Feb 102010

Dear Canucks,

I know you’ve been struggling on this road trip. I mean you had 2 awful periods against the LEAFS. The pre Phaneuf massive shake up trade really really awful Leafs. You’ve had a lead during this road trip for approximately 2 minutes and change. You’re frustrating me so even when you play well you hit a good goalie and have nothing to show for it. I probably need to talk to someone about how you affect my mood when you lose. But anyways, I’ve decided to put aside my petty concerns to help you come out the other side of this road trip still the cute little happy munchkins you are. So, here is a care package for your happiness and relaxation.

- Some blankets to comfort you when you’re homesick. Aren’t they soft looking?

- You seem to have trouble realizing what time these silly Eastern time zone games actually start so here’s a clock to assist you. It is even in team colours to make you feel like you’re at home!

- It’s no 37 different kinds of espresso like you have at home but I hope it will at least partly fill your coffee road needs.

- Swedish meatballs for Hank and Danny. i know you boys haven’t scored in a few games but maybe these will give you an added Swedish boost.

- And finally, the whole team should gather around a screen and watch Ryan Walter’s leadership video. He inspired me to get off my couch today so he’s sure to do great things for you as well. Find your hungry spirit and beat Florida.

Hugs and kisses,


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