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Top 10 Chants That Are Likely to Break Out in Rogers Arena 1

Top 10 Chants That Are Likely to Break Out in Rogers Arena

I was at Rogers Arena last night to see the Vancouver Canucks lose 3-0 to the visiting Anaheim Ducks.  It’s crazy to think that just three short years after witnessing the Canucks clinch their first-ever Presidents’ Trophy (on March 31, 2011), I was watching them being eliminated from playoff contention for the first time since the 2007-2008 season. With three minutes to go in the third period, a very audible “Fire Gillis” chant broke out in the arena and it went on for a considerable amount of time.  Obviously, the Canuck faithful are restless and are demanding a change –...

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Ranted: The Sinking Ship 12

Ranted: The Sinking Ship

Do you have your life vests on, Canucks fans? If not, grab a door floating in the choppy waters and hope for the best! Because the Canucks are sinking. We’ve known this for a while now, haven’t we? With every trade GM Mike Gillis made in recent years the return seemed to be less and less, at least it seemed to me anyway. It was like, when the Canucks ship started leaking, Gillis started trading giant buckets for teacups. David Booth? Well that didn’t quite go as planned. Keith Ballard? He didn’t get to reach hipcheck greatness because that’s hard to...

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The Canucks and Selling Hope 3

The Canucks and Selling Hope

This week could be the most important week for the Vancouver Canucks organization in a long, long time. First, let’s set the background. The Canucks can’t win. They’ve lost 9 of their last 10 games, and have only won 6 games (6-14-4) since Christmas. They can’t score. They’ve managed to score 3 goals in a game just 4 times since the calendar turned to 2014, and their 2.33 goals per game average this season is their lowest since 1999, when their roster included illustrious players like Peter Zezel, Harry York, Bill Muckalt and Darby Hendrickson. The Sedins are having their...

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CHB Countdown: Top 5 Mike Gillis Acquisitions 2

CHB Countdown: Top 5 Mike Gillis Acquisitions

With the recent emergence of Mike Santorelli as a legitimate piece of the Canuck Puzzle, it’s clear Mike Gillis is the guy you want next to you on “Black Friday”. This guy can find a bargain. And while he’s had the disapointments that every GM has during their tenure, he’s also had an abundance of pleasant surprises. Sure, the “fairweather fan” is quick to point out the Keith Ballard debacle or the Luongo/Schneider escapades but the true fan can see that, despite those controversies, Gillis has put together a pretty successful squad. He has brought in players to complement the...

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Canucks Song: Against All Odds (Luongo’s Lament) 0

Canucks Song: Against All Odds (Luongo’s Lament)

After a tumultuous and unpredictable season (and off-season), Roberto Luongo is back in the crease as the Vancouver Canucks’ undisputed number one goaltender.  There is no doubt that the past 18 months have taken its toll on Bobby Lu. Thus, I proudly present to you Luongo’s Lament to the tune of Phil Collins’ hit Against All Odds.  And I’m so proud to welcome my friends Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao as the featured vocalists.  You’ll see that they are lovely, talented, and amazing. With Cory Schneider returning with his new team – the New Jersey Devils – on Tuesday, I...

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#AskCHB: Did the Canucks do enough? 2

#AskCHB: Did the Canucks do enough?

[The Vancouver Canucks enter this season facing more questions than they have in recent years. In this preseason series, we’ll try and answer a few of them.] Photo credit: PNG It’s hard to believe that training camp is upon us, and the Canucks take to the ice in a preseason tilt against the San Jose Sharks only a week from now. Much has happened since the Canucks got swept by those same Sharks a short four months ago. GM Mike Gillis fired coaches Alain Vigneault, Rick Bowness and Newell Brown. He hired John Tortorella, Mike Sullivan and former Stars head...

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Shooting From the Hip With @iam_canuck and @vancitydan: Favourite Players and Favourite Dinner Guests 1

Shooting From the Hip With @iam_canuck and @vancitydan: Favourite Players and Favourite Dinner Guests

On the day that the Vancouver Canucks were supposed to open their 2012-13 regular season in Calgary against the Flames, I check in with another two Canucks fans about their favourite and not-so-favourite players, preferred dinner guests and of course, the lockout. Crystal (@iam_canuck) was born in Abbotsford, BC, and has hop-skipped around the western provinces (except Alberta) before settling where she currently resides in Winnipeg, MB.  She lives with her parents, sister, and her equally Canucks-crazed brother.  She started watching hockey in February 2010 (during the Vancouver Olympics!), and latched on to the Canucks since she was living in...

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