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The 10 Most Memorable Canucks Moments of 2011 1

The 10 Most Memorable Canucks Moments of 2011

2011 may well shake out to be one of the most memorable calendar year in Canucks history. (At least in my mind it will be until the year the Canucks win the Stanley Cup.) Through the ecstasy of the team’s run to the Stanley Cup Finals and many team and individual highs and the sadness in the deaths of Rick Rypien and Pavol Demitra, here are 10 Canucks moments from 2011 that I will remember. Feel free to add your own memorable moments in the comments section. 10. The passing away of Rick Rypien (August 15, 2011) 9. Ryan Kesler...

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Andrew Ebbett’s Game-Winning Goal Edition 32

Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Andrew Ebbett’s Game-Winning Goal Edition

[Inspired by Arsenio Hall's "Things That Make You Go Hmmm", Clayton Imoo talks about Canucks-related things that make him go hmmm… You can follow Clay on Twitter at (@canuckclay) or on his website, Clay's Canucks Commentary.] I know it’s been three weeks since my last “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”, but I was a bit pre-occupied with Christmas and creating this year’s Canucks Christmas Carol called “Under the Minneso”. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it was rendered irrelevant on Boxing Day when the Canucks passed the Wild to take over top spot in the Northwest Division. So check it out now...

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The Dave Bolland Backlash 2

The Dave Bolland Backlash

Well someone’s going to get a lump of coal for Christmas. In case you’ve missed it, Chicago Blackhawks third-line centre Dave Bolland didn’t mince words in a WGN interview on Monday, chastising the Vancouver Canucks and calling out the Sedin twins: “I hate all of them [the Canucks]… I don’t think we’d let [the Sedins] on our team. And yeah, they probably would still be sisters. I think they might sleep in bunk beds. The older one has the bottom one, the younger one got the top.” Slow clap, Dave Bolland. Slow clap. Maybe Dave Bolland played up to the...

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Ranted: Lay off Bieksa 3

Ranted: Lay off Bieksa

Two years ago, I would never have written this post on Kevin Bieksa. At least, if I did, it would have had a completely different angle and would most likely be titled, “Kevin Bieksa and His Contract Years: I TOLD YOU SO!” or something along those lines. For years I was a firm believer that Bieksa was a contract year player, and as the Canucks entered the 2010/2011 season, I said to many friends, “Watch. Bieksa will play great, they’ll re-sign him, then he’ll slip back into mediocrity again.” Some might say that I was right when I said that....

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