Jul 022013

C4 on CHB

C4 on CHB – a canucks hockey blog podcast

While we at CHB have had a video podcast (CHB TV for those who didn’t know) for some time now, we’ve received a piece of recurring feedback – we’re awesome and sure know a lot about the Canucks. Well, there’s that and something about a few of us having fantastic voices for radio. So thinking this through a bit, we decided it was about time to put together our own Canucks podcast.

So here it is – Chris and Clay’s Canucks Commentary from Canucks Hockey Blog. Too long of a title you say? Then no problem. We’ll call it C4 from CHB!

In our very first episode, we chat about the NHL Entry Draft and how “quiet” it was for the Canucks and their goaltender(s), the hiring of John Tortorella, and a little piece that Clay put together with Marie Hui in “Under John Tortorella.”

C4 from CHB – June 30th Episode

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