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Canucks and Blackhawks – Five Keys to the Series 0

Canucks and Blackhawks – Five Keys to the Series

The clock’s ticking down to game one on the 2010 battle between the Blackhawks and Canucks and while Canucks nation seems a little collectively quiet, this year it’s more anxiety than nervousness present in the air. Everyone knows things are different, it’s just a matter of proving it on the ice. If the result is the same as last year, one could argue that while the Canucks had a record year, they’ve made no progress. With that in mind there are five keys to the Canucks coming out of this series on top. Luongo vs. Kane The big story within...

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Luongo: As a team, we should be embarrassed by the way we played. 6

Luongo: As a team, we should be embarrassed by the way we played.

This is all you need to know about the Canucks’ 8-3 loss to the LA Kings last night (via Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province): “I’m just going to make a statement and I’m not going to answer any questions,” Luongo said. “As a team, we should be embarrassed by the way we played. From the first guy, which is me, all the way out to the last guy, it’s unacceptable to play this way. “We just have to get better. And that’s it.” It was a horribly pathetic effort and the Canucks should be embarrased. With a single point against the...

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Luongo: By the numbers 6

Luongo: By the numbers

Roberto Luongo only faced 22 shots last night, but he allowed three weak goals and the Canucks lost. Sound familiar? How about March 16 against the Islanders, where he allowed four goals on 12 shots? Or January 13 against Minnesota (five goals, 19 shots) or January 30 against Toronto (three goals, 8 shots)? Luongo has been pulled eight times this season. Once was against Chicago. The other seven were against teams headed to the golf course when the season ends: the Islanders, Minnesota (twice), Toronto, St. Louis, Columbus, and Calgary. Do Luongo’s legs fall asleep when he doesn’t face enough...

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Luongo needs to get his head checked 4

Luongo needs to get his head checked

Luongo’s play this season has been far from what it was in his first year with the team, and while his numbers still remain amongst the league’s best, some of his other numbers stand out. Last year he was pulled in just two games, this year he’s been pulled seven times and four times in the last 13 games. JJ wrote a post the other day about Luongo saying “All that matters is winning games” and I don’t buy it. When Luongo says what he said after getting pulled against New York, it worries me a little bit: On Wednesday,...

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Luongo: All that matters to me is winning games 2

Luongo: All that matters to me is winning games

There was quite a fuss earlier this week when Roberto Luongo was pulled against the New York Islanders – the 7th time this season and 4th in his last 13 games he didn’t finish a game he started. After the game, Luongo tried to defend himself: “We are playing a different brand of hockey this year and it’s been more offensive,” said Luongo, who only got the hook twice last season. “We are not as conservative as we used to be.” To which, Alain Vigneault replied: “I think maybe what has happened, especially during this (recent) road trip, when you...

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Olympic Hangover 2

Olympic Hangover

I’ll give Roberto Luongo credit – he accepted responsibility for his slow start last night. “That’s probably the worst I’ve ever played in my career,” he said before rebounding to help backstop a dramatic 6-4 third-period comeback victory over the Colorado Avalanche to keep the club atop the Northwest Division. “It was pretty bad, but I’m pretty happy with myself and I battled back and stayed with it. I could have put my head down and not come out in the second, but I came back and made some saves and the guys scored some big goals. At the end...

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The Comeback Kids Save Luongo… Again 0

The Comeback Kids Save Luongo… Again

The comeback kids have done it again. The Canucks now lead the league with their 10th 3rd period come from behind win after Samuelsson’s 2nd period hat trick helped them stage a 6-4 win in a big NW division tilt. It’s reached a stage where the Canucks level of confidence is so high that they can give up the first goal in nearly every game, they can give up a multi goal lead, and still fight back. The first time around you could argue that maybe it’s a fluke, and while I’m not suggesting that this is some sort of...

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Party in the USA 4

Party in the USA

I almost spit out my coffee when John Shorthouse referenced Miley Cyrus’ song at the end of the Canucks’ 4-2 win over the Nashville Predators yesterday. Better than daddy Billy Ray’s Achy Breaky Heart, I suppose. As you all know by now, it was the 9th time this season the Canucks had overcome a 3rd period deficit to come back and win the game – that’s 3 wins more than any other team in the league. While it’s disconcerting that they seem unable to produce the proverbial 60-minute game, it’s also remarkable that they somehow manage to find a win...

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Normand Rochefort and Doug Crossman: A Canada vs. Russia Preview 6

Normand Rochefort and Doug Crossman: A Canada vs. Russia Preview

[Editor’s note: Tom Wakefield moved from Ontario to BC a few years ago. He’s a Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers fan, but more importantly, he’s a hockey fan and a friend of mine. He knows his stuff, folks, and we welcome this guest post on tonight’s game. – J.J.] ***** If you know anything about Leaf fans (some of you think you do, only a few of you might), you know that we invariably value players with less skill (insert mocking laughter here). We cheer Domi over Sundin; Roberts over Mogilny; the Burns era over the Quinn era. I...

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Luongo To Define His Own Legacy 0

Luongo To Define His Own Legacy

Photo credit: Vancouver Sun Leave it to a fan of Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils, Grey Wyshynski (aka Puck Daddy), to write the best piece about the opportunity now presented to Team Canada goaltender and Vancouver Canucks captain, Roberto Luongo: Luongo takes over for Martin Brodeur against Germany in the qualifying round on Tuesday, which is to say that that he’s earned a moment to attain something Brodeur’s had for 15 years: a legacy. Is he ready? This is Luongo’s moment. The moment he actually achieves the elite status that’s bestowed on him, sometimes begrudgingly, by the hockey...

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