Feb 202010

I love hockey, we all love hockey, and since the weather is gorgeous and the world is in town for a couple weeks why not show them some real Canadian spirit and play some road hockey right? And while we’re at it, where else to play other than right outside the mother of all hockey venues, the Molson Canadian Hockey House. It should be a blast so tell your friends and hopefully we get a large crowd together to watch us all play!

Who: Us, and you if you want to play!
What: Red vs White Team Canada road hockey game
Where: Outside the Molson Canadian Hockey House in Concord Pacific Place. You can get there by getting off the Skytrain at the Canada Hockey Place stop.
When: Tuesday February 23rd from 12 noon – 4PM Thursday February 25th from 3:30 – 6pm

If you want to play leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you, and if you don’t come on by and watch. Heck, if you’re nearby for work, and on your lunch break come watch for a bit. It promises to be a fun lead up to the hockey games that afternoon!

GO Canada GO!

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