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It’s Luongo’s time to lead Team Canada 2

It’s Luongo’s time to lead Team Canada

Understandably, the talk du jour is Team Canada’s 5-3 loss to Team USA. The loss means that Team Canada doesn’t get the bye to the quarter final round. It means they have to go through, potentially, Germany, Russia, Sweden and the USA (again) to win Gold – not exactly the path of least resistance. Before I play the blame game, I want to start by giving credit to the Americans. Canada had a lot of chances – like they outshot (and probably outchanced) the American by more than a 2-to-1 margin – but Ryan Miller stood on his head. Despite...

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The Goalie Conundrum 8

The Goalie Conundrum

I supported picking Brodeur as the starting goalie despite enough reasons to justify Luongo being put in net, so at this point I don’t even feel slightly bad about tearing Brodeur a new one. Throw every cliche you can at the game and it’ll in all likelihood make sense. The one I like right now is “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Last night Team Canada played a heck of a game. They were for the most part all over the American team, but Brodeur let them down. I thought Brodeur’s puck handling was going to be to...

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Canucks at the Olympics 4

Canucks at the Olympics

At first I was worried that the 7 Canucks participating in the 2010 Olympics were going to come back to the regular season fatigued and unrested, but now that you look at the games and the roles each player representing their country has, it looks like the Olympics are catering to their individual needs in a funny kind of way. Luongo The one thing Luongo needed was rest. It’s clear at this point that Brodeur is going to take the games the rest of the way and after Luongo got his chance in front of the home town crowd and...

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Luongo as Canada’s Goalie 4

Luongo as Canada’s Goalie

Today we get to see Brodeur play for Canada against the Switzerland after Luongo got the nod for Canada versus Norway. I understand trying to see which goalie does better, and I understand giving them both some ice time, but at the end of the day I think it’s going to be Brodeur who’s going to backstop Canada the whole way. Brodeur has the ability to play behind the net and eliminate any team’s forcheck, something Luongo lacks at best. A lot of the players on some of the more dangerous teams, in my mind, come from the East. Brodeur...

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The Great Goalie Debate 1

The Great Goalie Debate

There are two ways to read into Team Canada coach Mike Babcock’s decision to start Roberto Luongo tonight against Norway and then Martin Brodeur against Switzerland on Thursday. Babcock explained that he was giving Luongo the first start mostly because he wanted to pay him the courtesy. But perhaps more telling, Babcock said: “Marty has played a lot of hockey and this gives him a couple of days’ breather. Marty will play against Switzerland [on Thursday] and after that I will make the decision. That’s what we came up with.” First, the Olympic tournament is such a short tournament that...

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Like my new jersey, coach? 2

Like my new jersey, coach?

Don’t all our Olympians look ADORABLE? They have a slightly nerdy vibe going on like they have apples behind their backs for Steve Yzerman and promises to clean Brian Burke’s chalkboard after practice. They even split up the twins *Gasp* Like this:Like Loading…

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Move on from Minny 4

Move on from Minny

In the light l’Affaire Burrows-Auger (as it’s now being dubbed), the Canucks faced a few questions going into last night’s game against the Minnesota Wild. 1) Will l’Affaire Burrows-Auger affect the number of penalties called for or against the Canucks? 2) With 9 goals in 5 games, can Burrows move on and continue to play and produce at the same level? 3) Given what’s come out in the previous 24 hours, can Burrows still play like a pest and draw the ire – and penalties – from the opposition? As it turns out, the short answers are: no, yes and...

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Another Burrows hat trick, another Luongo shutout, and another CHB giveaway 271

Another Burrows hat trick, another Luongo shutout, and another CHB giveaway

Photo credit: TSN Earlier today, Jason Botchford (Vancouver Province) suggested the Sedin-Sedin-Burrows line was the second coming of the Westcoast Express line. Scratch that, he said that they are even better than the original. The trio have played 57 games together going back to last winter. In those 57 games, the line has combined for 73 goals and 119 assists for 192 points. That’s 3.37 points a game and is a pace which outdistances the best line in Canucks history. At its peak in 2002-03, the West Coast Express put up 3.31 points a game. And who can argue with...

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Luongo’s hot, but Raycroft to start against Carolina 5

Luongo’s hot, but Raycroft to start against Carolina

I was a bit surprised by Alain Vigneault’s decision to rest Roberto Luongo and name Andrew Raycroft as the starter against the Carolina Hurricanes tomorrow. Considering Luongo’s recent history in afternoon games – last season’s injury in Pittsburgh comes to mind – perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. In fact, it’s probably wise to sit Lui and minimize the risk of injury. Especially against what is currently the worst team in the league, it also gives Raycroft an opportunity to rebound from his last start ten games ago when he got yanked against the St. Louis Blues after only one period....

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Team Canada Goalie Duel 2

Team Canada Goalie Duel

The Canucks head out on an Eastern road trip and their first stop is going to be in the Devils’ den against Martin Brodeur. A lot of people think, myself included, that that game is going to be a really good indicator of where both goalies are at, and also which is the better goalie. The debate over who is starter is starting to heat up, in part because of the Olympics nearing but also because this game is going to showcase two of the best goaltenders in the league auditioning for the starting role at the 2010 Olympics in...

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