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Out of Town Notebook: Picking Contenders out of Deadline Mix 2

Out of Town Notebook: Picking Contenders out of Deadline Mix

Let’s get this out of the way first. I’m still not convinced Columbus’ interest in dealing Rick Nash wasn’t a creation of TSN and Sportsnet. The two networks needed a big name to speculate about to drive up ratings for their annual Trade Deadline TV marathons. Sadly for those networks, Nash remains a Blue Jacket at least until the draft, where the hype will be built up all over again. I am giddy with anticipation (and by giddy I mean hitting my head with a shoe to make the idea of 24 hour coverage of “The Rick Nash Trade –...

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The Dave Bolland Backlash 2

The Dave Bolland Backlash

Well someone’s going to get a lump of coal for Christmas. In case you’ve missed it, Chicago Blackhawks third-line centre Dave Bolland didn’t mince words in a WGN interview on Monday, chastising the Vancouver Canucks and calling out the Sedin twins: “I hate all of them [the Canucks]… I don’t think we’d let [the Sedins] on our team. And yeah, they probably would still be sisters. I think they might sleep in bunk beds. The older one has the bottom one, the younger one got the top.” Slow clap, Dave Bolland. Slow clap. Maybe Dave Bolland played up to the...

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Out of Town Notebook: Better or Worse Than Their Record 0

Out of Town Notebook: Better or Worse Than Their Record

[Every weekend, Canucks Hockey Blog goes out of town as Tom Wakefield (@tomwakefield88) posts his thoughts on what’s happening around the NHL.] If the 2011-12 season was the Pacific Ocean, we’ve barely dipped our toe into the cold waters. Nonetheless, there’s been almost a month of NHL hockey, and it’s not too early to start evaluating what’s happening around the league. Here now are a handful of teams better than, or worse than, their record-to-date. Significantly Worse Than Their Record (aka the Ron Washington is a Lousy Coach Division) Toronto: The Leafs enter Friday with a 6-2-1 record and a...

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Ask Katie about the Canucks: What’s up with AV and Rome? 2

Ask Katie about the Canucks: What’s up with AV and Rome?

[Every Monday, Katie Maximick takes your questions and gives her take on the Canucks in her own cantankerous style. If you have any questions about the Canucks, send it to her via Twitter (@KMaximick)] Photo credit: canucks.nhl.com For the first time since February 7th, the Canucks have won two consecutive games. The Canucks swept the California weekend with a 3-1 win over LA and a 3-0 shutout against Anaheim. Also, welcome back Manny Malhotra! In other news, Aaron Rome’s 20+ minutes of ice time last night is causing a maelstrom of speculation to brew across Vancouver’s fan base. Mac (@Meonfire11)...

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Canucks Cancel Practice, Attend Remembrance Day Ceremonies 0

Canucks Cancel Practice, Attend Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Great piece by Iain MacIntyre (Vancouver Sun) on the Canucks’ decision to cancel practice and attend Remembrance Day ceremonies at the National War Memorial instead. Believing there are things more important than hockey – yes, even Tuesday’s 2-0 loss to the Montreal Canadiens – Canuck general manager Mike Gillis and coach Alain Vigneault have cancelled the usual morning skate in Ottawa and instead will walk with staff and players to the War Memorial to observe Remembrance Day. For once, these National Hockey League millionaires have no special privileges. They’ll merely gather in the hotel lobby, and walk solemnly with their...

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GM Mike Gillis Joins Twitter 2

GM Mike Gillis Joins Twitter

If you’re not following Vancouver Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis on Twitter yet – he’s at http://twitter.com/GMMikeGillis – you’re one of the few. Only a couple of hours since joining Twitter, Gillis already has more than 2,700 followers. Being the first NHL team executive to join the millions of tweeps out there, I hope he quickly gets a good grasp of things and tweets interesting insights on the what it takes to run a Stanley Cup contending team in a hockey-mad market. Or at least I hope he tweets more interesting things than what he ate to power up for his...

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Same Time, Same Place 2

Same Time, Same Place

After 7 games last season, the Vancouver Canucks had 6 points (3-4-0). After the first 7 games this season, they have – yes you guessed it – 6 points (2-3-2). The Canucks aren’t scoring as much but they’re not allowing as many goals against either. Given this, it’s probably not surprising that their powerplay isn’t as good but their penalty kill is better. As much criticism as Luongo has received in the last couple of days, his save percentage after the Canucks’ first 7 games is slightly higher this season (6 GP, 1-3-2, 175 shots against, 0.903 save%) than it...

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Lofty Expectations 2

Lofty Expectations

In one of my favorite Tommy Larscheid rants a couple of years ago – and if I remember correctly this particular one was after the Canucks failed to qualify for the 2008 playoffs – Tommy said that the Vancouver Canucks would never win the Stanley Cup until Canucks management expressed that anything less than a Stanley Cup win was unacceptable. (I’m obviously paraphrasing but I think you get the gist.) While Mike Gillis falls short of saying such in an interview on TEAM 1040 yesterday, he still set some lofty expectations of his squad – in my opinion, much loftier...

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If You Build It They Will Come 4

If You Build It They Will Come

Good players are attracted to other good players. It’s a simple premise, but in reality, one of the GM’s biggest and toughest jobs is to make their team a desirable place in which other players want to play. When it comes to the city of Vancouver, I doubt there are many people – or many NHL players – who wouldn’t want to live here. But if the team isn’t winning or players don’t perceive the team to be a team worth playing for, Mike Gillis’ job all of a sudden becomes increasingly difficult. With that in mind, one of the...

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City Hall Announces “Canucks Day”, Tomorrow April 27th! 1

City Hall Announces “Canucks Day”, Tomorrow April 27th!

As reported by the Vancouver Observer, City Hall has announced tomorrow, April 27th 2010, as “Canucks Day”! The media is being invited tomorrow to join Mayor Robertson and Council, Canucks Sports and Entertainment owner Francesco Aquilini, President and General Manager Mike Gillis and Chief Operating Officer Victor de Bonis to an event commemorating the day. The Mayor will read a proclamation for Canucks Day, and the Canucks flag will be raised for the day at City Hall. The Canucks mascot, Fin, will hand out white towels to help the public cheer on the city’s home team. As if Canuck fever...

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