Aug 262009

Canucks playing in their 3rd jerseys

Who knows if Mats Sundin will be back, but it looks like the Canucks’ 3rd jerseys – the modified stick-and-rink logo with the Johnny Canuck patch – will be. The Canucks are scheduled to wear it in 15 games this season:

  • October 7 vs. Montreal Canadiens
  • October 24 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
  • November 3 vs. New York Rangers
  • November 22 vs. Chicago Blackhawks
  • November 29 vs. San Jose Sharks
  • December 10 vs. Atlanta Thrashers
  • December 16 vs. Anaheim Ducks
  • December 26 vs. Edmonton Oilers
  • January 9 vs. Calgary Flames
  • January 16 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
  • January 25 vs. Buffalo Sabres
  • March 13 vs. Ottawa Senators
  • March 20 vs. Detroit Red Wings
  • March 30 vs. Phoenix Coyotes
  • April 6 vs. Colorado Avalanche
Nov 142008

As expected, the Canucks celebrated their past when they unveiled their 3rd jersey yesterday at a news conference. It features the stick-in-rink logo we love and a Johnny Canuck on a V shoulder patch. Just think of every logo the team had before the skate one and throw it all in one jersey. (But seriously, it looks better on Willie and Mattias than how it looked on the leaked photo.)

If you missed it, here are some photos and the following is a short video on the concept.

The team will wear this jersey for the first time tomorrow night against the Leafs.

Nov 142008
Oct 152008
New Canucks jersey?

Photo credit:

John sent me a link to Icethetics, who apparently has a leaked version of the Canucks third jersey the team was planning on unveiling on November 15th.

It was never a secret that the team wanted to bring back the vintage stick-and-rink logo – Chris Zimmerman has said as much at the past couple of State of the Franchise events – and this jersey certainly fits what’s been said all along.

Personally, I’ve always liked this logo though I admit that it looks a little awkward from this angle. Plus, there’s already chatter that the Johnny Canuck looks a little too much like this guy. I suppose whether or not this version is a hit among Canucks fans remains to be seen.

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