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The Canucks’ drafting strategy 0

The Canucks’ drafting strategy

Heading into the 2010 NHL entry draft, who knows what Mike Gillis has up his sleeve. The Canucks GM probably had one eye fixated on the Chicago Blackhawks’ run towards the Stanley Cup and the other eye focused on what his team didn’t have that the Hawks did. For the second time in four years the Canucks lost to the eventual Stanley Cup champion and the patience of Vancouver fans is wearing thin. What are Gillis’ priorities? Is it finding a way to re-sign restricted free agent Mason Raymond? Or is the third-year general manager assessing whether or not to...

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Party like a boss 10

Party like a boss

Montreal. What a city. That was one of my favourite weekends ever. If you have extra money lying around, go there. Like right now. Finish reading my post (heh) and then book a flight. Make sure you do it right though like I did. Having a good crew to hang with is key. I like to party, so it wouldn’t have worked out if I had gone with a crowd that wanted to hit up the draft and then be tucked up in their hotel bed with a book and a warm glass of milk by 10:30, ya know? (I...

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