on Cory Schneider, the defensive pairing of Jason Garrison and Dan Hamhuis, our lack of scoring, the poor effort on the game-winning goal, and the Canucks’ less-than-stellar record through 23 games.

Feb 272013

Has everyone recovered from the Canucks’ 8-3 meltdown in Detroit on Sunday afternoon? How about from their Oscar hangovers? I hope so, we have a Phoenix game to watch!

That is adorable.

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Feb 222013

Welcome to Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger. None bigger than Brett Hull’s skate.

Tonight, the Stars celebrate Marty Turco. Canucks fans have fond memories of him.

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Jan 312013

After a three-game jaunt through California, the Canucks are back home against the Colorado Avalanche.

I hear Coach V made some sort of goalie announcement. I wonder how that went…

If that wasn’t enough controversy for you, some also seemed to struggle finding the game on TV. I hope it worked out for you.

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Jan 102013

Although I’ve never met @suitoflights in person (our closest encounter was both being at the Five Hole for Food street hockey game last summer), I’ve always admired her wit and honesty on Twitter.  Thus, it was a no-brainer when it came to picking my first guest for the 2013 year.

In her words:

Jocelyn (@suitoflights) was born in Victoria, BC and studied at Thompson Rivers University before becoming a Legal Assistant.  In April 2010, she followed her life-long dream of moving to Vancouver although she’d always been aware of the Vancouver Canucks and hockey in general.  It wasn’t until the 2004 playoffs (game six  against Calgary and, more specifically, Brendan Morrison’s triple-overtime goal) that really did her in; speaking of lockouts, the last one came at an otherwise horrible time for a new hockey fan.  Other than hockey, Jocelyn’s passions include tattoos, all things cat-related, music and Ron Swanson’s moustache.

1.       After 4 months the NHL lockout is over.  Were you surprised that it took this long to resolve?  Why or why not?

I am surprised that it took this long because I feel like the entire situation could have been avoided. At the same time, however, I did kind of write the season off and had no expectations of there even being a season. So, when I woke up Sunday morning to several text messages about the lockout being over, it was a nice surprise and made me realise how badly I’ve missed cheering on the boys.

2.         How will you change your viewing or spending habits on the NHL because of the lockout?

To be honest, the NHL doesn’t owe us, the fans, really anything, other than the pleasure of being able to enjoy watching the sport we all love.  We’re lucky to live somewhere where we’re able to care so deeply about something like this, instead of whether or not the water we’re drinking is clean, if there’s shoes on our feet or a roof over our head.  So, to answer the question, I’ll still continue spending money, when it permits, on the NHL, and I’ll resume watching just like normal.  I do have a life outside of the NHL, like we all do, but I’m excited to incorporate back into my life.

3.         What excites you about the 2013 Canucks and what concerns you about the team as it is right now?

To be honest, what excites me the most is the fact that there’s even a 2013 Canucks team because I didn’t expect it. I think, at the same time, a shortened season is equally stressful as it isn’t because there’s less time to prepare for the playoffs but then you want to be able to enjoy the season for what it is as well.  What concerns me is, as we all know, the Canucks are slow to start their season, so I’m hoping they find their feet fast and don’t put themselves in jeopardy of missing the playoffs.

4.         Which Canuck will be the first player into Alain Vigneault’s doghouse and why?  How long will this take?

Probably Keith Ballard – because he’s Keith Ballard – and he’s already there. Isn’t he?

5.         Where will the Canucks finish in their division and in the Western Conference overall and why?

I’m certain the Canucks will finish first in the division still and I’d like to see them at the top of the Western Conference, obviously.  No matter who the starting goaltender ends up being we know there’ll be someone solid between the pipes, a stronger defence (hopefully) with the addition of Jason Garrison,  and the Sedins up front together with Burrows, Kesler and Higgins, there’s solid scoring all around.  I think it’s enough to get the job done, and I’m excited to see what happens. I’d like to see a stronger checking line, though; I know I’m not the only one.

Jan 012013
Bure Scores Another Goal

Photo credit: The Canadian Press – Dave Buston

After trying out Tom’s Rum & Egg Nog recipe last night and getting your New Years Eve party on, we here at CHB thought we would regale you with more thoughts & prognostications on what we think is in store for the Canucks in 2013.

Matt Lee (@mattlee61)

Which brings about what to expect in 2013. Will there be a shortened 48-game season? My guess is yes; I’m an optimist by nature and I think both the owners and players would hate to see another full season flushed down the toilet. But the journey to this point has been like a roller coaster; one very ugly, scary, and sickening roller coaster you can never get off of.

If there’s a season, I’m looking forward to it. Instead of writing what to expect, here’s a brief list of questions I’m interested in seeing answered:

  1. Will Cory Schneider be able to handle a season as the new king of the Canucks crease?
  2. Can Jason Garrison and Zack Kassian live up to the monumental expectations placed upon them as new arrivals?
  3. What version of Ryan Kesler will show up when he returns? The guy who called himself “Bull” in his early days, or the player we saw flopping his way to a first round playoff exit?
  4. Are the Canucks going to retire Pavel Bure’s #10 or has that ship sailed?
  5. Will the Sedin twins production soar or sag after a lengthy layoff?

Anyone have a crystal ball?

Victoria Pattison (@concretefluff)

As for 2013, I can see the Canucks being undefeated for the first half of January (hahaha, had to be said!).

In all seriousness, I don’t see anything happening for the Canucks in 2013 because I don’t see the lockout ending in time. If the hockey Gods’ pull out a miracle and there is a season, my money is on the Canucks to win the Cup. A season this short would leave no room for burnout and hopefully less chance for injuries (I’m looking at you Ryan Kesler), which, in my opinion, has been the Canucks biggest problems.

But to be very honest here, I don’t want the Canucks to win the Cup on a short season. Because, as some of you know, I married the biggest Canucks hater on the planet and if we win the Cup on a shortened lockout season all I will hear for the rest of my life is “It doesn’t count because the season was short”. I know it’s selfish but I would rather avoid divorce than win a Cup on a short season.

Clay Imoo (@canuckclay)

What can Canucks fans look forward to in 2013?

Firstly, I truly believe that there will still be a 2012-2013 (well technically 2013) season. Having said that, I think the shortened season will work towards the Canucks’ advantage. They can’t afford a slow start as a losing streak of 4 or 5 games could conceivably put them out of the playoffs early. There is enough veteran leadership to hopefully help the team get out of the gates quickly.

I’m very interested in what becomes of Roberto Luongo. Does he turn into a second-line centre? Perhaps a couple of depth players? A prospect or two? Luongo’s fate will undoubtedly be the biggest story surrounding the team until something is done. Thus, the Canucks will need to rely on their veteran leadership to help the team remain focused on the task at hand: a strong start in a shortened season.

Look for the Canucks to hold off the improved Minnesota Wild and surging Edmonton Oilers to secure yet another Northwest Division title.

Ed Lau (@edlau)

2013 looks to be a big year with the Olympics of competitive facial hair growing, the World Beard and Moustache Championships held in Germany. Will Wolfgang Schneider use home field to his advantage to defend his natural moustache crown? Can Evan Gillespie of Canada take the championship away from freestyle moustache juggernaut Keith “Gandhi Jones” Haubrich? Will we see a surprise in the Fu Manchu division, which is always a bloodbath, and we never know what to expect from the freestyle sideburns guys…those dudes are crazy.

Controversy surrounds the full beard group after the performance enhancing drugs scandal that shocked the world in 2012 but the bans allow for new stars to emerge. Personally, I predict that Elmar Weisser will take Best in Show all over again although no word yet on what his beard will be shaped like for 2013. He hasn’t yet responded to my repeated suggestion do one inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, complete with dice in the taxi’s mirror and guys up to no good spinning Will Smith around their heads.

No word on whether there will be an NHL season in 2013 but who needs it when there’s all this competitive bearding going on?

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