Mar 022010

Alain Vigneault admitted that waiving Brad Lukowich this morning was a salary cap move. It gives the Canucks some flexibility approaching the trade deadline tomorrow and I’m going to attempt some fuzzy math to show how much flexibility this gives them. (Dangerous, I know, but please do correct me if I’m wrong.)

With Lukowich on the roster, the Canucks were carrying $306,360 in daily salary, about $12,059 more than the maximum allowable $294,300 teams are allowed to carry. Without Lukowich, the Canucks now carry $298,243 in daily salary.

Because Kevin Bieksa is currently on LTIR, the Canucks can technically carry $313,730 in daily salary (the maximum allowable of $294,300 plus Bieksa’s daily salary of $19,430). This leaves the Canucks with about $15,487 in daily cap room. (Well, not really cap room per se, but they can use Bieksa’s LTIR exemption to add $15,487 in daily salary to the roster.) Without moving any other salaries from their current roster, this means that the Canucks can acquire the equivalent of about $2.989 million in annual salary.

The wrinkle to all this is that Bieksa is scheduled to come back in a week or so. When he does, the Canucks will have to comply with the cap. At this point, we have to assume that Willie Mitchell is out for the remainder of the regular season and the Canucks will have to put him on LTIR. (As far as I can tell, Mitchell is on IR right now, not LTIR. Again, please point out if I missed something here.)

Because Mitchell’s daily cap hit ($18,135) is slightly smaller than Bieksa’s, then the LTIR exemption is obviously smaller. Once Mitchell is on LTIR, then the Canucks can only carry $312,435 in daily salary. Using his exemption, the Canucks can add, without moving any other salaries, about $2.739 million in annual salary.

Just some food for thought as the NHL trade deadline approaches and the trade rumors come fast and furious.

Sep 162009

The topic du jour is the Canucks’ depth on defense. With 10 defensemen on one-way contracts, the competition to be one of the top-6 or even top-8 is fierce. And plus, there’s some Cody Hodgson stuff.

Sep 152009

It’s the day after Terrace’s turn in the spotlight. Kudos to them for hosting their first NHL game and doing a damn fine job.

Here are today’s links:

Aug 292009

Just when I was coming around to doubting Gillis, he pulls a trade that rights the ship all of a sudden. For the entire off season the Canucks had made moves that didn’t put them ahead of where they were last year, but rather were moves necessary just for them to keep pace with the rest of the division and conference and keep them on par with where they were last season.

Gillis after being quiet most of the off season in addressing the needs for a top 6 forward and a top 4 defenseman landed three defenseman – 2 via trade with San Jose (Prospects Rahimi and White for Ehrhoff and Lukowich) and the free agent signing of veteran puck moving blue liner Matheiu Schneider. While everyone talks about how much of a steal it was for the Canucks to pick those two guys off of the Sharks, there’s a couple things that are overlooked. The Sharks who clearly got the short end of the stick had little choice because they had to dump cap and as I predicted, Gillis is going after name players from teams that need to get rid of cap space in time for the season.

The interesting thing in this deal is that Gillis made clear that he was not happy with the development with Patrick White at the University of Minnesota, and he had some choice words for what he thought about the draft pick that was yet to pan out for the team. Gillis has turned around a prospect he wasn’t happy with, and a pick that was unlikely to make the team, into a solution for our current problem.

Ehrhoff is a solid top 4 defenseman, and Schneider is the puck mover we’ve been looking for. They bolster a lineup that already boasts the likes of becoming defenseman Alex Edler, howitzer producer Sami Salo, lock down defenseman Willie Mitchell and “Boom Boom” Bieksa. Gillis as predicted is going to build from the back end forward, and with Luongo in net, and that defense in front of him the Canucks again look like they’re going to have one of the top defenses in the league.

The Canucks still need to drop below the cap, and if the rumours on the Luongo extension are true, we might see Schneider (the goalie) packaged up with a couple of players (likely a defenseman – my money is on Lukowich) to get rid of some cap, and bring back a top 4 forward that would bring us to the cap ceiling, but not put us over. Gillis is all but over. He’s just getting started.

Aug 282009

The lovely J.J. re did our sidebar and it looks gorgeous doesn’t it? The only thing is, it tells me exactly when my last post was. July?!?! Sweet Swede on a meatball! What a terrible, terrible blogger I am. I should go to the blogger penalty box for a 10 minute major or something. Do I need to make a sacrifice to the blogger gods? I do apologize, my lovelies. Just know that I still really do love you. I love you madly. Starting in September I’m going to blog so much you’ll be sick of me.

Anywaysssss, we have actual honest to goodness hockey news! All the other GMs are sitting back on their fishing boats, maybe lighting a smoke, daydreaming about ice girls, and Gillis is being a stone cold monster trading/signing P.I.M.P. I mean come on will someone just get this man a pimp cane already? Maybe a nice jacket? Some gold chains? The Canucks pick up Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich from the Sharks and gave up Daniel Rahimi and Patty White. I was probably the only person in Vancouver that was still pulling for Patty White and I hate losing Swedes, but I think the Canucks “won” this trade. Ehrhoff and Lukowich both played for the Sharks last year and Rahimi and White weren’t going to make the big boy team. The Canucks now have a German and another BC boy. YAY!

As if the trade wasn’t sexy enough, Gillis also signed Mathieu Schneider. Now, he’s kind of ancient. But apparantly he totes loves Vancouver and will amp up the power play with his offensive skills. I actually really kind of dig the possible offensive loveliness that could come from our defence next season. Now there are SOOOO many defencemen Gillis can hold a too many defencemen SEXY PARTAYYYY!!!1 Gillis loves the same things I do! I hope I get an invitation in the mail. I’ll bring the tang. The only little hiccup now is that the Canucks are over the cap kind of significantly. I don’t want to lose one of my fave buttons to a trade. Le sighhhh.

What else do I need to catch you darlings up on? As J.J. mentioned in a previous post, the Canucks will play 15 games in their third sweater. The third sweater is my absolute favourite logo so I’m just delighted. Next sweater I buy will defs be the third. And it’s time to committ to a new Canucks player, which brings me to my next point. After extensive research and deep contemplation, I’ve picked Shane O’Brien as my brand new Canucks boyfren. OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW! Congratulations Shane bay-bee! You can look forward to totally ridiculous cooing over your game, possibly embarrassing nick names, and fierce loyalty. I was close to bitchslapping my own sister for insulting Matty Ohlund once. It was a tough race. Kes, Bieksa, and Edler were all really close. I adore Shane O’Hunky(heh) because

1) I loooove watching him fight and he takes care of his teammates
2) He’s usually a fun interview and always seems to be smiling
3) Some random person sent me a picture on facebook a long time ago of Shane busting a move in a VELVET BLAZER. I mean, swoon, right? I can never resist a well dressed man. ESPECIALLY a well dressed man that can dance.
4) Hardly anyone actually owns his sweater. I love having a guy’s sweater that not everyone in Vancouver has. It was one of (the many) reasons I adore Matty Ohlund so.

There was one last thing I wanted to finish with…oh right! Lui’s contract extension deadline set as Sept 13. Oh myyyyyyy. I know I’ve bitched on here about him occasionally being a princess, but deep down my love for St.Lou knows no bounds. It’s limitless. It’s the size of Texas. It’s the size of my shopping bag at the new Sephora in Vancouver. It’s as big as a giraffe. Uhhhhhh where was I? Right…His extra rad saves give me a funny feeling inside. When this sexy contract extension is finalized, I will probably dance through the streets of Vancouver in just my Canucks sweater and a bottle of vodka and a poutine in each hand.

An ode to ze new Canucks boyfren in blingee form:


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